5 Tips To Become The Alpha Dog!

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hey everybody welcome to another episode

of 60 formula hope you are doing well

today it's our first official tip video

in the brand new house I know we made

the video showing you us moving in and

everything today we're gonna be bringing

you an awesome tip video that's gonna

help you and your Siberian Husky just in

case you're having some problems getting

control of things we're gonna teach you

how to be the Alpha amongst your

Siberian Huskies now it's not something

crazy complicated it's just something

that I need to go over with you guys

I've made a small livestream video about

it but I should go further into detail

now the dogs are having a great time at

the new house in fact today we were

dealing with the issue of how we're

going to use the potty out in the back

yard you see this brand new house it

actually has sliding glass doors instead

of regular doors and if you've watched

my episodes in the past you know my

Huskies hit a doorknob when they need to

go to the bathroom so we've been working

on that I'm gonna let you know how we're

mending it also the backyard is a

fenceless so there's literally no place

for them to stay contained if I'm not

watching them so I had to fix that as

well you're gonna figure out how we fix

that we totally minted this situation I

think they're going to really enjoy it

looks like Britney Spears is really

tired what's up boy you sleepy usually

be just just a beating you up today and

driving you absolutely crush our Gila is

and a crazy mood today look at her she's

just like I'm trying to let everybody

know then I am the dominant one when it

comes to this new house so I'm just like

alright girl it's cool

everyone gets your message but gosh your

brother look at them you'll wear them

out you drive them crazy cuz you go nuts

look at her she's like guilty as charged

alright guys so come with me will you on

another episode of 60 formula where we

find out the top 5 ways to become the

Alpha amongst your Siberian Huskies come

on let's go little bit up


so I felt bad about leaving the pups

inside all the time they've been looking

outside being like I want to come

outside daddy yo so I went ahead I went

to Pet Smart and I bought that red thing

that you see in the ground in the center

of the screen right now and it's a yard

steak it goes about I think probably a

foot and a half down into the ground it

was really hard to screw down into the

yard but now that it's down in there

it's super solid and the Huskies can run

around the backyard as much as they want

without being able to reach the water or

go outside the confines of this backyard

that isn't fenced unfortunately so if

you have a yard and you're worried about

your Huskies being out there you don't

want to go out there every single time

and walk them you want them to hang out

especially when the weather is cool

because right now the weather is

absolutely amazing it's really cold

outside in North Florida it just feels

great too the Huskies they want to be

outside heel has just been sitting at

the door all day like can we go outside

so I went to the store and I got on the

stake and now everything is cool I don't

have to sit outside here with a leash on

they are hooked up to their harnesses so

they aren't like outside free and

mingling but these are 20 foot cords

that I have attached to the yard stake

so they're able to go pretty far out I'd

say about to about right there so

they're pretty good I may upgrade it get

a bigger one we will see but for right

now this is the solution and it looks

like they're really enjoying it because

they're just hanging out so we'll see

how it works and I'll let you guys know

I will keep you updated now a lot of my

viewers are getting siberian husky

puppies they're trying to figure out how

they can control their Huskies cuz you

know Huskies can be a crazy animal

that's right dog you got your why you a

little bit of a courier so there's some

simple strategies that you can put into

play that will help you become the Alpha

over your Siberian Husky now I want to

stress you should never be mean to your

huskier Unni pizza you know what I'm

saying they're super sweet look at this

guy just sitting here sleeping like a

little french fry head it's not

necessary to be mean or cross with your

dog you don't need to get like a switch

and hit them or anything like that don't

ever take a hand to your dog it's just

not good practice the best thing to do

to let your husky know that you are the

Alpha is to do it with positive

reinforcement never negative

reinforcement these are five tips that

you can take to make sure that you are

the top dog and your little husky pack

while doing it in a positive way number

one I do this all the time and you can

practice doing it when you're sitting

next to your husky so maybe you come up

to your husky and you pet them sometimes

right you're petting them on the head

you're saying good boy

take your hand and put it over their

muzzle just like that you don't have to

push down hard it doesn't need to be

aggressive it doesn't need to be hard

just while you're petting your husky

take your hand or while you approach

them and cover their muzzle like this

don't cover their nose holes' okay and

don't press down hard so that they're

injuring themselves you know what I'm

saying you don't want to hurt your puppy

all you're doing to them is

