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what is going on welcome back alex here


another video about aviation and today

we're going to talk about how you can

become an aircraft mechanic if you're


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and without any further ado let's get

right into it so

there's some basic requirements you need

and that is you need to be 18 and you

need to

understand read and speak the english

language and there's

really three ways you can become an

aircraft mechanic so let's go and talk

about the

first way that you can become an

aircraft mechanic is by attending a

part 147 amt school what that means

is that the school has comply with all

the requirements stated in the code of

federal regulation

title 14 and part 147 these schools

offer the ability to get an airframe and

power plan rating

or both most amt schools are going to

require you to have

at least a high school diploma or ged

schooling will last anywhere from 12

months to 24 months depending on what

ratings they're going to be offering

actually this is the way i got my amp

and i think from

all the different options is the best

and the fastest way to get where you

want to be at

i believe there's about 170 schools

nationwide so i'm actually going to

provide a link below where you can

actually find a school nearby

so from all these 170 schools i'll

definitely focus on the ones that have

the ability to providing the airframe

and the

power plant rating and sometimes these

schools also have like

uh avionics scores that you can also

take which is

really valuable in the marketplace i

will also look for the ability of being

able to test

for your orals and practicals at the end

of each block

some schools have an assumption from the


that allows them to do that if not you

will have to take the whole

entire course and then at the end of

everything you will have to go back in

the books

and study what you studied like a couple

months back

so at the end of the day is better if

you can test as you go

now usually to be able to participate in

these assumptions you have to be

an extraordinary student and always be

there and always be on time

they don't offer this to anyone but at

least if they have the ability

you want to definitely go with that

school because i'm telling you once you

go through the whole entire course it is

super hard to go and study the whole

shebang again

because obviously you're not going to

remem remember everything you're not

going to remember what you did

a year back for the schools that don't

offer this assumption well

there's no other way you're going to

have to go through the whole entire


at the end of everything they're going

to give you a certificate of completion

for your airframe and power plan and

with the certificate of completion

you're going to be able to go and take

all your knowledge test for the general


and power plant once you have passed

those tests you're going to have

24 calendar months to call your aircraft

mechanic examiner

and set up your practicals once you have

passed all your knowledge tests and you

have scheduled your orals and practicals

i always recommend that you do one

rating at a time so

either way you always gonna have to do

general and airframe or

power plant so that's what i recommend


general and power plant and once you

have past that keep studying for your

airframe and then go

take your airframe orals and practicals

if you feel confident of doing all three

at once go right ahead

now if you don't want to go to a part

147 school well you have another option

and that is becoming an apprentice at a

repair station

or an fbo if you don't know anyone in


it is going to be a little bit hard to

get a job

in a shop because most of them want to

want to see some sort of experience but

i mean if you do have some background in

you know working on things maybe

cars or whatever the case may be you

might be able to land a job

obviously it's going to be a lot easier

if you know someone in the industry that

can hook you up but

i'm 100 sure that they're gonna put you

doing some basic things like cleaning


floor cleaning and tidying up the hanger

and potentially washing the airplanes

after you earn your chops and the staff

likes you they might start

letting you work on the airplanes when

this happens

make sure that you have an amt logbook i

will actually put a link below

so you can buy one in this logbook

you're going to put

every single thing you do i don't care

if it's my new you're going to log every

single thing you do

in that shop and have the supervising


that double check your work sign on it

you're going to have to do this

for 18 months for each rating or 30


in total if you're seeking both ratings

which is the airframe and the power


the faa considers one month if you


160 hours total throughout that month

so this is going to be a full-time job

for you so

you got to make sure that the employer

is giving you

at least 40 hours a week apart from

logging every single thing you're doing

also make sure

that you save all your pay stubs or any

type of

paperwork they give you so that way when

you meet up with an

faa inspector at your local fsdo you're

going to be

able to show proof of all the work that

you've done now if you're new

fiz though stands for flight standards

dick streaks office

a question that comes into mind is the

actually the regulations are kind of


the only thing they tell you is that you

need 18 months

for each rating or 30 months in total

but the question is

what do you do in that time right and i

haven't really gotten

a clear answer on what they actually

want you to do

so again this is my own recommendation

i would at least make sure that

while your time employed with this shop

that you do each and every single

item in the pts for the general

airframe and power plant i'm also going

to put

all the links to the pts on the


the reason why i recommend this is


anyways you're going to be tested on so

once you go and take your orals and


anything in that pts they can ask you or

they can ask you to do

so you might as well just do it while

you're working

another thing that i would recommend is

you can go

into the curriculum of a current part

147 school

and perform all the different tasks that

they have in this curriculum

you can never go wrong with that once

you have done the 30 months

then you can go ahead and call the faa

you can call your local

flight districts instead uh flight

standards districts

office or fist though and set up an

appointment with an

fa inspector this person is going to go


your logbook he's going to go over all

your pay stubs make sure that you have

enough proof to show that you've done

these 30 months or 18 months if you're

looking for one rating and then you're

going to be able to take

your knowledge test once you complete

the knowledge just

just like when you go to a part 147

you're going to be

able to schedule your orals and


now if you love this country and you

want to serve it

well the third option is join the

military before you join

and you select an occupational specialty

or mos military

occupational specialty call the local


and request a list of the mos

that the fa is currently giving credit

for because

doesn't mean that you can go in the

military and choose an

occupation do that and you're going to

get credit i mean that that's in regards

to working on on different aircraft

make sure that whatever occupation you

choose is in this list

because if not they're not going to give

you credit for it

also the training period they're not

going to give you credit for that

either it's only once you have gone

through the whole training

and you start working on different

airplanes or different

helicopters that's when they're going to

start counting the time and they're

going to give you credit for that

and not for your training once you get

out of the military

you can go to the local fizdo set up an


and show them all your documentation i

believe you're going to need

a letter of employment in the military


other different documentation and with

that they're going to allow you to take

your knowledge test

and your orals and practicals this is it

for today

i hope you liked it if you found this


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