Airbnb Cohosting Walkthrough | How To Be OR Train a Co Host for your Short Term Rental Business

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welcome back our BB family so you are

interested in automating your Airbnb

portfolio using co-hosts or you are

ambitious to become a co-host and that

is why you are here on this video this

video is going to cover a lot of

information it's going to teach you what

you should expect if your co-host look

what you can charge what services you

should be providing and then for you

hosts out there we're gonna cover the

different co-hosting statuses there's

different permissions levels that you

should be aware of and how to properly

utilize a co-host and we're even going

to talk a little bit about how to train

new co-hosts to ensure quality control

and preserve your five-star rating as

you begin to automate these properties

because of course you'll have less

control when somebody is co-hosting for


so let's first talk about the

permissions levels for co-hosts this is

the one thing that I think needs to be


there is a admin level for every profile

that is created on air bv every listing

has a dedicated admin one myth here is

you cannot transfer admin ship to anyone

basically that means if you set up a

listing and it has 20 or 40 reviews you

can't sell that listing and move it and

have somebody else adopt that listing

with the reviews that's not possible the

only way to do it would be to sell the

whole Airbnb account and I'm not sure if

Airbnb actually really wants you doing

that either since they don't want you

selling off individual listings and

giving somebody else reviews they want

to prevent that so you can't farm

reviews or stuff like that so when you

are an admin that means you have final

authority on the account you can add and

remove the co-hosts and you can do

pretty much whatever you want with the

listing so there are two other

permissions levels are both co-host

permissions levels when you invite

somebody to co-host on your account they

become a secondary host that means that

they can read everything they can do all

of these they can do all these little

things like you know like check people

in and out and everything else but

there's some things that they cannot do

which is they cannot send a request

money right so they can't actually go in

and ask you know guests to make an extra

payment or they can't you know go and

make a payout these are things that a

secondary host cannot do and they are

not listed like when somebody's

searching for the profile are there

searching for listings they will see you

still like your face will pop up your

profile will pop up your phone number

will be the default phone number still

stuff like that you can upgrade them

from secondary to primary and you can do

this in the co-hosting section of every

listing so each listing if you go to

edit it you'll see the you know the

about listing booking settings calendar

and all the way to the right you'll see


click on that scroll down where your

co-host has been invited and you can set

make them primary this means that when

somebody finds the listing they'll

actually see the co-hosts profile all

the information to contact the co-hosts

will be given instead of your profile

the co-host can now

make all the reservation changes give

guests refunds request money do all the

resolutions for their profile everything

except modify that payout information

right so what's important to be said

about the payout information is when you

set up a co-host when you first give

them an invite you're going to decide if

and how much that co-host gets paid

so for you co-hosts out there this is

for you not for hosts but for you

co-hosts how much should you get paid a

lot of management companies that handle

absolutely everything for the property

charge as much as 25% and that includes

handling all the cleaning and everything

else now I charge 10% plus cleaning fees

to do all of the same stuff but I do

that because I'm just trying to balance

out my portfolio and give my cleaners

extra work and now give my new property

manager extra work so really for me it's

just a way to incur a little extra

revenue so I can afford the people that

I've hired if you are to look at booking

platforms they'll actually charge 10%

just to automate your profile they don't

even handle your cleaning or anything

they just manage your calendar and your

pricing and talk to your guests for you

and everything that can be done remotely

so 10% is still kind of like a really

low amount so if you're a dedicated

co-host charge at bare minimum ten

percent plus cleaning fees and that's

where I would start off once you're a

seasoned co-host and you're good at it

you can start to justify to charge more

you can also do bulk pricing like if

somebody gives you multiple listings

then of course you can rewrite it I'm

considering doing I've got one guy who

wants to give me like 18 properties and

we might do it for 7% instead of 10 for


so for you hosts out there here's a tip

if you want to in-house your co-hosts

which is what I'm doing I've hired a

property manager she is now the co-host

for all the accounts and we've done this

over the course of two weeks what I did

is I created my own co-host account so

Airbnb automated has a Airbnb profile

now and so what I've done is I invited

my Airbnb automated profile to be the

co-host on all the accounts and then

I've been paying that profile zero

dollars right so my property manager

logs in to the Airbnb profile and she

does all her work through it but she

doesn't have access to any of the money

