AKC Breeder E-Z Reg Tutorial

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welcome to the AKC Breezer easy reg

video tutorial on the AKC homepage find

the breeders tab hover over it and

select the second option easy reg to

register the puppies in the litter the

litter itself must first be registered

with the AKC the first blue bordered

section on this page has instructions on

how to do so once you have a registered

letter click on the link in the second

blue bordered section to begin now

you'll log into the application you'll

do this by entering the litter number

the dam's registration number and the

damn certificate issue date if you're

uncertain how to find these and clicking

on the red text below each of the fields

we'll give you guidance once you've

entered this information click the login

button and you'll be taken to the

payment page here at the login page

you'll find summary information about

your litter as well as the price of

registering each of the puppies and a

total for registering all of the puppies

in the litter that have not already been

registered your next step is to enter

the credit card information this will

include the credit card number the card

security code from the back and the

cards expiration date and please note as

you're working your way through this

page that all of the fields with a red

asterisk by the name are required

entering contact information for the

cardholder is next please enter the name

as it appears on the credit card as well

as an email address and phone number

where you may be contacted when you

finished entering in the information for

the credit card as well as the

cardholder please enter in the billing

address for the credit card this will

include the street the city the state

the postal code as well as the country

and when you finished entering that

information please click the continue

button at the bottom to be taken to the

next page the next page you'll be taken

to is the confirmation page if any of

the information needs to change please

click the back button if it's all

correct click continue and you'll be

taken to the receipt page here is the

receipt page you're presented details of

your receipt you may print it out for

your records and now you have the option

of paying for another litter or

proceeding onto puppy management which

is where we'll head next under puppy

management you'll find a summary of all

of the puppies in the litter as well as

their various statuses please note that

in the upper left section of the page

we've provided a handy how-to you

which provides an in-depth explanation

of all of the ins and outs of the puppy

management process what we'll do now is

register one of the puppies by clicking

on the registration number of one of the

puppies in the upper left you'll bring

up a detailed information sheet and what

we'll do first is give the dog a name

the pop-up box that appears allows you

to either let the new owner name the dog

allows you to specify a prefix or suffix

oftentimes the name of a kennel a

breeder or litter owner owns or you can

set the name of the dog in its entirety


once you've finished with your

preferences for the dog's name there are

several other pieces of information that

may be provided about the puppy as well

as a decision on whether or not the dog

will have a full or limited registration

after all of the information about the

puppy has been provided the next step is

to provide information about the new

owners to whom the dog will be

registered if the dog is to be

registered to all of the litter owners

and only the litter owners please check

the box next to the words register to

the litter owner for any other

combination of owners please fill out

the new owner information section if one

or more of the new owners is a litter

owner you can use the add litter owner

drop-down to populate the fields with

that litter owners information once all

the information has been provided for

the new owner clicking the Save Link

will save that information and now you

may enter in an additional owner by

clicking on the add additional owner

text you may edit this data or you may

go down to the bottom and click on the

transfer button to continue

now you're presented with the option of

completing the transfer on behalf of the

new owner or letting the new owner

complete the transfer here we'll

complete the transfer on behalf of the

new owner the next page will allow you

to review the information about the

registration and either edit the owner

or puppy information if something is

inaccurate or if everything is correct

click continue this transaction while

the basic AKC registration has been

prepaid this page allows you the option

of purchasing an additional package such

as the puppy protection package for the

sake of this example we're going to

select just the basic package and then

move forward to the next page on this

page or additional optional products and

maybe purchase such as our good dog help

line or a case a reunite but for the

sake of this example we're going to

select none

instead proceed directly to checkout on

this page you can review the

registration information for the dog

then agree to the certification in

agreement language in the scrolling box

below and finally click the complete

registration button and congratulations

you've successfully registered your dog

now you can return to the puppy

management page by clicking the link

below one thing to notice now is that

the dog we just registered has a status

of registered and while we can view the

dog's information we can no longer edit

it this time we won't enter the dog's

name instead of letting the new owner

provide that we'll instead enter some

information about the dog and the new

owner and here we'll skip ahead slightly

to skip the typing this time when we

click the transfer button the option

that we're going to select is new owner

will complete the transfer once this is

selected in the ok button pressed an

email will be sent out to the new owner

containing all of the information they

need to complete the registration as the

litter owner your portion of this

registration is now complete

so you can click on the ok button and go

back to the puppy management page

returning to this page you've the option

of clicking on the email link which will

allow you to send an email detailing

this registration to say one of the

other litter owners you can click on the

print application link which will bring

up a PDF version of this application

which you can give to the puppy buyer or

to keep for your own records as you like

next we're going to register the third

dog in the litter and this time what

we're going to do is register the dog to

the litter owner so to begin this

process we're first going to give the

dog a name and then we're going to

provide some information about the dog

following that what we'll do is we'll

click on the box next to the words

register to the litter owner clicking

this box will bring up a dialog box and

clicking ok inside will populate the new

owner information with information about

all of the litter owners in this case

there's a single litter owner and the

information is correct and so we'll hit

continue on this page we'll verify that

the information is correct and then

click continue this transaction this

time on the optional products pages will

select a couple of the products will

select the puppy protection package and

then we'll select the three-generation

pedigree and you can see the order

details updating on the hovering gray

box to the right

now we'll proceed to checkout and here

on the checkout page you'll find the

order number and directly beneath that

you'll see that it says registration fee

prepaid beneath that are the optional

products and then what we'll do is we'll

enter in our credit card number we'll

enter in the name and email address and

then what we'll do is we'll use the

primary owners address as the billing

address and you'll see how it populates

all of the boxes beneath it

following that we'll submit the credit

card info after reviewing the

registration information and clicking

the certification button we can complete

the registration and the third dog in

the litter is now in fact registered

let's return to the puppy management

screen what the summary screen now tells

us is that two of the puppies are

registered one of them has been

transferred and awaits the new owner to

come in and register them and you can

view the dog's information note on the

registered dogs you can no longer edit

the information and on the fourth puppy

here we don't actually have to register

the dog now we can come back and do that

later and the way you would do that is

by going back to the breeder easy reg

home page which we encourage you to

bookmark and by selecting the third of

blue bordered option you can click here

to take you back to the puppy management

page and from there you can complete the

registration on your puppy