How to get Good Mandrel Bends Without a Bender

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couple tax go in there hold our cap on

we'll fill it up with some sand

the other cat we've made to compress the

sand even more once we get to lid on we

just got a tack well that dude on there

all righty call that good bizarre fellow

set up for our

Fernet there

how far in just like so that's good good

idea go in are you sure

that's mine good good yes so hopefully

that first little Creek we put in its

going to be enough if not I guess we'll

compensate little Bella after


this piece being the hardest Bend on the

driver's side to go around the


after multiple bends I'm gonna climb up

under there and see if what we got last

night is going to work that's where it's

going to go right there once it's

connected but right there just like that


matches my template which my template I

made was out of an aluminum rod inside

of a piece of pipe insulation to make it

the correct diameter slap some high heat

extremely high heat paint on this piece

keep the rest off of it for a while the

wheel mounted to a stump with welded on

bracket and our bending marks point of

contact centre of a 90 degree turn