Day In The Life: D1 Athlete VS Student

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hello I'm good how are you can I get a

raspberry passion through watermelon

rebel yeah


the ALS building it where's your class

after but I wish I had what I needed


hey guys just got out of class pretty

rainy here in Oregon kind of cold

we're gonna go to Ulta get some skincare

midterms get a little stressed over here

and uh yeah just got out of class and

now I'm walking over to the indoor

facility supposed to get some extra

working stay tuned you're not working

baby the third and that work getting

that work it was about to rush some

routes what we bout to do after all that

recovery baby I stub my stuff it's you

right after work up that ISO guess you

all right huh

baby scared of a man try be here again

come achieve la true at dude call for

saying but you know back with another

vlog episodes will season okay so I'm in

alter right now I'm gonna get a couple

face masks i thing that's like my

favorite thing to do when I'm stressed

out so


okay I got um frightening and skin

smoothing because dude you like that

right there

like we do like that


work done deal done deal




just got home from study all starving

brother didn't eat nothing see if my

roommates here he's trying to get some

food hey it was good though so you

trying to go get some food local boys

yeah it looks like you're not nice ah


shout on my voice ha go this smart

roommate who busted go to this place

called local boys and get some food

stay tuned



I will just water our food now awake yes

sir you got put the sauce on it can't

forget to put the sauce


you know how to get one rice one mac

honey eat kind of healthy okay too much

carbs at night


[ __ ] these jeans are so big for me you

just wear them anyways yeah fit check

the yes Queen yes a little