how to bend that bill

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what's up guys P questioning here today

um if you work on videos control I

noticed that i was very somewhat unique

style my hat I know a lot of other

people do as well so I know really pro

book is really good right there keep

watching how I do it and the other night

on your live stream regular TV

exid want me to make video bar because

it's quite as well so it's going to you

now if you have a couple different fit

pill bottles so first one stupidbunny me

a pretty nice flat bill hat you put it

on and you just push it all up and then

we'll give it a nice little pop I guess

you can call it just a little bit like

that give you guys like a close-up of

the slight bend to it nothing major well

so again this when I cry if you want

slight bend in your hat so you don't

want to go full on soccer shall with it

three four I usually write this up down

here but I want it

all right well show you how go ahead

thank you

all right through the talker shows

actually really used as well we've got

this nice harsh spin in it which is

actually not too bad and then I do fold

these down just slightly so basically

whatever I do my taco shell I usually

try to come as close up to the bottom

part of the Hat here so if we're going

to go and start yes that has fairly old

so again you want to start like pretty

much just a little ways away depending

on how Archie winters like how much of

your bill that you want up you can kind

of do it wherever you want just take how

much room you want for your bill I like

a big big bill showing so when I do

right on here I can have a little bit

more room so you just kind of if you

know what you want just start

I just folding it up I guess pretty much

is just but just make sure you're

holding where you want your bed to go if

you have a table like this if you go

ahead push down and kind of roll it it

will make it a little bit easier and

then keep working it in depending on how

much of a static thing that you want as

you guys can tell it all my hat sir it's

a pretty drastic then cut again just for

some at Bend to go in there and it's

hard to do with like new hats which this

is literally just pick this up today but

boom as you can see already got the bill

that's on it and what I usually do is I

will just take the side and bend them

down it usually just need to have a

little bit compared to where I like the

look of it a little bit more but yeah

that taco shell Reggie fairly fairly

simple and then like I said you can

write cool crop down here to one piece

that's it I mean the bills are going to

get easier to bend as they get order

I've had this hat for a good while and I

can do just about whatever I want to

that bill get it right back to where I

want it

which what I love about flat bill hats

so there you have it

the two different bills bill Ben taco

and the less extreme oh yeah yeah I hope

you enjoyed it

bill pending tutorial I know this

compares to the video but I don't try to

hold it like it is having a conference

about it ask away

she taught some help too beautiful look

this is you guys having kids guys


added bonus check out this oatmeal

dairy-free IMAX helmet I bought today so

freaking cool I absolutely love it the

white might be a bad choice with all the

dirt and mud but you'll see padding's is

super comfortable it's all super

comfortable about the mounts up the

GoPro so first look at the new helmet

hopefully I kept it in frame the whole


can't see so boom there you go

pretty damn dough Hennis beauty but I

didn't get a sticker I did not get an

O'Neill sticker with it hardened stupid