How To Become an Alpha Male (Animated)

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- [Narrator] In this video, I am going to give you

the guide on how to become a real alpha man.

And there are four traits that you need to understand.

The first trait to becoming an alpha male

is to know your purpose in your life.

And this is easier said than done.

There's nothing more attractive to a girl when

a man knows exactly what he wants to do in his life.

And that everyday he is working towards a goal.

When a man does not know his purpose,

he is kind of like a leaf blowing in the wind.

And he's easily influenced by the environment around him.

Opposed to being an alpha male who is strong, solid

and not easily influenced by the environment around him.

When a man is on his purpose,

it creates a gravitational pull around him.

And also creates something called personal boundaries.

When you have a purpose, you have to create boundaries

about what you will and what you

will not allow into your life.

That is both from other people.

But also within your own behavior.

If you don't have boundaries,

you will easily be pushed around

by the people in your environment.

Like being peer pressured into doing

things that you don't want to do.

Alpha men do not give into peer pressure.

Now when I read that, I bet it gave a lot of you

a bad feeling in your stomach because

a lot of people do not know your purpose.

And this is totally fine and to be expected.

It takes a very long time to uncover your purpose.

And just actively seeking out your purpose

is a trait of an alpha man.

The second trait of becoming

an alpha man is to be polarizing.

Alpha men will have opinions on topics that

they are knowledgeable about and they are not scared

to voice their opinions to the people around them.

Even though they might not know

the people around them that well.

They understand and acknowledge that other people

might disagree with their opinion but

this will not stop them from expressing it.

Many people are not able to be their authentic selves

and are not able to share their opinions and beliefs

because they are scared that other people will judge them.

If you're overly concerned with the opinions of others,

you are setting yourself up for a very unhappy life.

Something to also note is that you can be

both polarizing and respectful at the same time.

This third trait may sound very simple but

I can assure you that it's incredibly important.

Alpha men go after what they want in life.

If they have a question, they will ask it.

If they see a cute girl, they will go and talk to her.

If they see a business opportunity, they will pursue it.

If they don't like something within their life,

they will go and change it.

There are so many people today who complain and

are not happy with certain aspects in their life.

But they are not willing to take the steps and to take

the action necessary in order to fix that thing.

Alpha men are doers.

And they do not sit idly by while opportunities

and problems pass them by.

The fourth and final trait of alpha males

is that they have passion.

It's important to have passion in life

and to be passionate about living life.

Positive energy is infectious.

Just like how negative energy is infectious.

I'm sure we have all experienced being around someone

who is very negative a lot of the time

and we feel negative just by being around them.

The thing is, when you are in a very negative mindset,

it's like having an umbrella over you.

And when you are around other people,

they also feel that they're under your umbrella

of negativity and the same idea goes

for being around positive people.

So those are the four most important traits

of being an alpha man.

Be authentic to yourself.

And live life on your own terms.

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