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good afternoon friends and welcome to

today's video today's video is going to

be a little bit different as you may be

able to tell already I'm sitting down I

guess I'm just going to talk to you guys

because this is a common question that I

am still getting asked and I just wanted

to give my thoughts and views around

this and obviously in 2018 a few things

have changed since I guess my last video

where I talked about how I became an

international airline pilot so if you

are new here welcome my name is Lee

priest I'm currently a second officer on

the Boeing 787 based in Melbourne


and the most likely next step for me

which I know a lot of you have been

asking me as well I was probably

happening next few months is becoming a

first officer on the Airbus 320 again

yeah I'll be best in Australia are most

likely again in Melbourne as well I'll

save that for another video when I stay

in Leawood closer and talk about that a

bit more but for anyone that is new here

just quickly I'll go into I guess my

story and how I became an international

airline pilot

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just one real quick interruption to this

video so if you guys are doing so far

but let's get back into it so for me I

didn't actually begin my aviation

studies straight up at the high school

like a lot of other pilots do this is

because during high school I was heavily

involved in music so when I was choosing

my final subjects for high school I

based them around consumer music studies

after I graduated so many of you might

be surprised to hear that Jim I finally

is at high school I actually didn't

study any science or physics subjects at

all obviously I did say English Maths

which were the minimum prerequisites to

get into the course which I got into

which I'll talk about in a second now

don't get me wrong I've always loved

aviation and love flying as I've been

around that my whole life but I guess

like a lot of people I didn't like

studying either so I knew that becoming

a pilot there was going to be a lot of

study involved so at the time I

therefore thought I wouldn't actually be

able to become a pilot because I won't

be able to part with the exams to get

through everything even though I love

flying and love the thought of one day

becoming an airline pilot after

graduating from high school I went on to

study your audio engineering and whilst

I did enjoy it I began to quickly

realize that I couldn't see myself doing

it for the rest of my life which is what

I decided to reevaluate what I could see

myself doing the rest of my life and

what do you know I kept going back to

becoming a line pilot so after looking

around all of my options I decided to

apply for a cadetship programme which in

this day and age is the quickest way to

becoming an airline pilot summarize this

process involves submitting a one-page

essay and why you thought of

a good or bad idea as compared to the

typical route for becoming an airline

pilot which the typical route is getting

your PPO and see if you license and then

either going on to instructing or going

to general aviation and building your

hours and then applying for an airline

that way Oh at this cadetship if you're

successful from the first stage you were

then invited the day one of assessment

which basically was assessing if you

were right for a job in the airline's

it's involved maths physics aviation

knowledge cognitive skills coordination

control technical aptitude and finally a

personality questionnaire you then found

out later in that day if you were

successful and you revised the day to of

assessment day to involve group

exercises which tested your skills and

problem-solving verbal reasoning

communication and teamwork and group

discussion the group exercises were then

followed by a 20-minute individual

behavioral based interviews with four to

five Assessors which I believe is

designed to determine your motivation

and suitability for a career in the

commercial aviation industry we then

found out a few weeks later if you were

successful from day two and you're

invited to an individual interview with

the airline itself which is with a HR

manager from the airline and a pilot

from the airline itself this interview

evolved scenario type questions which

was used to determine your motivation

and cultural fit which in the airline

you're actually applying for itself a

few weeks after this they received an

email saying whether you were successful

not and being accepted into the

cadetship programme which you had

applied for for me I still remember this

day very very clearly I remember when I

found out I actually couldn't believe it

it was a very very surreal feeling for

everything I had heard about the

training I now knew the hard work was

about to start if you are watching this

video and you yourself do you want to

become an airline pilot in this day and

age the quickest way is to get into a

cadetship programme

although it's not the only way so if

you're not interested in Turkish your

program itself that's totally okay as

well but if you are interested in

applying for a cadetship

similar to the one that I undertook I

suggested you your own research but

within Australia the last time I looked

I know there was three so there is one

with jet star and virgin and cornice now

has announced the Qantas pilot group

Academy so again I suggest to do your

own research if you are interested in

applying for those overseas cadetships

again I encourage you to do your own

research as far as I'm aware there's

Emirates Cathay Pacific and China

Southern for example all have cadetships

- so once I completed my cadetship which

was in 2014

the other industry had really slowed

down in hiring new pilots and although I

had completed the training with my

airline under the provider that we would

have it job at the end of it yeah

to be hiring and have slots for new

pilots I ended up having to wait almost

12 months before I finally received a

phone call a premium position with the

airline and they offered me a position

on the Boeing 787 so I started late in

2015 with my current airline which being

a long-haul aircraft and flying

internationally I would started as a

second officer which if you do see me in

uniform at all which is why I have two

stripes where the first officers have

three stripes and captains have four

stripes and yes this is common in major

airlines now if you are interested in

becoming an airline pilot or pilot in

general I buy no it means I'm saying

it's easy but if I did it honestly I

believe that you can do it too and to

let you all know me personally I

definitely did not breeze through any of

the training I definitely had my ups and

downs but because I never gave up and I

was determined to reach my dream I

succeeded so to answer another common

question how do you afford train because

I'm sure yes if you have started looking

becoming a pilot

you will know already that it is not a

cheap industry to get into and training

is not cheap but I can't speak overseas

but within Australia we have access to

once called hex which is basically where

the government loans you money for your

university studies and then once you

start working full-time you gradually

pay that money back to the government

also against me personally whilst on was

studying audio engineering I was working

as well so I had access to savings that

I could use to put towards my flying

training also I get a lot of questions

about what the future of being airline

pilot may look like and obviously I

can't predict the future but Boeing's

latest estimates are that seven hundred

and ninety thousand pilots will be

needed in the next twenty years with

around 1/3 of them needed in the

asia-pacific region so now more than

ever I think is the you time to get into

becoming an airline pilot if that is

your dream so my personal advice for

anyone that is interested in becoming an

airline pilot the first step I will do

is go to your local flying school and

ask them to do a tip which is a trial

introductory flight which should give

you a better feel of what is actually

involved in becoming a pilot and should

give you an idea whether the next years

of your life you actually want to commit

to spending that time and money when

training to become I also get asked a

lot whether you need to have 20/20

vision to actually become an airline

pilot and the simple answer to that is

no I know a lot of parts that do my

glasses and contacts and things like

that but in saying that you do need to

be able to hold a class 1 medical

certificate to become an airline pilot

so I would recommend going to your local

aviation doctor and seeing whether you

can actually obtain one but that's

basically it in a nutshell a quick video

of how I became an airline pilot and how

I believe in 2018

the quickest and best way is to become

an Olympian again obviously there are

multiple options into becoming an

airline pilot you don't necessarily have

to get into a kerchief to do one so

you're not interested that again

obviously there are many many options

but you do have any more questions

comment them down below I will try to

answer them maybe in a later video or I

won't coming back to you and trying to

get to them as well but thank you guys

all for watching I really appreciate it

and thank you guys all for the support

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watching this video just a quick

sit-down video but we'll be back to the

vlogs the next video so I will see you

guys all next video