How to become a Dog Breeder? - 7 Quick Tips!

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hey guys Jesse Ford here with four

kennels where we talk about how to

increase your authority productivity

revenue and how to increase the health

of your overall dog kennel breeding

business today I want to talk about how

to become a dog burger if you'd like

dogs and you ever thought about hey

maybe I can make a little bit of money

off of this then this video is going to

be the perfect jump started for you

because I'm going to give you seven tips

on things that you can do today to start

preparing yourself become a dog


without wasting any time let's just jump

right into the video tip number one is

gonna be choose a breed now you might

think this is really self-explanatory

but it's very important that you

research what kind of dog breeds are

selling in your area it wouldn't be very

effective if you started selling

Chihuahuas in an area that only bought

Labradors so you just want to be sure

and research in the area do a Facebook

pull Instagram Twitter just do a little

poll and see what kind of dogs our

people are interested in I mean you can

also look online

what kind of breeders are in the area

because chances are they've done the

same exact thing and they've bred dogs

that are popular in your local market

it's also important to research what

kind of dogs you have room for and I'll

dive into this one a little bit more on

another video I'll be sure to link it in

the description in a bid card above that

it's very important to try and figure

out what kind of dog you personally

would like to raise tip number two is

extremely important because you need to

figure out how much it will actually

cost you to run a breeding business

every business is an investment it's

very important to figure out how much

your investment is gonna cost you in the

long run to make sure that you are able

to survive up until your investment

starts making money a dog breeding

business is no different the last thing

you want to do is to jump into this

investment and then realize that you

actually don't have enough money to keep

it going up until it starts bringing you

revenue some things that are gonna cost

you money right up front that you're

gonna need to think about is the housing

of your dog's food to feed them shots

and medicine AKC registration toys beds

marketing and even stud fees to name a

few now I'll also post another video in

the description breaking down Ballpark

what those real numbers should be and

it's gonna fluctuate depending on what

market you're in it'll be a good guide

to go by tip number three is relatively

simple but it's extremely important a

dog training business is designed to

make you money but it's important to

figure out how much the puppies of the

breed that you selected in tip number

one are actually selling for in your

local market if your local market

puppies aren't selling enough it might

be a good idea to switch to another even

similar breed but just look at your

market see what people want and if

you're positive that you still want to

stick with your original breed just be

sure that you have the cash to be able

to sustain your business

up until your marketing reaches to

outside your local market area because

it can be done you just have to be sure

you're able to survive up until your

marketing reaches those areas this is

very important to research because it

not only tells you what kind of puppies

you should be selling but it also tells

you how much you can sell them for and

how intense your competition around you

is because intense competition makes

prices lower so just keep that in mind

the foot tip I wanna jump into is

actually interviewing veterinarians now

this might sound kind of overkill but

trust me you do not want to end up in a

situation with your dog sick or needing

medical attention immediately and not

have a veterinarian that you trust

already lined up can you imagine

turning to the first person you find and

because of your urgency you either don't

get the care you need or you get

overcharged so take it from me it's a

lot better to do a little bit of

research and interviewing some

veterinarians upfront before you get

into a situation where you actually need

them now there is a chance that you

could skate by and find a good

veterinarian just happen upon them but

more than likely you want to develop a

relationship with somebody and believe

it or not there's actually some

veterinarians that will actually give

dog breeders deals because they bring

all their letters to the veterinarian

and so they give you a litter discount

hey guys I appreciate you watching the

video so far if you feel like you're

getting value from this video be sure to

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without further ado let's jump into tip

number five tip number five is pretty

simple it's time to buy your dogs so

once you've spent some time researching

your local market understanding how much

it's gonna cost you're now ready to buy

your first dog you can do this one of

two ways

you're gonna buy a puppy or you can buy

a full adult female that's ready to


some very important to note though that

no matter which way you're going you

want to be sure that when you purchase

the dog that you're also purchasing the

breeding rights the reason for this is

that other breeders might not be willing

to sell to you and they have full rights

to refuse to sell the breeding rights

because if you think about it if they

sell you the reading rights that means

you're gonna be able to take their puppy

and create competition for them to sell

future business so just keep that in

mind you may have to pay a small premium

in order to get those breeding rights

but it's very important that you do

because otherwise if you end up with a

dog without reading rights you're gonna

get in a lot of trouble with the

American Kennel Club's it's important to

note that if you buy a female dog as a

puppy you're probably depending on the

breed looking at about a year and a half

to two years before you can start

breeding that dog just because her body

is still developing if you try to breed

a female dog before that more than

likely you're gonna hurt the dog very

badly this next tip is gonna be for only

USA residents you're gonna want to

register your kennel with the American

Kennel Club and your local state that

you live in this is to ensure that

whoever you eventually start marketing

to for your dog breeding business it's

to ensure that you have healthy

bloodlines in your kennel

I'll link a video in the description and

a video card as to how and why you

should follow this stuff my final tip is

probably the most important part of the

dog breeding business you should enjoy

playing with your dogs and puppies

before they leave your kennel now this

might sound kind of stupid like well duh

of course I'll play with it but it's a

business right what's very important

that you play with your dogs because you

don't want anti-human dogs to leave your

account it gives a bad reputation for

the count and it's just downright


if a dog isn't a human oriented before

you start your breeding business you

need to make sure that you enjoy playing

with dogs period and this isn't just a


because the more you play with your dogs

the more human acquainted they will

become you don't want some customers

showing up to your account reaching a


you're the mother of the litter that

you're trying to sell and she ends up

biting his hand off because she isn't

used to being petted plus if you're into

marketing your dog breeding company

you're gonna want to show videos of you

or somebody around you playing with the

puppies because that's good that is

what's going to drive business towards

you because everybody wants a puppy just

to play with they're all cute and

everything so just keep that in mind

marketing wise so these are seven quick

tips on how to kick-start your dog

breeding business if you have any other

questions about anything that I talked

about be sure to leave a question down

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thanks for watching guys we'll see you

in the next video