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in this video I'm gonna be covering how

to host and make money from Airbnb

experiences by monetizing your passion

your hobby or the simple activity that

you do daily I also want to give you

tips on how to make it the best

experience ever with a 5 star review so

that your Airbnb experience would always

be fully booked so if you're a

photographer and artist a chef a yoga

instructor or just a local who loves

their city and you want to share your

experience with tourists coming to your

area and make money doing so then this

video is for you I'm talking about

potentially starting your own business

with zero upfront costs doing something

you absolutely love so I just booked my

first Airbnb experience in Paris and I

was blown away so the experience was a

combination of a private photoshoot and

having your own touristic guide walk

around the city with you our host was

not only an amazing photographer because

I loved every single photo he took of us

but he was very informative and he took

us to the hidden gems in Paris the only

locals know about so without further ado

let me share my screen and show you how

to host your first experience on Airbnb

alright so what you're gonna go ahead

and do is click on the link that I left

you under the YouTube video so find the

link click on it and this page is gonna

open up for you and here you're gonna

find more about what our Airbnb

experiences so basically how you can

share your passion with the world

meeting interesting people and how you

host on your own terms so basically you

have your own calendar and this way you

can open up certain days during the week

let's say you have a full-time job and

you want to do this as a side hustle so

what you're gonna do is you're gonna

just open up certain dates on your

calendar whenever you're available so

that people can book with you the

experience and over here they're talking

about starting a business with no

upfront cost like I mentioned before

this is amazing you're technically like

Airbnb is doing all the marketing for

you and all you have to do is put

yourself out there put your passion to

put whatever you love out there to the

world and share

experiences with the world you know

share experiences with other people

other tourists coming to your area so

technically there's no upfront cost that

you need to pay all right so let's move

ahead so basically here you have so many

different people sharing so many

different passions and you can read more

about them to get inspired or maybe to

yeah to get an idea of what you can

offer and you're in your city in your

local area and the best thing about it

as I mentioned is you're monetizing your

passion so whatever your love you're

making money from it you can do it

full-time if you wish but you can also

do it as a side hustle so let's get

started so we're gonna click on let's go

so basically what you're gonna go ahead

and do is you're gonna fill out the

information about your Airbnb experience

and it's gonna be reviewed by Airbnb so

once it's approved you're up it's

running and you can start getting

bookings so you're gonna click on next

so here you're gonna learn the overall

process what is the expectations of

Airbnb how to create an amazing

experience by adding wonderful photos

description telling all the details

about your experience and what you have

to offer and that's going to be reviewed

by Airbnb and then you're just simply

gonna submit it and once it's approved

you can have your Airbnb page ready up

running and people can start booking the

experience with you so I wanna go now

through a couple of examples of what

kind of experiences people are actually

hosting all over the world so that I can

inspire you and get you thinking about

what kind of experience you can host so

we're gonna start off where this

must-have la picture in Los Angeles so

it says you're like it's a three and a

half hour total transportation is

included it's offered in English and

more than two thousand three hundred

fifty people have booked it and as you

see here more than a thousand people

have left them almost a five-star review

which is amazing so here you're gonna be

able to learn more about your host and

what you'll do during this experience so

this is the place to put all the

information about what your experience

includes so there's gonna be no

surprises to anyone booking your

experience and here you can list out

what else you need to know about this

experience what you'll be providing

during this experience so here

including free transportation and here

the listing out what to bring during

this experience another thing that is

super important is to include beautiful

images of your experience or a mini

video if you can this will give the

people visiting your page an idea of how

it feels to be on your experience what

to expect you know so try to add images

with people in action during your

experience maybe for the first time you

want to test it out with your friends

and let them know that you're gonna be

taking photos so that you can add it on

your Airbnb experience page so this way

again you have something concrete that

you can work with so it will be easier

for you to convey people to go ahead and

book your experience and here you're

gonna find all the guest reviews and

what they had to say about this

experience so as you see here this is

the upcoming availability and if we do

the simple math at 68 let's assume that

they were charging 68 dollars from the

beginning like from when they first

started and two thousand three hundred

and fifty people have booked this

experience we're talking that this

experience have brought in more than a

hundred and fifty thousand dollars which

makes it amazing

now one thing to keep in mind that

Airbnb does have a fee so that is twenty

percent twenty percent off of whatever

they're charging so you want to keep

that in mind when you are listing your

price and I suggest also at the

beginning you put a low price so that

you can get couple of bookings and then

you can increase your price as you build

more reviews so this way people will be

more excited when they see couple of

reviews on your page they'll be more

excited to book with you so that's about

it for this experience let's move ahead

here's another experience which I found

very interesting it's a boat ride in

Amsterdam so it's a two-hour total and

more than five thousand four hundred

fifty people have booked it

here's another experience hosted in

Florence and it's all about organic

wines here's another one which is hosted

in Greater London and it is a jazz club

it's basically an intimate concert

here's another one which is a museum

visit but this guy is a comedian and he

made it a lot of fun to go and visit a

museum in Paris

here's another experience that I found

super interesting it is hosted in Tokyo

which is

a cooking class so it says here it's

from market to MU so she actually takes

you to the market and she shows you what

kind of ingredients you need to buy in

order to create that meal and then she

takes you to the studio where she

teaches you how to cook that meal so I

hope I was able to inspire you to go

ahead and host your first experience on

Airbnb but remember that to be

successful on Airbnb experiences you

need to focus on getting amazing reviews

so make sure you're giving the people

booking with you an overall amazing

experience I mentioned a couple of ways

that you can actually do so previously

but one more thing that you can actually

do is offer a surprise element to the

experience itself so maybe offer them a

free coffee on the way or something

small that they didn't expect and wasn't

mentioned on your page I'm sure many

would appreciate it which will give you

a better chance of getting a five-star


and don't forget to ask them to leave

you a review once your experience is

over and if they didn't do that in a

week or so just make sure you follow up

with them thank you so much for watching

this video please let me know in the

comments below if you are excited to

host your first experience on Airbnb

and if you end up doing that please come

back to this video and leave me a

comment below as I would love to learn

more about the experience you hosted