HOW TO BECOME A FLIGHT ATTENDANT | Best Airline to Work For, Resume Tips, How to Apply

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hi baby

hello everyone welcome back to my

channel and welcome to the first video

of my how to become a flight attendant

series sooo I have been talking about

this series for so long and how I've

wanted to do it I mean this has been

like a year coming or something it's

been a while it's I'm sorry if you're

new here my name is Jenny Ernst I am a

reserve fund tenant for a major

commercial airline in the United States

I blog about my life as a flight

attendant so if you're wondering what

it's like being a flight attendant just

go watch some vlogs

they typically span over about a week so

it gives you a good idea of what the

everyday life is like of being a flight

attendant this whole series is going to

be about four videos long the first

video which is this video is going to be

all about the research process and how

to apply to be a flight attendant

so researching which airlines you want

to apply to and then how you actually

apply the second video is going to be

interview tips the face to face

interview the web interview some

airlines still do phone interviews so

just kind of going over everything that

you need to know for that as well as

tips the third video is going to be how

to prepare for and survive flight

attendant training and the fourth video

is going to be just kind of adjusting to

your new life it's a flight attendant

because it isn't a complete lifestyle

change it's not like a normal job where

the only thing about your life that

changes is your job your entire life

changes when you become a flight

attendant so that fourth and final video

will just be tips tricks and just

helpful advice on how to make the

transition to the 5:10 of life as smooth

as possible for y'all the first thing

that I would recommend doing is make a

list of all the airlines so if you're in

the United States and don't mind moving

to a different country then you're going

to be a lot longer

starting out with if you don't really

want to move to a different country then

just make a list of all the airlines

that are based in your country and then

what I would recommend doing is think

about where you want to fly to where do

you want to get paid to fly where do you

want to layover if you live in the US

and you want to be able to layover in

Europe or South America or Africa or


then you're gonna want to cross off all

of the airlines that don't fly those

places another thing that you want to

look into is the difference between

regional and mainline Airlines a

regional airline is exactly what it

sounds like it's not going to be flying

all around the country it's just going

to be flying kind of in the region like

near where your base is gonna be smaller

airplanes you might be the only question

on that plane if that scares the hell

out of you cross out regional airlines

don't do it make sure that when you're

applying to an airline that it's the

mainline you're actually playing to

American or to Delta not West jet or

Piedmont or any of those airlines

because those are regional airlines if

you don't know which ones are which

Google Google will give you your answer

real quick something else to think about

in your search for an airline is if you

only want to go to an airline that is

going to pay you to go to training then

you're gonna want to cross off all the

airlines that have unpaid training my

training was unpaid so I just save up

some money so that I could afford to go

five weeks without getting paid longer

than that actually because you don't

even get your first paycheck until about

a month after you come on the line again

like keep note of which airlines are

gonna have paid training and which ones

are gonna have unpaid training you

accept a position with an airline that

has unpaid training then you need to

start saving now so that way you can

survive training financially another

thing that you're definitely gonna want

to look into is how satisfied current

and past five tenants are with the

airline that they currently work for or

have worked for because if the airline

that you end up working for treats its

employees not very well or slight

attendants not very well your quality of

life is gonna severely go down one

website that I definitely recommend for

that will first off Google a quick

Google search will give you most

everything you need to know but a

website called is

absolutely phenomenal in terms of

employee satisfaction you can even

narrow it down specifically to only look

at what other flight attendants have put

in about their company and about their

salary and their benefits and all this

other stuff I will link that website

down below again it is called Glassdoor

comm most airlines are going to be on

there with plenty of information from

current and former employee

something else to look into like I

mentioned earlier if you're trying to go

if you live in the United States and

you're trying to get European layover

they need to make sure that you're

applying to airlines that fly to Europe

so you want to look at the overall

destinations if you want to be able to

see a lot of the United States then you

want to make sure that you're looking at

bigger airlines that fly to many places

across the country airlines like

frontier or virgin or Alaska I mean yeah

there are big airlines but they don't

find nearly as many places as say

American or Delta or United something

else to look into is first you need to

decide if you are a hundred percent of

relocating to base to wherever you get

based or if you're okay with commuting

commuting is when you live in one city

and you fly into base four when you have

to work if you absolutely don't want to

relocate then where airlines are based

isn't really that big of a deal to you

if you for sure are going to be

relocating to wherever you get based

then obviously you want to apply to an

airline that has that is based in cities

that you actually are interested in

living in if you are trying to live in

Detroit the only airline base there is

Delta and like maybe regionals but

that's it so your options are pretty

limited or look at it the other way

around so let's say you're thinking

about working for Delta go ahead and

look at Delta's basis if you don't want

to live in any of those cities then you

probably shouldn't apply to Delta unless

of course you're okay with community and

in which case like I said go for it in

terms of prior experience and beefing up

that resume airlines are really looking

for people who have customer service

experience who have extensive customer

service experience or just experience

working with the general public because

that is letting flight attendant does we

work with the general public we ensure

