How to Exercise your Brain - Staying Sharp Animated Book Review

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hey guys this is going to be an animated

book review of the book staying sharp 9

keys for a youthful brain through modern

science and ageless wisdom now I'm going

to cover the basic topics and the first

one is to increase your movement your

body is connected to your brain through

a series of nerves and these are

extremely important they found that in a

study of 120 older adults half of them

walked for 45 minutes a day three times

a week and actually found that their

brain increased two percent volume of

the hippocampus area however the non

Walker's the other sixty who did not

walk actually lost 1.5 percent of their

hippocampus volume they also found the

individuals that walked about better in

all measures of depression the two

authors of this book say that your brain

requires healthy stress and you can look

at this if you look at Tai Lopez's life

if you are following him on snapchat you

notice that about half of his posts are

him shooting basketball hoops and

practicing jiu-jitsu this is because he

knows the secret to having a youthful

brain and that's always moving however

there is the other side of that that you

must sleep they say that sleeping clears

your mind repairs your mind and actually

improves your mood there are other

countless benefits of sleeping and I

kind of go over those and some tips on

how to sleep better in my animated book

review of sleep smarter you can click on

it here the next little trick is to eat

healthy they say that there are four

main things if you include into your

diet and most people don't get enough of

that if you include them you will live

healthier that is omega threes vitamin

d3 magnesium and the B complexes and

this is like b6 b12 they give you a lot

of energy they also say that you should

try to eat less sugar and you should

remember that there are neural

connections from your brain in your

stomach your stomach actually has

neurons in it they suggest that you

should aim for a plant-based yet varied

diet that means including some meats it

doesn't mean going completely vegetarian

that's just what they suggest they also

say that you should slow down and be

more mindful when you eat actually think

about what you're eating and taste it

try to be mindful when you eat they say

that a healthy brain is also curious and

they're always learning humans naturally

are always seeking they're seeking stuff

seeking things basically seeking

information they found that curious

humans usually live longer have a lower

dimension rate and are happier they go

into a little chapter and explain some

metacognition stuff that is basically

thinking about your thinking but it

increases your brains flexibility and

the author's talked a little bit about

premature cognate

of commitments and these are basically

fallacies and biases just things that

our brain does automatically that we

don't even know we're doing that is

flawed thinking and I plan on making a

series of fallacies and biases in the

future if you're really interested in

this leave a comment below that you

would love to see the fallacies and

biases series that I intend I'm putting

out the authors also say that optimistic

people generally have a healthier brain

even though optimists may have a skewed

view of the world they are healthier and

to learn how to be more optimistic you

can watch my video on learned optimism

here there's a few other tips in this

book but these are the best that I came

up with remember to always move

throughout your day remember to get at

least eight hours of quality sleep watch

your diet always stay learning and try

to teach someone something if you can

follow these your brain will stay young

for a long time I hope you learned

something and I hope you enjoyed

watching this video if you did subscribe

for more thanks for watching