Top 5 Things to know before becoming a Travel Agent

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hey guys Cindy Williams here travel

career coach from careers on vacation

comm so I get questions all the time

being an industry expert about what

should I know if I'm considering a

career in travel or if I want to be a

travel agent what are the important

things for me to know so I wanted to

make this quick video to give you the

top five things you should really know

before starting your career travel the

first one is are you passionate about

travel if you're not passionate about

travel figure out what you're passionate

about and go make a career out of that

the travel industry isn't one of those

things that requires ongoing learning to

make the most money in the industry you

should be traveling to some extent to

visit different areas and share that

with your consumers and with your

customer base so are you passionate

about travel if your answer to that

question is yes then that will take us

to point number two I want to talk about

the types of different travel agents

that there are so if you'd like to set

up your agency from home that's very

doable in today's marketplace I actually

started in the travel industry way back

in the 90s when we had brick and mortar

travel agencies I went to travel school

I sold my first million dollars in 1995

when my twenties so I've been doing this

for a long time in the industry has a

has had a lot of amazing changes but one

of the most amazing things about running

an agency or being a travel agent in

today's environment is you really can do

it a hundred percent from home in a

portable business or while you travel we

go on a little long adventures and we're

able to work from the road from wherever

we're traveling and still keep our

business operational and running so

that's one of the great things in terms

of the types of agents that there are

there's a few different ways you can

endeavor to become a travel agent the

first is you if you have experience in

the industry or maybe you worked back in

90s or early 2000s and you're thinking

about getting back in the industry again

you can actually start your own agency

so you can get certified through CLIA or

AIA tan directly and start your own

agency from home now there's molten

industry some industry experience we are

going to

go down that route because you need to

know how systems and processes and

things work before you can really just

embark on opening your own agency where

you don't have resources or someone you

can ask or something like that so that's

the first route the second route that a

lot of people opt for is a process

called hosting now there's good hosts

and there's not-so-good hopes what

hosting is let me start there hosting is

the process where a host sets up their

credentials so they have their

credentials through AIA tan and CLIA

they carry some insurances although it's

still recommended that you carry your

own insurance and they are registered

with all the travel suppliers so you can

work through a hose to get your logins

and they basically turn on a bunch of

user IDs and you have access to book

travel as a travel agent now under

hosting you're gonna share a percentage

of your commission or as the agreement

of hosting with them and a lot of them

have monthly feeds now the biggest red

flag with hosting that I'll give you a

secret tip on is if they're asking you

to do recruiting it's probably like an

MLM scam and not a real host not always

but 90% of the time if they're fees like

70 80 bucks a month and they're asking

you oh you can make all this money by

recruiting your friends that's an MLM so

be careful of that I recommend you go to

host agency reviews calm and they'll

give you some write ups and some reviews

of the host agencies that are out there

so maybe you can find a fit that's good

for you and then the last type is you

can work for an agency so you can work

for an agency that's already up and


a lot of times agencies won't have

monthly fees but you just still do a

commission split because obviously they

have a website they have a marketing and

some things that are going on so no

matter what whether you're set up as

your own owner whether you're hosting

with someone whether you work for

another agency in our industry today 90%

of the time you are still gonna be

responsible for finding your own leads

so if you are hosting they don't provide

you with leads okay and if you're

working for another agency what most of

the models have moved to in today's

environment is they say yeah you're all

set up you're ready to go you can sell

but you are responsible for building

your clientele

if they do have some leads coming

through the agency through their

marketing methods there usually like a

few here and there but it's not enough

where you're gonna make a real huge

income in this industry so that's the

that's the next one be prepared to get

find and collect your leads and that's

where a lot of people get stuck they

sign up with a host or they start

looking for agency and they're they

expect all these phone calls to start

coming in or they think friends and

family is going to pay the bills with

all of their travel you have to be ready

to go out and get your own clients so

that's an important thing to know too

um the next one is in if you want to

have a beach there's nothing wrong with

that you don't and this is great news

you don't have to know how to sell the

entire world to be really successful in

this industry I have clients who you

know sell a million dollars or more

you're just selling Disney or just doing

cruises you can meet your business in

fact there's some great you know

top-selling beaches that are really

performing well in our industry so you

don't have to learn everything in fact

it's it seems counterintuitive but it's

actually a disservice to your client if

you take on doing like an African safari

you know nothing about booking African

safaris should you really be handling

that for a client probably not so it's

okay to let those leads go or pass those

on to other agents in our community that

handle that and then maybe they'll pass

you back whatever you're focusing it

might be fun and Sun all-inclusive it

might be Disney it might be cruises at

my people ye might be European tours or

whatever but the point being is you can

sell what you're passionate about you

can sell where you've traveled and you

don't have to have as long as you have a

great attitude passionate about travel

and a willingness to learn you can take

your prior travel experiences and turn

this into a home based career for

yourself which is awesome that's cool

news the last thing I want to share so I

I Cochin and consult people who are

running big agencies from home right the

the misconception getting into this

industry is you know can I leave my

full-time job can I do this full-time

you can but you really have to

understand you need to run your travel

business like a business and not a hobby

so what do I mean by that so it's okay

to run and start your business or start

doing travel part-time and keep your

full-time job and get it up and running

until it's supporting to the point

supporting each the point where boom you

can click your fingers and you know

you're gonna be making enough money

because your travel agency is producing

that's a really safe way to get into the

industry but you should know from the

beginning the people that make the most

money in this industry the people that

are the six-figure business owners plus

that are you see traveling all over and

doing all this great stuff

they are running it like a business it's

not just a hobby where if I get a call I

might book a vacation you have to have a

marketing plan you have to know what

your goals are you have to know what

marketing works in our industry if you

know how to leverage of different

platforms all these things don't get

overwhelmed they can be learned but have

your mind set in a place where you know

that you're going to have to invest in

some learning you're gonna have to

invest in some knowledge and getting all

of that set up if you really want to do

this at an exceptional level to make a

lot of money so I hope this video was

helpful for you guys this is one of the

top questions that we get all the time

is how do I get into the industry how do

I you know be the most successful I can

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