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do you know in which job profile you

have to get your hands and clothes

sturdy in aviation no then yes it is AME

aircraft maintenance engineer so I am

going to talk about aircraft maintenance

engineer in this video so please keep

watching the video so welcome back to

Indian aviation jobs YouTube channel my

name is Nathan Singh let's begin


if you are wondering what Amer aircraft

maintenance engineer does so they work

on the aircraft they repair the

aircraft's they take care of the

maintenance of the aircraft at the

airport and also in the hangar so I am

going to talk about the eligibility

criteria or requirements of the aim

first thing first if you have completed

your 10+2 with PCM which is physics

maths and chemistry then only you are

eligible to opt for or enroll for AMI

course the course duration is three

years which includes two and a half-year

of theory which will be in the college

and six months of OGT which can be

anywhere at any airport or in any

Airlines it has got six semesters five

of them theory and one is OGT which is

also called as practical ami has two

streams or two types of courses first is

mechanical which is also called as

called as B 1.1 and the other one is

avionics which is called between

avionics you have to study about

electrical instruments and navigation

equipments in eme there are total 13

modules and if you are pursuing avionics

then you have to study one more which is

RTR the name of all those modules will

be given in the description box below so

you can check out the link and read out

because there are so many modules to

read out in this video so let's talk

about the admission process

suppose you have completed ten plus two

with the PCM and then you want to enroll

for eme course first you have to look

for a college and we will discuss about

the college in the last in the last part

of this video so you have to look for a

college and you found a college so

before taking admission you have to do a

pre medical test so you have to do the

pre medical test in which test you have

to be you fit physically fit and also

your vision should be six by six without

or with spectacles it doesn't matter

whether you have spectacles or you do

not have expect occult but you have to

have the vision which is six by six once

you will enroll for the

course the college will put an

application to DGCA for your computer

number with which you can give your

modular exams so all the modular exams

are being taken by DGCA and once you

clear all those modules then you are

eligible to become AME

suppose if you haven't cleared all the

modules but you have cleared some of

them then you are eligible to work as an

aircraft technician but not as an Amy so

we if you do not complete if you do not

pass all those 13 modules you are not

eligible to become eme but you will be

working as a junior or whichever

position airline will give you but as a

technician aircraft technician and if we

talk about the salary of AME position

Amy position you may get 1 lakh 85,000

80 thousand but initially you will only

get around 20,000 to 25,000 in all the

airlines like Airlines are not paying

much to technician because you do not

become technician in the initial stage

so to become an AME you have to complete

first all your modules and then gain

some experience then you will be given

the AME position and as well as the

salary which is very attractive eighty

thousand plus now let's talk about the

colleges which are the colleges which

are providing AME courses so in Mumbai

particularly there are so many but I

will name some of them for you for your

reference one is Tower College which is

in candy value Mumbai and what other one

is Bombay flying club also known as the

FC Bombay flying club which is in villa

parle Santa Cruz so you can enroll if

you are in Mumbai but if you are in any

other state I will give you a link to

find college of the India so you can go

and take admission if we talk about the

fees of this course so 75,000 model of

per chapter as our pay per Sal K per

annum op k latina or dis keiki up Katy

no Sal Camilla kala Bagh Hilux 18 lakh

rupee takazato so hey mr if ISA so guys

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