How to earn with AliExpress affiliate program

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hello everyone i'm elena alekseeva I'm

the account manager of Aleks press team

here at admitted today we're going to

talk about the first steps you need to

take to work with Aliexpress affiliate

program we will tell you how to apply

for the program how to get the most out

of it and how to not break any rules

first you need to apply for a L'Express

program once you get approved you can

create an affiliate link then you post

it on your ad space and attract traffic

each time someone purchases something

through your affiliate links you will

get a commission so how do you create an

affiliate link we need to go to

Aliexpress program on admitted website

please pay attention that we are already

logged in to admitted comm and we

already joined all Express program so to

create an affiliate link you need to go

to banners and links here in the menu on

the left and then to deep link let's say

we want to create an affiliate link to a

certain product for example this one so

we copy the usual link from Aliexpress

website and paste it here in the target

page field below in the new affiliate

link field we get the unique publishers

link this link can let us determine that

the order was made through the affiliate

link of this exact publisher we can

establish that with the help of tracking

parameters in the link you can also use

landing pages also here under banners

and links you can choose any promotional

or standard a landing page and lead your

traffic there for example Alex Press is

running the permanent under $5 promotion

so we click on get the link copy the

link and we can lead our traffic to this


commission rate depends on the product

category al Express gives two point

three percent for consumer electronics

six point nine percent for clothes

accessories home and garden items and

five point four percent for all other

categories also al Express has a special

hot products category where the

commission rate can reach up to 69

percent these products are provided by

sellers who are ready to pay a higher

reward to the publishers to view the

full list of these hot products and

their corresponding commission rates you

can click the hot products tab here on

the left you can either download the

whole feat in CSV or XML format or you

can search for a certain product right

here by typing in a keyword here in the

search bar for example let's look for

t-shirts here we can see the full list

of all t-shirts from the feed please pay

attention that the feed is regularly

updated so we need to make sure that

it's always up-to-date so how do we

begin to work with Aliexpress program

first we need to get familiar with

allowed and forbidden types of traffic

the allow types of traffic mean that the

advertiser allows publishers to drive

traffic from these sources for example a

publisher can create a page on Facebook

and post affiliate links there and get

commission from each purchase made

through this links so the allow types of

traffic or in-app advertising on social

media Facebook Instagram etc cash backs

YouTube channels blogs loyalty programs

coupon websites and marketplaces types

of traffic that require approval are

contextual advertising doorway email

marketing and teaser networks you can

request approval either before or right

after you apply for the program you can

do it

the ticket system or through your

personal manager if you have one we

recommend you to do it as soon as

possible because otherwise your

application can be declined

the forbidden types of traffic are

public groups on behalf of the

advertiser pop up pop under click under

brand bidding incentive traffic toolbar

and adult traffic you would like to join

the program but after some time you see

that your application was declined why

did it happen even if your ad space

belongs to allow types of traffic we

cannot approve inactive or empty at

space so before you apply for the

program please make sure that your

website is fully functional and

everything works properly we can decline

your application if you do contextual

advertising but you didn't contact us

through the ticket system or your

personal manager to request approval and

even if you did this we can refuse to

connect you to the program if you

violated the rules of other admitted

programs we can open the publishers

profile and if we see a lot of tickets

from other managers complaining that

this publisher is brand bidding we are

not going to let you join the program

but let's say you were connected to the

program what product categories should

you start with to earn more the top

categories are the categories that offer

the highest commission rates mobile

phone accessories women's men's

children's clothing home and garden

items offered six point nine percent

commission rate mobile phones and

computer peripherals also belong to the

top categories even though the

Commission rate is two point three

percent but because the average order

value is quite high publishers reward

can be significant if you have the

opportunity to attract traffic from

different regions here is the list of

top countries buyers from these

countries purchased something on

Aliexpress more than anyone else these

countries include Russia the US Ukraine

France Brazil Israel

Poland UK Belarus and Germany top types

of traffic that can help you earn with

Aliexpress program our cashback services

websites and social media groups what do

you need to keep in mind to have a long

and successful cooperation with

Aliexpress program first of all do not

violate program rules do not use

forbidden traffic types such as brand

bidding pop-up pop-under etc do not let

your conversion rate be too low what do

we consider a low conversion rate for

example you have zero orders but the

amount of clicks is more than 1000 per

day or your conversion rate is lower

than 0.3% but the amount of clicks is

more than 5000 per day we can also

disconnect you from the program upon the

advertisers request it happens very

rarely but when it does it usually

happens when Alex Prez sees a lot of

returned orders made through your

affiliate links and finally we would

like to mention that Aliexpress is one

of the most popular programs among

admitted publishers and it's not

surprising it has a lot of advantages

it's a famous Brent who hasn't heard of

Aliexpress Aliexpress affiliate program

works with all regions in all countries

it has high approval rate currently it's

more than 95%

low prices large variety of products and

free delivery is what makes our Express

so popular among its users and we offer

high commission rates so what are you

waiting for join Aliexpress program stay

tuned for new promotions and earn more

thank you for your attention if you have

any questions leave them in the comments

down below and have a nice day

bye bye