and this is what you want to do as a

business is you want to protect yourself

from liabilities and oversight so the

first thing first is sandbox out the

finances from me from a second account

and then invite that account to handle

the co-hosting

so it will be the secondary host on all

of your listings and this is totally

normal and then from there you can start

to ramp up the presence of that Airbnb

caused account so what I did is I gave

this new property manager primary status

on five apartments that we're all in the

same building and this is one that she

lives next to so this allows her to be

able to show up there real easy and

handle any she's real last minute if she

made a mistake right so if she forgot to

tell a guest something or forgot to

community to communicate with the

cleaners and maybe a key got lost or

something cuz she's new you have to let

her make these mistakes you have to let

her grow as a host so what I did is I

just made it really easy for her to fix

her own problems by making her primary

only in the building that she lives next

to and thus now she can in a safe

environment slowly gain her confidence

and learn from real-world experiences

not just from what I tell her and so far

that's done really well and actually

today was the day that I activated her

as a primary for all of the 21 accounts

that we have on Airbnb so what I've done

is now she or the air be the automated

profile will be the face of all the

listings and her business phone number

cuz we activated a phone dedicated for

this as well so she has a phone from the

company that phone number is the phone

number that guests are going to call and

text and everything else so if she ever

leaves the Airbnb profile and the phone

and the phone line are still all owned

by us right Airbnb automated so we can

change out that position without losing

any workflow without like having a gap

in in customer service or anything like


so by by having a dedicated phone line a

separate phone Airbnb profile that you

control that has no access to money all

these things are the initial things that

you set up when creating your first

Airbnb co-host profile so other things

to consider when adding this co-host to

your account is they will need to

understand these property

and what makes each listing unique so we

have about eight different buildings

total for all of our accounts and each

building has its own nuances like the

check-in instructions are similar for

each building for the units inside those

singular buildings but then of course

the apartment numbers change pass codes

might change a little bit stuff like

that but so every separate building in

every separate city it has a different

type of relationship with the building

management there's different check-in

instructions some of them use lock boxes

some of them don't use lock boxes some

of them use concierge just so what you

should do is you should before you

actually hand all of this workload to a

person you need to double check

everything everything that you want to

make sure that guests understand about

self check-in late checkouts you know

penalties that they might receive you

know are you legally just real clear on

your house rules and then further is

your house manual easy to understand it

is it good step-by-step does it have all

the information do you actually find

that guests are calling you for

clarification on things that could be

fixed in your house manual make sure

that you cover all that and get that

over the way separate you also have

check-in instructions that are separate

from the house manual is your check-in

instructions section good as a

standalone resource or do they still

need the house manual what I like to do

is make sure that the check-in

instructions have pretty much everything

that they need so that way even if they

haven't read the house manual they can

still get in and be safe and then in my

check-in instructions I still remind

them to read the house manual and I

guide them to where the house manual is

so I've done this for each of my

properties then go through your listings

- and make sure that you've just checked

everything off like have like a

checklist and make sure that every every

property is actually stopped with

everything that's needed because what

will happen is you've you add a co-host

you've you've been floating along kind

of doing everything with like this semi

process-driven style and there's gonna

be a couple things that just don't get

done like you might be missing core

amenities or like like even like I

always mentioned like a missing a

toaster or something and what will

happen is your new Airbnb co-host will

get hit with this what could be a small

problem for you but a big problem for

somebody that's new right and you want

to you want to actually ant

paetynn those things and get those out

of the way make sure that your

Internet's good the Wi-Fi password

somewhere easy you know easy to be found

that there's no missing amenities that

you're that you're stopped on all goods

and now let me add speaking of inventory

I actually have some apps that I use

that I needed to make sure that she uses

to restock stuff so our cleaners do most

of the restocking and the cleaning and

the make readies but let's say that

sometimes things get missed I used a

couple apps you know post mates or favor

or doordash or other apps like this do

like on-demand services in Texas we have

favored which is super easy but I

believe that other local grocery stores

have their own apps and I think it is

post mates that'll do the same thing or

instacart where you can order shampoo or

