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at times life might seem like it's all

fun and games we'd like to think that

nothing is going on behind the scenes

and that everything is really as it

seems the reality however is much

different and then will come times in

your life when you'll need to be a

powerful person what does that really

mean them what does power even look like

contrary to popular belief power has

nothing to do with being aggressive or

mean to people

no power is something much more than

that some of the greatest military

heroes of ancient Rome were extremely

powerful and they use their power to

crush their enemies there are times in

life when you have no other choice but

to be powerful and with the top 10 laws

from the 48 laws of power you'll be able

to exercise immense power anytime

anywhere and with anyone law number one

always save less than necessary when

talking to someone a powerful person

always says less than necessary we've

all been around a friend or family

member who's always talking about

something after being around this person

for more than a few minutes did you

start to get the feeling that they're

not in control of themselves as humans

most of us instinctively like to talk

more than we should but by always saying

less than necessary you'll appear

powerful mysterious and in control when

you do say something make it vague and

open-ended saying less than necessary

will make you appear powerful and

intimidating by saying less than is

needed you're much less likely to say

something foolish this law is especially

useful if you ever get stopped by the

police and need to protect your rights

law number two court attention at all

costs in society everyone is judged by

their appearance whether we like it or

not to be a powerful person be

conspicuous and stand out do whatever it

takes to be more mysterious colorful or

larger than anyone else in the real

world this means going against social

norms the YouTube famous bodybuilders is

did this by taking his shirt off in

public and behaving in unexpected ways

another example is Connor Murphy a

youtuber whose channel is growing at an

insanely fast rate this guy takes his

shirt off and does crazy things in front

of attractive girls and with nearly 1

million views per day he is being


handsomely for it law number three avoid

the unhappy and unless emotional states

are just as infectious as diseases and

it might make you feel good to listen to

another person's misery but too much of

it will do you more harm than good we've

all had that one unfortunate friend who

seems to attract all kinds of bad luck

hang around them long enough and all of

a sudden you start getting caught up in

the same misfortune to avoid infection

spend your time around people who are

happy and fortunate law number four

learn to keep people dependent on you to

be a powerful person you need to be

needed and wanted the more others rely

on you the more freedom and power you

will have you should make people depend

on you for their prosperity and

happiness the game of power applies to

most corporate jobs to use this law in

such a setting you must do whatever is

needed to make yourself indisposed will

make it so that the company would lose

too much if they fire you law number

five when asking for help appeal to the

person of self-interest and never to

gratitude or mercy there will come a

time in your life when you'll need to

ask someone for a favor

if you approach it from the angle of

reminding them of the good deeds or pass

assistance you've given them they'll

find a way to ignore you to exercise

power approach the favor with something

that will benefit the other person and

make it sound like an unrepeatable offer

for them once the person realizes that

he stands to gain from the request he'll

be glad to help you

law number six pose as a friend but work

as a spy when playing the game of power

in any industry you need to know your

rivals and competitors as a spy you can

gain priceless information that will

allow you to stay one step ahead of the

competition if you're the one playing

the spy learn how to uncover secrets and

information about your rivals during

polite social encounters play this role

well enough and you can get the other

person to reveal their intentions and

even their weaknesses to you law number

seven use absence to increase respect

and honor everything from people to

objects is about supply and demand

when the supply is low the demand goes

up the gasoline that powers your car is

a great example when oil refineries are

and tons of oil the supply goes up and

the price that you pay at the pump goes

down but when the supply goes above the

demand the price per gallon of gasoline

goes down the same is true for people

we've all had a girlfriend or boyfriend

and at first they weren't always

available which increased the demand and

made them more desirable to be around a

year later they started hanging around

the house all the time and never really

left at all

this caused the supply to increase and

our demand for the person started to

decrease la number 8

know who you're dealing with and don't

have been the wrong person when playing

the game of power you must always know

who you're dealing with this is true for

every area of life the world is filled

with many types of people the strategy

you used on one competitor might cause

another to spend the rest of their life

trying to get revenge on you think about

the comments section on YouTube pick on

ten people and maybe none of them will

fight back but if you don't know your

enemies you might unknowingly start

something with someone who has enough

knowledge to ruin your life for a great

example of this watch the movie IT with

Pierce Brosnan law number nine play a

sucker to catch a sucker seem dumber

than your mark nobody likes to feel dumb

to play the game of power always trick

the other person into thinking you're

not as smart as you really are and make

your enemy feel smart once the person is

convinced that they're smarter than you

they'll never suspect your ulterior

motives imagine you own a tech company

and a competitor is working on the same

app as you and upon the release of said

app the company stands to gain millions

of dollars your company is working on

the same app but you need more time to

release it by making your competitor

think that you know nothing about the

app you can uncover crucial information

about his progress and do whatever is

needed to make sure you release the app

first line number ten recreate yourself

never accept the role that society has

forced on you instead create a new

identity for yourself and make sure you

command attention and never bore your

audience you must always be the master

of how people perceive you and never let

others define your personal

by creating a new identity for yourself

one that isn't forced upon you by

society you will wield great power and

your character will seem enormous life

and business especially can be a giant

game of power and the game doesn't care

whether you want to play or not and it

has no problem playing without you you

and everyone else are already on the

board and the opposing pieces are coming

to take you out use the top ten lots of

power correctly and your chances of

winning will increase what that said

until next time thanks for watching and

be sure to grab yourself a copy of the

48 laws of power by Robert Greene