Conduit Bending Offsets

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thirty degree offset so what we're

trying to do is we're trying to change

directions we're going over an object

okay an offset looks like so with two

thirty degree bends unlike your 90s

where you're only bending one you're

going to actually Bend two to make to

change directions okay multiplier for a

thirty degree offset is to okay so if we

have a four-inch obstruction we have to

multiply the four by the two which will

give us eight you're going to make your

first mark now we are not talking about

shrinkage at this point okay we'll talk

about shrinkage in another in another

video what we're going to do is we're

going to make our first mark when I show

you how to do it on a plank then what

we're going to do is I'll explain that


our first mark pretty much we can do

whatever we want the second mark is

going to be the actual obstruction times

the multiplier distance between a and B

mark okay right we're doing half inch

conduit we need a measuring tape and we

need a pencil

our first mark our first mark we're just

going to pick we're gonna call this six

inches okay so we're gonna make a mark

at six inches we're going over we're

doing a four inch offset so we're gonna

go from the set from the first mark and

make our second mark four inches times

two is eight so we're gonna make our

mark okay the key to this is to make

sure you make your mark all the way

around the conduit so that we can slide

it into our bender

once we make our marks we look at the

vendor we're looking to do 30 degree

Bend so on our bender we're looking to

have the back of the pipe or the bottom

of the pipe to be in line with this 30

degree mark okay we stand the bender up

we take our first mark we slide it into

the bender and we use the arrow okay we

use the arrow want to make sure we've

got good stability lock our foot in

place and we're going to bend it we're

going to bend it down to the 30 degree


one thing you want to remember always

keep the bend in front of you so we're

going to slide it forward we're going to

rotate it 180 degrees we're going to put

it back on the mark we're gonna line it

up one thing we don't want to have is a

dogleg and we're going to bend the next

pin down to 30 degrees okay once we're

done we eyeball it make sure it's

straight we look at it and that's how we

Bend a 30 degree offset going over a

four inch obstruction