How To Get Into Airborne School (2020)

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what is up guys Van Alen back again with

another video and I have a familiar face

here Diamond Dave diamond Dave Wright

also known as David Guetta he was a

former 11 Bravo in the United States

Army he was also with the 82nd airborne

so you know he has some jumps under his

belt and that's exactly what we're gonna

be talking about today guys a lot of

people ask us like oh how do I get

airborne like you know how do I get in a

basic do I get in my unit like it was in

a contract like this send the other

right so if you're here you're probably

wondering how do you go about getting

Airborne School in the United States

Army and that's exactly what we're going

to talk about so without further ado

let's get to it sweet


alright guys so like I said I brought

David on here right because he knows you

know pretty much everything there is to

know about airborne you know because he

went to Airborne School you know he has

29 jumps you know he was stationed at

Fort Bragg North Carolina with the 82nd

airborne so today we're gonna be

covering you know how to go about

getting airborne school you know whether

it be in your contract basic training oh

sit or at your first duty station so

David can you tell us a little about

like what are the ways that you know

incoming soldiers can go about getting

an Airborne School alright so first off

see when I was going in I had

specifically asked for it the first time

I went into the recruiter station they

didn't have it at all and I waited about

two weeks till you know they gave me a

call back saying okay hey we just had a

slot open up for airborne and would you

like to come in and you know actually do

the process of signing the contract so

yeah that's when I actually you know

enlisted what option is that it's first

of all its option for option four and

there's two different options right

there's option for an option forty yeah

so what are the differences between

those two option four is just airborne

okay so that just goes along with your

contract yeah all right option 40 is

after airborne school it is airborne but

after that you would go to a rasp mmm

either I don't know if I'm not too sure

if later like when I was doing I

remember you would go to airborne fools

every one school first and then rasp I

don't know if they change that to go to

rats first mm-hm

and then every one school yeah for that

I do believe you need like a 105 GT

score all right and if you guys want a

specific video talking about rasp and

what exactly that is just comment down

RAF in the comment section below it's

our ASP rasp right but okay so yeah

you're saying you got it in your

contract right like the recruiters

called you and they put it up there you

sign for it

so like is there any like special like

availability so like say you have a

combat job like are you more prone to

being able to get Airborne School in

your contract or is it just go off of

like availability as to what they have

kind of like with MOS is pretty much if

you are doing it any type of combat role

in the army I would say it's not nothing


but I would say that yeah you are more

prone to have airborne available for

your contract I know you know every

every type of division 82nd or 173rd you

know they have their support roles

they're always going to need airborne

whether that be combat arms or any type

of support role but usually most of the

time it will get down to any type of

combat roles just because the airborne

units such as like 82nd or 173rd as I

said before they're broken down into

brigade combat teams

so obviously combat team meaning any

type of combat I Melissa okay but again

you still have support roles you know in

brigade combat teams it's just not all

combat mo SS so I think what David

trying to say is like yes if you do go

in as a combat MOS you're more than

likely going to have a better chance of

getting in your contract but at the same

time don't hold your breath because it

goes off of availability

what more often than not because you

know if they have airborne the contracts

available they option for contracts

available you know then they can add

that on whether you're a cook or you're

a medic or your infantry or you know

things like that so again depends on

availability and you know combat MOS is

and things of that nature right it could

be different but from our personal

experience that's what we know that it

goes off of and so work that's done with

the contracts right we've talked about

contracts and how to go about trying to

get that in your contract right and also

just a caveat off of that guys do not

settle right if you really want Airborne

School but it's not available at the

time that you go in wait a little bit


wait just like David did he waited and

two weeks later they called him and they

gave him airborne to availability opens

up or fluctuates crazy but yeah just to

talk about the contracts right there

guys so now that we talked about that

so I hear like people can get it in

basic training and assent right so how

do they go about doing that I know they

really don't have like a letting a set

type of thing but I like I know in my a

IT and basic you know they gave it to

the people that like perform the best

and like we're like in the top 10

percent of like the class so like how

did that work for you guys being so

treat like like you said it's pretty

much if you're

performing better than your peers or you

know your Petey stud honestly to me

doing good and Petey's not everything

but it does look really good but yeah

usually like maybe halfway towards the

end of basic training or your OSA though

though you know sit you guys down ask

who wants to be airborne or they'll even

come up to you personally I remember

having one of my buddies he was set to

be stationed at Fort Hood and they you

know brought him into the office they

asked they talked to him we're like do

what he asked you and he just came out

like yeah they offered me airborne on my

contract maybe this was about like three

weeks before our oset was gonna be

finished so it can it can happen guys

just if you're doing you know good and

basic or OSA then it'll happen okay

sweet so there you go guys that's how

you would get it like in basic and I

would just perform better than your

peers you know volunteer you know be

good at PT things like that and you know

who knows when you'll get off an

Airborne School right for being you know

better than other people and so now

that's basic and oh sit so now once you

get to you this is the last topic guys

so once you get to your duty station

write your actual duty station say like

you Anna for bliss or you know Fort

Carson or you know like Fort Wainwright

in Alaska right like how would they go

about getting airborne school if they

didn't get in their contract they

weren't offered in a basic and oh sit so

how would that work in your experience

in my experience there are too many

dudes in the middle of their contract

that would just you know get it but you

have a very high chance of getting it

when you're realistic as an e4 if you

hit e5 you're reenlistment options are a

little bit narrow down but when you're

realistic as an e4 you can pretty much

go anywhere and as far as schools go

every one school will be there it'll

it'll be there when you're really

realistic because that's how they get


yeah if you're getting everything you

getting out and you really wanted an

airborne yeah there will probably more

than likely throw airborne school at you

to keep you in the military to try and

get you to stay but if you're doing if

you're doing that way make sure you see

on paper

yes sometimes they'll be like yeah we'll

get you what's going you reenlist and

it's you don't get it so just make sure

you need oppa if you don't want to get

snaked I'm sure it's on paper because if

it's not on paper and then you're

screwed but also guys didn't like from

my own personal experience like we had

the school's NCO like they would have a

certain number of slots available for

like Airborne School aerosol things like

that and they pretty much like have

certain slots you know or they divided

the slots up between the platoons so

like the medic the teen for example we

had like three or four slots you know

for Air Assault so they were like wants

to go to aerosol and you know they sent

them to Air Assault schools so sometimes

it could work out like that guys but it

just depending on your unit and what's

available but that pretty much covers

most of the ways you can go about

getting airborne school in the United

States Army right whether that be in

your contract you get it for performing

above your peers and basic and hosts it

or if they have slots available at your

first duty station or your coming up on

reenlistment and they offer it to you

right guys but I just want to thank

David Wright former 11 Bravo for coming

on the channel airborne 11 Bravo with

that guys for coming on to the channel

and talking about that a little bit

we're gonna be posting another video

shortly after this one titled what is

Airborne School like in the United

States Army and that's pretty much gonna

be going over you know the actual

breakdown like once you first get their

house in processing what's every one

school actually like it's like three

weeks of training what really goes down

in those three weeks of training and but

yeah if you guys are excited for that

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