DIY : How to get a snug fitting nose ring

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hello good evening welcome Alisa here

don't mind my don't mind my hat nice

hair here today I'm wearing a hat

because this moment is to wash your hair

I'm all out of dry shampoo I hadn't had

a shower cuz I'm just stupid freaking

the heart monitor thing on it and it's

driving me crazy okay guys so I'm doing

this live yeah I'm a little crazy but

let's do this so as you can see I would

like this nose ring to be a little

closer to my nose it's a little far

little big so what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna show you guys what I did with my

last nose ring before I went ordered

this because I'm impatient and then I

want something I want it now hi Angela

okay so here we go what I like to do

this actually works really well you guys

if you take tweezers so I'm gonna kind

of do this I'm gonna put another mirror

here so I can kind of see what I'm doing

so grab the one end with this tweezer so

I'm just gonna unhook it this way okay

and then we're just gonna pull it out

okay so I pulled it out now what I'm

gonna do first is I'm going to clean it

with my cleaner okay and just a little

bit of a little bit of that cleaner and

what I'm gonna do now I'm taking these


taking these wire cutters

and so I just want to take a little bit

off okay so I'm gonna flip this down to

see if it's gonna show it I'm gonna see

if I can show ya what I'm doing yeah see

this nice stupid little thing I don't

know if I've just like with it it's a

teen years okay hold on you guys see

that okay so I'm just gonna take it and

I'm going to do please just cut a little

bit off cuz I don't want it to be like

too much shorter but I want it a little

bit shorter than what it is already um

so I would start off with a little bit

and if I want to make it a little there

we go so I've just cut that little bit

off there I'm just gonna bend it back no

see if this works

okay hold on let me back up again okay

so now let's see if this works I haven't

done it with this kind the last kind

that I use is a little different than

this it didn't have this ring thing on

here so I really hope I didn't just mess

this up I'll sure what I did I'm going

to show you guys the other one that I

did though I got these ones from

Claire's and this is the one that I

already cut I've just opened it up and

it fit perfectly you guys so I'm gonna

keep my fingers crossed and hope that

this one works the same

I might need I may need to get how these

jewelry pliers that will actually Bend

that back in place I should have grabbed

that okay anyways I'm gonna put this

back in my nose if I have to go and grab

that tool I will but I just wanted to

show you guys how quick and easy you can

do oh and again I'm going to clean that

before I put it on there is so clean

that and guys I cleaned this before I

used it as well okay so here we go

and I have no makeup on other than my

mascara and my lip Mahadi lip plumper so

don't mind me I've not washed me I am a

hot mess today guys that's okay

it's real life right so let's plop her

back in and turn it okay this is raise

the tweezers again to

okay and then we're going to squeeze

that together or not

hold on sorry looks like I'm like

picking my nose here but I'm not I

promise you I'm not picking my nose okay

okay look at that oh yeah baby oh yeah

did you see that it's perfectly numb yes

I'm very happy with that I'm just gonna

give that another clean gotta keep

things clean and safe people safety

first and there we go we are done so I

just wanted to because I had a hard time

trying to find a nose ring that fit

close and the depending on where you get

your nose pierced mine was pierced a

little kind of I don't know why he did

it this close to my nose I wish you

would have put it back a little further

but anyhow whatevs

is what I got a deal with so anyhow you

guys look at how easy that was all you

need is wire cutters I like to use two

pairs of tweezers and I find that it

works incredibly and then you just

squeeze it back together and boom always

start off with just like a little bit

and if you need to add you know cut a

little bit more off don't cut too much

off at the beginning because then if you

cut too much off you're screwed and then

you're out that that know that piercing

right so as I said just start off with a

little tiny bit and then just make your

way just go further if you need to so

there we go

looking good I'm loving it and it's so

easy because I know it was still hard

and another thing guys these were super

cheap this was like I think 1650 I got

this one this is a rose gold one that I

purchased online and get was eleven

dollars but I really I do really like it

though stainless steel as well but I got

all three of these ones here for 1650

Canadian and as I said I just cut this

one so I'll probably go ahead like I'll

go ahead and do cut these ones to sand

then I'll have

four different color nose rings well

these ones are kind of similar kind of

similar but anyways I do like my rose

gold one so anyhow that is it quick and

easy you guys so simple mind blow ball

my friend Miranda told me that's what

she did so I had to come on here and

show you guys how to do it because it

was so easy I had so many people saying

like oh my god if you find nose ring

that's close let me know you don't need

to go to Claire's grab one of these and

cut it with the wire cutter just be

clean be clean my friends be clean

always clean your tools clean everything

clean your nose afterwards I'm just

gonna go ahead and I'm gonna clean just

because I'm telling you guys I'm gonna

do it again go in there and clean that

clean inside the nose to just be on the

safe side my friends and there we go we

are done so if you're on here watching

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you're coming back to watch to replay

please hit too in the comments I can

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quick and easy this is with the nose

ring please share away I would greatly

appreciate that so have a wonderful day

it's gonna say happy Friday but it's not

Friday yet it's like as wishing it was

Friday but it's not it feels like Friday

for me well let's be honest I work from

home every day is like Friday to me

right right

I love love love what I do anyhow guys

have a fabulous day

sorry just grab it man making sure I

don't lose it

have a wonderful night remember guys

thoughts become things so make your

thoughts incredible ones envision the

beautiful life that you deserve be the

goofy magnificent person you are don't

hide behind anything shine your bright

your light bright my friends don't let

anyone dim your your light okay because

just be who you are don't hide behind

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you're not

be your authentic real raw self and be

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people that don't like who you are you

don't want those people in your life

anyways because once you start being

true to yourself and being who you

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beautiful people that deserve to be

around you so again guys have a great

day thanks for listening and we'll talk

later bye