communicating to them in a doggy way

that hey I am the boss so just go up to

your dog every once in a while

hit him on the head scratch him on the

nose and maybe put your hand around

their muzzle they will let you do it

they're not going to be upset about it

look you see how Britney Spears is just

chilling there just put your hand he's

not even affected by it when you put

your hand around a dog's muzzle it's

just letting them know that you're the

one that's in charge you see wild

animals this is how they communicate

with one another and if you want to

research this any of this information

you can go and look at people on YouTube

who interact with wild animals like

hyenas tigers or Lions in those people

they take the proper steps to make sure

that they are the Alpha in that

situation because if you aren't the

Alpha with a wild animal like a lion

then you're probably the prey so one of

the most important things like I said is

to approach your dog give them a little

bit of cuddles and then take your hand

and just

over there muzzle only for a few seconds

guys you don't need to do it over and

over and over throughout the day just a

couple times a day a few times a week is

enough to let your dog know that you are

in charge here's an example and we'll do

it with Gila just scratch her on the

head and then take your hand right there

yeah that's a good girl

that's a good girl see she's not upset

that I did it but I'm letting her know

hey good god I said good girl yes a good

girl yeah I said good girl that simple

step is really going to put you in the

position to take up the Alpha amongst

your Huskies let's go to chip number 2

all right when we're talking about

physical stuff tip number two is also

going to be physical there's another

place where your dogs feel extremely

vulnerable and you can't take advantage

of that now as I said in the last tip

please make sure you're not doing this

violently this isn't an aggressive act

it's something that you do while you're

petting your dog O's so while your dog

is sitting there sleeping just like

Britney Spears is right now you're gonna

go up and you're gonna start petting

them right this spot right here where

your dog's hip meets their back this is

an incredibly sensitive spot look he's

already like why you touching me there

all right

you don't need to touch there very much

you can just pet your dog okay come over

here get into a position to where you

can kind of like pet their back and

things and then put your hand right

there on their hips put your hand right

there to let them know hey you know this

is me taking control of you

this also is good to desensitize your

puppies if you have a little puppy you

want to get your hand kind of put it

where their hip muscle meets their back

don't be hard about it like I said I

feel like I have to stress this and I

don't want anybody to do something very

irresponsible here but just take your

hand kind of cut their hip muscle I'm

controlling this situation and you're

learning to trust that I am NOT going to

hurt you or do anything bad when my hand

is in a spot that this dog frankly feels

very vulnerable and while this is going

to establish you as the Alpha it's also

going to help you build trust between

you and your Huskies they're gonna be

able to trust you to touch them wherever

and whenever and they're not afraid or


you're going to hurt them or harm them

so these two steps the muzzle just

softly grab it the hip

softly squeeze it and these two small

practices really let your husky know

that you are the Alpha now there's a few

more steps that aren't so physical we're

gonna go over those right now that you

can implement maybe if you don't feel so

comfortable doing these first two ones

so let's get to it

now this next tip is extremely important

I have to explain this to a lot of

people because a lot of people don't

really agree with speaking high or

speaking low when it comes to your dog

oh now these are very important tips

because it lets your dog know when

they're doing something correctly and

when they're doing something incorrectly

a lot of people interpret it that's

right lady a lot of people interpret it

that if you speak with a low hoarse

voice that you're being mean to your dog

but that's not necessarily true

a lot of people think if you're speaking

high with a high voice that you're being

way too nice to your dog that's also not

true these high and low tones all day do

for your dog is let them know when you

are either a satisfied or be

dissatisfied so you don't have to yell

at your dog you don't have to scream you

don't have to scare them at all but one

thing I do insist that you implement if

you want to be the Alpha and this is tip

number three is use a low voice and a

high voice when you're commanding your

dogs now let's say you want to get

control of the situation okay let's say

your dogs are going out of control and

they're driving you nuts what you're

gonna do is you're gonna say hey stop

but not like that you're gonna say hey

stop and look both the dogs are kind of

like focused on me right now you're like

what's going on is something or someone

in trouble the low voice is not to scare

them it's not to make them feel like

they're gonna be hurt that's not the

point and trust me people will say over

and over and over again don't be loud to

your dog it's not good you don't have to

scream at them but a low loud voice is

