How to Become an Airbnb SUPERHOST!!

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hello hello youtube this is richard

founder short-term rental

and Airbnb super host you hear me talk

about being a super host all the time

you've probably seen it you've certainly

seen in some of our other videos and in

a nutshell this is something you want to

aspire to when you have a short term

rental business the reason is because it

puts more money in your pocket sooner

faster and builds credibility but the

biggest question that people have is how

do I do it and so let's go ahead and get

started right now the first criteria

that Airbnb assess is you need to have

posted ten guests over the course of a

calendar year now they review this every

quarter and so it's really not that

challenging if you're committed to

building a short-term rental business

but you need to realize that you need to

have ten within one year and it's

assessed every quarter and there are

ways to increase the frequency

I recommend lowering your price when you

first get started so you get two three

five seven ten visits really quick and

that will help you get started on your

way to being a super ho the second thing

Airbnb looks for is a response rate if

you think about it when somebody's

inquiring about your property they want

to know whether it's available or

whether it has parking or whatever it is

and there's nothing more frustrating to

the guests than not hearing back because

then they have to start another search

and/or look for a hotel or do whatever

and Airbnb recognizes that remember it's

all about hospitality and it's all about

the guest experience so in order to

solve that make sure you have your

notifications turned on so you get a

text or notice on the app when you have

an inquiry and best practice reply

immediately even if you don't have an


reply let me check in to that I'll get

right back to you that counts as a

response in the next place here that

Airbnb considers is the number of

five-star reviews and they have a very

high threshold you have to have 80% of

the reviews as five star reviews so

using that example before if you need

ten in the first year eight of those 10

or more need to be five-star reviews

this is the hardest one to actually

satisfy but the good news is it's

entirely in your control

and what I mean by that is you control

the listing act

see you control the communication you

control the cleanliness you control the

hospitality all of the things that

they're reviewing you on are things that

you can control so that's really

empowering and you should use it to your

advantage the final thing that I want to

mention as a super tip and what I

encourage all of my clients to do is to

literally ask for a five-star review

don't use a general term that says like

well I hope you enjoyed your stay kindly

review us those generalities are going

to lead to four-star reviews because

most people think of four-star reviews

really really high-quality and so what I

encourage all of my clients to do and it

works really well for me personally and

them is to literally include your

expectation when you ask them and what I

mean by that is say something like I

hope you enjoyed your stay it was a real

pleasure hosting you and I would really

appreciate it if you left a five star

review and include five star in your

commentary that sets your expectation

that lets them know what you would

appreciate they had a really good time

they want to reciprocate and guess what

happens you get five star reviews now

nobody's going to give you a five star

review if you don't deserve it so you

have to put in the work but if you put

in the work and it had a great stay and

you ask them for it you're going to get

it the last thing Airbnb considers is

cancellations and as you can understand

they really don't want any cancellation

it's all about the guest experience and

just like when you booked a hotel the

hotel never calls you in says ah you

know what we changed our mind we're not

going to give you that hotel room sorry

Airbnb super host has to have that same

mentality you're in this fur of business

you're doing this because you enjoy

hosting cancelling is a no-no so don't

even consider it wipe the word out of

your mind

a little asterisks here if you have

instant booking on there is an exception

but let's put that aside because I

really want you to be committed to the

reservations that you've confirmed and

don't even contemplate canceling so if

you want to be a super host take it

seriously put it in stone erase the word

confirmation cancellation from your

entire mindset and just be committed to

what it is that you agreed to a super

tip here is make sure that you stay on

top of your calendar I personally think

mine too Google calendars and

so when I look at my business calendar

my personal calendar and all of that it

also shows me right in front of my face

what my different properties are booked

or open or not and it helps me just keep

it front and center I recommend you do


so in conclusion Airbnb super ho status

is really really beneficial to anybody

who really wants to take this thing

seriously if you want to make more money

Airbnb super hos badge is critical

there's a few reasons one it's going to

put you at the top of their search

listings there's no doubt about it

Airbnb wants the most reliable and best

experience and the people that they've

designated as super hosts they feel most

comfortable putting up on page one not

always but more often than not you're

going to get many more eyeballs if

you're a super host so that's one two as

a super host you have the ability to

charge a higher price point I'm not

suggesting that you go Jenny buddy or

you take advantage of the situation but

just like I would rather pay a little

bit more for a four star hotel

versus a three star hotel when you're a

super host there are people on this

planet I'm one of them you might be one

of them to that we'll look at that badge

and say you know what that gives me some

safety some peace of mind some security

the place is going to be clean it's

going to be you know the check is going

to be great the communication is going

to be great I want that when I travel so

to do others so I recommend it from that

perspective as well and then the third

thing is you can start to monetize it by

being in and around the space and using

the knowledge that you have on other

platforms but whether it be VRBO or

booking comm or flip key the same best

practices that apply on Airbnb work in

all short term rentals so use their

technology to go through the system

become a super host and then use the

same sort of approach in methodology on

all the other platforms so I hope you

found this video interesting if you did

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