registered dogs vs non-registered dogs (informational)

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hey guys this is CT we see T's touch

horses for us last dogs just want to

pass on a little bit of information and

this is my knowledge of the topic

I'm gonna talk about registered dogs

versus non registered dogs

and when I say register I'm mainly

talking about AKC registration not you

Casey not see Casey and the reason why I

say not those registries is because

pretty much those registries to join or

to get paperwork from them and you could

be you send them a letter and a few

pictures and pretty much if it looks

like a German Shepherd in most cases

they're gonna give you a registry a

Casey on the top of the on the other

hand they're accredited all over the

world they're well worldwide accredited

a Casey have a few stricter guidelines

it takes more than that to get AKC


you can't call away Casey and say hey I

got a dog looks like a German Shepherd

or I bought him from a guy and he had

the Mama and Daddy and they say okay

send me a picture and you get papers it

doesn't work like that so with a Casey

you got a better chance of having a

purebred dog you could research its

lineage you could research its pedigree

now there are some flaws in in their

registration so just because you have

AKC registration you still could have a

mixed breed dog I mean that they're not


mistakes I'll give you an example if you

got a breeder hat female German Shepherd

and she took it to some guy's house to

get her dog bred and that guy's

Rottweiler bred her dog and she gets her

dog back home have puppies and she got

some black and red puppies Rottweiler

puppies German Shepherd puppies they all

probably look the same eight up until

eight weeks of age so this lady has

registered these puppies because the

male dog was registered so now you got

some half Rottweiler half German

Shepherd puppies that's registered as a

KC German shepherds so now it comes to


the standard of the dog knowing the

characteristics of the dog and also

trusting your breeder so me personally

I've had non registered dogs but that

was a dog that I personally wanted for

myself I didn't plan on breeding him I

didn't plan on selling any pups out of

him so

I wanted him for one purpose and he

served it so I didn't care about that

piece of paper but all in all

I'd rather have that AKC registration

when you go to show pups sale pups

with that AKC registration most people

is gonna feel more comfortable

patronizing with you versus you have a

non-registered dog but if you know what

your program is you know what your plan

is then you decide if that piece of

paper is worth having but

I guarantee you can get more with it

than without it thanks guys