Alpha Dog | Training a Puppy

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What you should be trying to do is establish yourself as the Alpha dog.

One of those things is to don't let the puppy put his/her paws on your feet

because that's a sign of dominance with dogs.

don't let the puppy go through any door in the house before you do.

Another one is don't let the puppy sleep in the bed with you. Put him a little bed over in

the corner or put his kennel over in the corner and let him go in his kennel

don't let the pup mouth or bite your hands one thing that you definitely need to do

as far as establishing yourself as the alpha dog you need to get your scent on

the dog food every day before you feed. Put it's food in the bowl reach down and

just run your hand through it and you don't let the pup eat until he's told

it's okay T this is another technique that establishes you as the alpha dog

you don't need the puppy telling you what to do you need to tell the puppy

what to do in a positive manner