How To Bend A License Plate | Video Tutorial | Guide On Bending Car Plate

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so everyone Scott Rockstar in this video

and teach you guys how to bend a license

plate there's really no tutorials on

YouTube so show you guys how to do it

where's off of course you need your

license plate and then a 2x4 or

something with a straight edge and 2 by

4 works the easiest Taylor here you can

under you want to line it up what you

want to bend it you sure just straight

step on the 2x4 push up on it until you

don't all the way right there

now it's like halfway bent right now now

we're gonna want to get the bottom half

so make sure it's all straight step on

it and then push up on it like that

pretty much as I was going to turn out

like this

so I take it and then push it in on

itself and bend it all the way like that

with your hands

take you just bend it the rest of the

way with your hands there you go I'll

tell you bend the license plate you guys

having a question sir job comment down

below make sure to answer them see you

guys in the next one it's got Rockstar

signing off peace