something that really takes your dog's

attention and focuses it on you if you

are passionate about being the Alpha

amongst your Siberian Huskies this is

something that you should implement now

I love my Huskies and I always treat

them with the utmost respect but

sometimes when they're not doing things

correctly I have to lower my voice and

then they automatically stop okay this

is something that you should implement

it's not a bad tool if you don't want to

implement this as I said there are two

other steps that we can implement but

using all five of these steps but using

all five of these steps together is

basically a surefire plan to become the

Alpha amongst not only Siberian Huskies

but any dog as well so if you are

comfortable using all of the methods

here feel free it's going to progress

you so much faster when you use them all

as opposed to picking and choosing

between the five I give you tonight on

to tip number four tip number four is

going to be standing up straight now I

know a lot of you think this might be

crazy standing up straight is very

important a lot of people these days

they like to slouch over they kind of

bend down and get on their dogs level

don't do that

eh don't get down on your dog's level

and be don't invite your dog up to your

level I know you want to get down and

kiss your dog and hug them and love them

because they're the most cuddly thing in

the world but let me say this the more

you get down on the ground and bring

yourself to your Huskies level the more

you are inviting them to challenge your

alpha position now it's fine

to get down on your knees every once in

a while love on your dog let them sit in

your arms or your bed every once in a

while it's totally okay and reasonable

to do that but when you're trying to

establish who is the dominant person in

the household you need to remember

standing up straight and always standing

above them is what's gonna let your dogs

know that you are the king just remember

that that is a very powerful tool if you

don't want to physically touch your

animals to establish an alpha position

if you don't want to you

your voice to establish an alpha

position then make sure that you are

always standing up straight keeping a

higher elevation than your Huskies and

this will assure you are the Alpha in

the household let's move on to the final

tip to becoming the Alpha in your house

are you ready for it it's super easy

it's super simple crate train your dog

oohs all right this is something I'm

gonna make a big video on I'm gonna help

you guys figure out how to properly

crate train your puppies I know so many

of you have come to the channel talking

about how you just got a Siberian Husky

puppy you're trying to create train them

it's extremely difficult

I know but crate training is going to

really help you establish your dominance

especially when you have a husky once

your husky is crate trained they'll

basically have this own little area of

the house that they call their own and

you'll be able to implement that crate

to issue time outs let's say your dog

does something bad that you really don't

agree with timeouts are a great way to

implement punishments you never want to

take a hand or a roll of paper to your

dog that's never good when you have a


you can put your dog in a time out and

these timeouts helped to establish like

the rest of the tips here to become an

alpha dog because your husky will now

have their own territory in the house

and once you establish that their

territory is the crate something that

you control as the alpha this really

helps set in stone that you are the one

calling all the shots and we really

encourage you to implement all five of

these strategies into your day-to-day

lives with your Huskies make sure you

get them crate trained make sure your

desensitizing them in the proper

locations using proper voices like Lowe

when they're doing something bad high

when they're doing something really

really good and that way they're gonna

know you are an awesome leader that's

basically what it's about you want to be

an effective communicator you want to be

a great leader and once your dogs know

that you can pull that off well you're

gonna be the Alpha they're gonna trust

you to do any

thing and that is what it's all about

effective communication you know what

I'm talking about I hope these five tips

helped you out of course as always if

you have any comments you can leave them

right below I'm gonna answer every

single one and help you guys out as much

as I can

I know becoming the alpha in your

household can be very difficult it's not

something that's super simple and it

does take patience and practice but with

these simple steps you should be able in

no time to become the king of your

domain so guys with that said I hope you

guys enjoyed we really appreciate all

the new subscribers all the new views

all the comments you guys are so awesome

the Husky community is so strong and

it's so apparent through all of the

support you guys bring to the channel

every single day so I have to thank you

me and Brittany Spears and Gila even

though we're all being lazy butts we

gotta say thank you to every single one

of you who come out here hit that like

button every single day and show your

support so as always guys thanks so much

for sticking with us thanks so much for

hanging out we love you guys so much and

we will see you next time and yep

another episode of whatever we make