How to easily make a small radius bend in flat steel bar

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you know it's rather again you know when

you're doing metal work there's a less

specs of metal work and you know you

pick up tricks as you go along and some

things that you work on going to be

really annoying and there's some simple

tricks that you can use to make life a

lot simpler and I've got a lot of simple

tricks but I don't really often put a

map because shop with YouTube is you

don't know whether the people that are

viewing your videos are experienced in

experience to what and judging by the

comments I get a lot of people are very

experienced and they probably get a bit

of enjoyment just watching stuff they

already know be done and that may be a

different way anyway I'm going to do a

video today and if people know this

trick will they can switch off now about

it's one of the things that always puts

a a grin on my face might do it because

it's such a simple thing to do and it's

what I feel good things you do when you

when you're doing that work because it's

so easy yet it becomes a really annoying

problem and what's the annoying problem

well what really pisses me off is when

you've got to put a 90 degree bend in a

piece of steel like that but I didn't do

this this is disabled scrap bin but

you're put a 90 degree bend in a piece

of steel like that but you want a allo

radius corner and over it's virtually 90

degrees in there is virtually no role no

bend at all and a cutlass if you try and

bend still like just been too cold or

bent it hot you've been a cold there's a

good chance you're going to crack it

weakened it you're almost certainly

weaken it particularly it's got any

amount of carbon in it and even if you

heat it up and and bend it you're still

in the vise you're never ever going to

get a really sharp low radius corner

easy to heat it up and beat it with it

you know mallet the hammer and

everything you can get it saw the shot

but you can finish up with all beat

marks all over

jobs anyway it all comes down to I

suppose how many you want it all to look

and how important it is that pulls in

sharp I mean the trouble is you've got

as you can see that's you know that is

never going to pull in anywhere near

square you know it's always going to be

a compromise so how do you how do you

put a a 90-degree or any angle basically

how do you shape steel at the angle you

want and have a low radius corner it was

a very simple way to do this the other

thing you will need it is a welder and I

try to do it as I said this is a very

simple thing like you'll probably

already know this but I'll do the video

anyway all right well here's our piece

of steel that I want to bend to make up

a bracket for a pergola I'm working on

this is going to be a 90 degree bracket

I'm going to bend it on that pencil line

there and I'm going to bend it around at

90 degrees so we're going to finish up

to something like that and it's pretty

pretty thick steel you'd have a lot of

trouble bending that cold or heating it

up and bending and it's a big kind of

steel but you can do it really easily

and you get a pretty good job out of it

and you know you can make it as good as

you want it to look as far as the finish

is concerned so what do you do well you

look at the side that you're going to

want facing out in which case this is

the good side as a scrap steel or

salvage room once again an old treadmill

that was part of the motor now and what

you're going to do is you're going to

cut through almost all the way with a

hacksaw of some sort or you could use

your hair dye grinder anything you want

and you cut through remember you're

going to be folding it this way so

crappy so it's going to be there so with

the outside of the job so you'll cut

down through here almost right through

and then when you've done that we then

fold over the tab at whatever angle you

want and I basically already do is run a

fillip world

the back of the fold and that will

basically give you a strong and pretty

good-looking job if you do it properly

and you could run several Phillips up

there if you want and then grind it all

back and make it look really pretty but

just for the goal along with it well

this is what we need to do so I'll do it

and we're left we'll see how well turns

out I'm going to use the metal cutting

bandsaw you can do it with that provided

you just watch they go right through and

you just have to finish off that the one

end which would be on a bit of an angle

with a hacksaw or something or you could

even turn it around in the vise if

you've got enough metal and just cut it

from the other side so we'll do that

so just make sure it doesn't go right

through and it was cap nice and square

and the fold should be perfect

okay or here's our cat not quite all

through and I'll just finish it off with

a hacksaw gesture is what most people

will have I mean you can just do the

whole thing with the hacksaw it just

depends what equipment you've got in the

workshop or I could use that got the air

die grinder which would be quicker but I

like a lot of noise so I'll just I'll

use the hacksaw or for this job right

that'll do almost three but not quite

now which is fold their piece of steel

back and as you see it was just bent

back nicely and it should Bend back in

line so now we just check it with our


oK we've bent it now when you bend it

you can see what's happened the back of

the the back of the cut is opened up the

middle is held together and when you

bend it in this case I'm doing 90

degrees you always bend a little bit

more than you want because as you can

see that it's just a couple of degrees

out you do it that way because when you

do your Philip world and it contracts it

will pull the it will open out the angle

so you compensate for that I mean how

much it's going to pull it back when I

can vary a bit so it's a bit of a guess

but because just give it a one or two

degrees no more you can it'll uh it will

pull back a bit and it should do a

pretty good job so now we'll just weld

it with the old stick welder these days

ago welders for peanuts the markets been

flooded with welders cheap welders and

it means that even the good quality

welders you can't get much for them

anymore and the one I've got here is a

current welder it's pierless 160 m4 coil

AC welder as a beautiful welder is the

best AC water or ovular had ever used

and I've used quite a lot does a great

weld and well all you got to do is look

around 35 acts for this one-off gum tree

and I mean you can pick up your welding

rods cheap off gantry or Craigslist or

whatever and I mean even if you've no

weld in your life you can easily learn

you've all got we've all got to learn

somewhere in and start somewhere and

it's not that difficult

they're pretty brutal thing you've got

to be careful what you will with them

some things they're not suitable for but

the general-purpose fabrication like I'm

going to show you they're perfect

alright we'll move right along

right we're ready to weld this is six

mill steel mild steel I think and look

at a world with a 2.5 rod is a Chinese

Chinese wedding rod and good quality one

I mean they were good quality Chinese

wedding rolls and his crappy ones but

really good and are we running the arc

in at 110 a it's alright so you better

watch your eyes


so there you have it that's a what a

neat job certainly good enough for our

outdoor you know work or whatever if you

want to get it perfectly sharp on the

outside you just have to run a couple

more beads along there and growing it

back but and then she is just another

cleaned up in the way but you still got

good metal thickness as you can see you

haven't lost much as the world is going

to be a lot harder metal down the

original miles still it won't been in a

hurry if you want to really reinforce

your your band you would put an L shape

tab at the back it on the corner say

some you'd say working on heavy

machinery or something or you know a

tipper on a truck and you want to just

brace that the corners you would just

put L shape piece of steel at the back

and just just weld it on both sides so

there you go I had to pull in well it's

still cooling down but we'll put that

square on it and see perfecto

absolutely 100% spot on so there you go

a little bit of an adjustment a little

bit of an allowance to pulling back to

the job there you go job done easy as

that beautiful no radius corner and

you're good to go all right well I hope

you got something out of that just one a

little tips that every want to do this

that always makes me feel good because

I've seen people battling or why trying

to get it it's so bloody frustrating I

tell you but you can just do it with a

welder so easy just takes a little bit

of foresight okay guys see you next time