How to BEND a COIN with FINGERS! Magic Trick!

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hey guys rich Ferguson here today I'm

going to show you something that should

be impossible watch

mmm whoa second heir Cal circo's got to

soften it up a little bit look at that

that's crazy now challenge your friend

to do it see if they can do it all right

guys now here's the secret you're just

gonna need a couple pair of pliers or a

vise or some weight to bend the coin

this looks really well slightly bend it

little by little a little off-center is

nice and the reason being is when you're

holding the already bit coin in your

hand it's nice that this is off-center

because then you can have what looks to

be a whole regular coin sticking out of

your fingertips right here

when in fact it's already bent now you

might remember we start off with a non

bit coin so there's just a little bit of

sleight of hand and a cute involved me

show you how it works

so start with the bent coin hidden in

your fingertips like this and just let

your fingers crawl around that naturally

and then hold a regular coin or borrow a

coin from somebody take that coin and

start to make it look like you're trying

to bend it maybe even have somebody feel

it to verify because there is heat

starting to build up in the coin then

what you're gonna do is toss this coin

to the other hand like that but what

you're gonna do is secretly switch it

you don't have to do this you can do

this down out from under the table or

just kind of do to your hand like that

but this is a more skillful way to do it

you're gonna make it look like you're

tossing this coin into the other hand

but what you're really doing is tossing

the hidden coin so practice doing that

just toss the hidden coin and don't

worry about this one for a second so

just get used to doing that

toss the hidden one keep this one here

and then after you have that

coordination down toss the hidden one

and then let this hide

to your hand so gonna go like this 1 2 3

and you're tossing hidden coin and the

other coin goes into that same positions

here hands for you to still move from

here you're gonna bring this pre-bent

coin up to your fingertips and hold it

as if it's just a regular coin turn your

hand toward the spectator or your friend

and really look like you're starting to

bend it again and then use whatever

acting skills or direction you want to

take this trick you can make this a

mental thing and make it look like

you're bending it with your mind and

slowly let the coin roll out or you can

make it a feat of strength and just try

like you're bending it and just go

really straight and Bend that sucker and

then see if your a friend or somebody

can do the same thing with a regular

coin and you'll watch them to fail over

and over because you can't do this with

your bare hands so that's how you can

bend the coin with your mind or with

superhuman strength so I hope you enjoy

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