How to Become an Air Traffic Controller - MTSU

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hey welcome to flitetest I'm Josh and

this is EJ it's Mitchell and today we're

the MTSU this is the ATC lab yes sir the

air traffic control training lab awesome

so what do you do here well this one

simply is tower but we learned the three

different ones so we have Tower

Trey Colin and then Center so they're

all in different locations TRACON and

Tower are gonna be physically at the

airport and the giant towers that you'll

see which is what we currently in here

right now so section only 360 degree

simulation power in the world

that's incredible one thing that we've

been obsolete blown away with is a

simulation that you guys have whether

it's the aircraft whether it's the NASA

focus lab and of course this tower and

you guys are all connected aren't you oh

yeah absolutely so Ram towers can

coordinate with us and we run

simulations through there like we'll do

point out two different centers

everything in aerospace is kind of

really linked together and it's really

cool because we get to the hands-on do

that whether it's in this lab or in the

flight labs or the NASA focus lab

fantastic what are the the core things

you're going to be learning when you

take this course we've come to the safe

and expeditious flow of air traffic okay

so that's the motto of that a safe and

expeditious flow of air traffic yes sir

so I'm just keeping the airplane

separated but also flowing into the air

Airport or whether it's in the airspace

there's not only a lot of safety at risk

here where you got to keep lives safe

but there's also a lot of business a lot

of dollars that are lost with just one

missed flight absolutely you guys are

kind of a gatekeeper to making sure that

that happens smooth let me say with air

traffic control from what I understand

there's not a lot of people film jobs or

leave it it's a it's a vacuum right

right yes sir they're constantly having

powering quotes especially right now

this is actually something that can put

you to the front of the line forget the

job yes so they do two different hiring

pools for FA Academy off the street

comes second and then military and CGI

students they they're in the priority

this is a CTE program yes sir

very cool how long will you be in this

program before you ready to go out into

a such a job so you have to do a lot of

genese for this through the aerospace

program like I'm admin so I have to take

additional classes such as profile if I

wanted to okay before I can get into

this and then once you're actually in

you have a lab each semester for your

last two years when you first start out

as line just the proper phraseology to

tell the pilots or it can be a heavy day

like we have FedEx push simulator

hundreds of planes

and this on just for FedEx so we have

that in here we have a day where it's

completely IFR so you wouldn't be able

to see out of here because there's so

much fog and rain in the area excellent


I would die to know I see a red phone

all the time what does the red phone

cord so that's if there's an emergency

I'm making throw some parts up at you

like that like at a FedEx 15:11 right

engine failure like talk them down the

not only writer it's talking them down

but you're also checking for traffic in

the area absolute reading some people

and then you have to talk to our so

Airport firefight and risky you have to

call it in so there's a lot of steps you

have to take in that situation while

getting all other aircraft out of the

place thank you thank you for coming no

problem France thanks for being part of

the flight test family we really hope

that you dream big you know there's

something in aviation for everyone if

hopefully some of this expired you check

out the link below to learn more

I'll see you next