How to Become a Travel Agent from Home - Travel Agent Jobs From Home

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how to become a travel agent from home

travel agents used to monopolize the

business of airline booking in travel

arrangements across the globe airline

companies in particular sold tickets

mostly through travel agents by

Commission on each ticket sold but the

advent of the Internet has allowed

transport companies to sell directly to

passengers largely eliminating the need

for big booking companies to adjust to

the changing times the booking companies

developed internet presence and spread

out their networks of agents thus making

it possible for home-based agents to

enter the field now is a good time as

any to find out how to become a travel

agent from home what does a travel agent

do they booked airline tickets

particularly those for international

trips ground transportation attraction

tickets hotels tour and vacation

packages and cruises for passengers

although anyone who knows his way around

the Internet can book airline and hotel

tickets online a travel agent can

immensely help in finding the best deals

and reputable service providers what

must you do to become one one be

prepared from the ground up be honest

with yourself and make sure you've got

what it takes working from home has its

advantages but it can also be draining

you can't expect to make it overnight

you need to put in lots of time and

effort sometimes working at unholy hours

especially when dealing with

international travellers and you need to

push your service as hard you also need

to possess a strong Drive excellent

interpersonal skills to deal with

clients and service providers from

different places and cultures to

research learn your state or countries

requirements learn all you can about the

business the government requirements and

license or permit processes membership

prerequisites to travel organizations do

the paperwork thoroughly and do not even

believe people who tell you that you

can't make it 3 find a trustworthy host

agency you need credibility in a solid

reputation behind you before you can get

any business if you were a passenger you

won't risk your travel arrangements on a

stranger who has no demand

durable experience or capability in

doing your bookings especially one who

works from home there were many travel

organizations who offer their services

online to help home-based travel agents

but you need to check closely and be

careful that you don't get scammed for

take up a travel course if you plan on

making this a full-time career generally

there is no requirement of a

certification for travel agents whether

they work from home or not nor are there

certification bodies such as those for

medical or legal professions you could

however study and get a certificate for

your efforts 5 grow your skills a

enhance your computer skills be

teachable and learn to harness

technology travel arrangements bookings

communication with clients and suppliers

or service providers are increasingly

being done through computers be keep

improving your interpersonal relation

skills even something as simple as phone

manners and etiquette can make or break

a business 6 find clients from both

sides of the spectrum make an effort to

meet people seek out possible business

work to retain customers expand your

network of colleagues clients and

service providers you have two sets of

clients the travelers and the suppliers

or service providers make sure to

balance their needs and work to give

both sides a win-win deal whether you

want to make it a full-time career a

part-time supplement to the household

income or even just an occasional

fallback option you have to start at

knowing how to become a travel agent

from home you can stick to bookings or

you can expand your offering to

something akin to full range concierge