laundry detergent and have it delivered


amazon has a prime service called Amazon

now I think of Prime now you can have

stuff delivered within two to four hours

so in that separate phone that I have

what I've done is I've added these apps

and I've got the company credit card

attached to all these apps so let's say

guest says hey there's no clean towels

yikes right well she can get in the app

and just order stuff if she's unable to

come and like fix it on her own

so if anything's missing or they just

want a favor done like hey could you

also add something for us blink blink

and they'll actually pay like with an up

charge first certain things like a

concierge service will actually send

them an item or through like Prime now

or favor or instacart and we we can

actually charge them extra right through

the Airbnb app and like do a resolution

we use Google Calendar for the cleaning

calendar so all of our Oliver properties

are exported through an iCal to a shared

goal Google Calendar for each city so

her phone has the Google Calendar logins

for each city and all the calendars are

imported so she's she's communicating

with the cleaners and she's making sure

that the cleaners know which which units

are up due to be cleaned and in the

calendar it actually shows the guests

name and phone number and all the

contact information so the cleaner and

the co-host through the Google Calendar

can also contact the guests if need be

and that's another aspect of the

co-hosting account now and a way to

utilize that person

so you have your co-hosts handling all

the inbound messages you can give them

template messages inside the messenger -

we have like a welcome message that

reminds them to read their house manual

and it shows that video that I made the

the one that I'm allowing you guys to

use you can just check our video

playlist and you'll see it it says for

guests it's a video on how to find the

house manual so we have a template

message we kick out for every guest so

they can find their house manual and

then I have our have a template message

on check out too as a way to help

increase our five-star reviews and I'm

actually going to do a pilot on that

last message to see how it helps with

our performance on reviews and you'll

see a video for that later

you have multiple permissions for your

co-host account secondary and primary if

you're the admin you cannot transfer

this so the co-host account cannot

become the admin nobody else can then do

not throw your co-host in hot water by

making them the primary and all of your

properties right away I don't even make

them a primary at first I just have them

watch right but they're the secondary

host they can still see all the messages

they'll see you talking to guests

they'll see you handle issues through

the app and it's almost like they're

shadowing game once you feel like

they're ready make them the primary on

an account two or three but make sure

that they're all in a like nice tight

cluster and somewhere it's easy for them

to get to so they can handle issues in

person you want to plan for them to fail

you want them to you want to plan for

them to forget things and that's okay

this is how they're gonna grow and be

good so once you've once you see them

like real smooth with it and you feel

confident in their ability to take the

additional workload then make them a

primary on everything so I advise having

a second phone and a dedicated line for

that Airbnb account that cause to count

of course separate the money from that

account so nobody can mess with the

money and then make sure that they have

all the tools that they need in the

phone you just make notes for each

listing special things to be noted about

each one let them know if the building

management has you know any nuances per

building kind of walk them through that

make sure that it's all still in the

phone give them the calendars that they

need if you have a channel manager give

them their channel manager login for it

give them all the apps that you would

need like I use you know instacart or or

prime now stuff like that

and make sure it's just all in the phone

so now if your co-host and you're

looking for best practices to do the

same thing these are the types of things

that you'll tell tell a house that you

don't want to do for them so you can get

a dedicated phone line you can get a

dedicated co-host phone and you can

provide these things to them and they

can actually pour it in a phone number

to yours because there's not opportunity

to add like a second line to a phone

something like that so make sure you

have all of your ducks in a row as a

host when you're selling what as a coast

because when you're selling a host on

the service they need to be able to

believe in you

like hey I can be confident that this

person can take over my property and

it's not gonna cost me you know an arm

and a leg or it's not gonna increase

like uh some liability and cost me my

ability to host or cost me you know

reviews so go back through this and take

extra notes if you are a ambitious

co-host and try to start to map out like

a prospectus on on walking another host

through what you're going to do for them

and how it's going to work out so also

if you are a you know a co-host to be

and you want more clarification just

leave it in the comments in this video

and I will work on making another video

for you know you potential co-hosts out

there and things that you can provide to

house that would make it worth paying so

again thank you for watching every beam

be automated I hope you enjoyed this

video and I will see you on the other