their safety and we make sure that

they're comfortable on their flight for

example my personal prior experience

included a couple different restaurants

retail and I worked at Walt Disney World

and this was over the span of eight

years so I had eight years prior

customer service experience before I

applied to be a flight attendant I also

had travel experience I had already

studied abroad and my degree was in

tourism and

but none of that experience matters

unless you know how to translate it into

a bomb resume so make sure that you're

able to translate your skills your

excellent customer service skills you've

got to be able to translate that and

prove it on your resume

think about the duties of a flight

attendant and then think about the

skills that you already have from past

experience and figure out how to word

these skills in the way that kind of

mimics the duties of a flight attendant

as much as airlines are focused on

people with prior customer service

experience they are also interested in

people that prioritize safety because we

are safety professionals some key words

that I would try to include on your

resume include time management customer

service obviously multitasking safety

and teamwork like you're able to work as

a team or in a team you don't

necessarily need it agree and you don't

even really need a degree in hospitality

or in tourism and travel or aviation I

have plenty of friends that have degrees

as nurses or in accounting or business

or something like that and then they

decided that hey know if I don't want to

do this I want to be a flight attendant

a lot of flight attendants are prior

nurses so again they work with the

general public just something like that

start getting small little drops and

just building your overall interaction

with people one questions that I get

asked all the time is about going like

paying for a flight attendant training

something called the travel academy or

anything similar don't do it do not

waste your money on something like that

do not waste your money don't pay a

company to teach you all the things that

an airline is going to want you to do

their way once you get the job as a

flight attendant you're gonna have to go

to flight attendant training with that

specific airline because each airline

has their own policies and procedures so

don't pay to go through flight attendant

training because the airline that you

get hired with it might be unpaid

training but it might be paid so don't

waste your money on anything like that

it's not needed last but not least while

you're in the process of researching for

Airlines start saving money because your

first year of being a flight attendant

you're not going to make a lot

money your first five years of being

flooded in it you're not going to make a

lot of money you might make OK money you

might be like comfortable but if you're

single and don't have any other source

of income you're gonna want to have a

backup especially if you're gonna have

to do on payments yeah you're gonna want

to start saving up money as soon as you

start considering being a flight

attendant because your flight attendant

training might be unpaid so there's 5 to

8 weeks of living off your savings

already and then you probably won't

receive your first paycheck until about

a month month and a half after you

finish training so that's actually

living like having to pay rent and food

and whatnot

that's all gonna be coming out of

savings assuming your training is unpaid

I would just go into this with the

assumption that your training is going

to be unpaid because then you won't be

surprised and then even if your training

is paid then hey you've got pretty good

savings that you're sitting on pretty

sure I've covered everything in terms of

researching Airlines and which ones you

want to apply to so once you figure out

all that then comes the time to actually

apply most airlines you're just gonna

apply on their website you go to their

website you scroll all the way to the

bottom and find some sort of link that

says career or work for us or something

or other something along the lines of

that click on that you can apply from

there if they're not accepting flight

attendants or if they're not looking for

flight attendants at the time keep

checking back once a week sometimes

airlines close their hiring process just

for like a month at a time just to kind

of go through some interviews and then

they'll open it back up again and it

might only be for a short period of time

if an airline is hiring for fun tendance

great click on apply' go through the

whole application process you're gonna

fill everything out you might have an

option to upload a cover letter do it if

you don't know how to write a cover

letter Google cover letter template

types it a lot real quick submit there's

an option to submit your resume submit

that it's gonna have exactly what you

already typed in but still submit it

remember back when I sent out putting

key words on your resume yeah

key words in the application you want to

make sure that you've got these skills

that flight attendants need make sure

you are filling your application with

those words so multitasking time

management customer service friendly

outgoing safety oriented

um all things like that we need to do

like that is part of our everyday job I

would include saying something bout how

you even work well without supervision

because you're on a plane your

supervisor is not right there your

manager is not right there breathing

down your neck so the airline wants to

know that they're hiring people that are

going to do their job and do it well

even without somebody sitting there

making sure that they're doing their job

and doing it well does that make sense

yeah okay good

quick little recap make a list of all

the airlines that you are considering

working for look at where they fly think

about where you want to fly look at

where they're based think about where

you are willing or not willing to live

look up how satisfied their employees

are what their quality of life is like

the companies reviews and all that jazz

Glassdoor comm is gonna be your best


Google is gonna be your best friend

start saving money now I promise you

won't regret it and apply on the website

easy as that if they're not currently

hiring check back once a week until they

are I think that's everything if I left

anything out that y'all can think of if

you're currently a flight attendant and

I left anything up that you can think of

then leave a comment down below and I'll

try to pin it towards the top or

something so that other people can see

it if you're thinking about becoming a

flight attendant I hope that this video

helped you out good luck on your search

and I'll see you hopefully sometime soon

in the friendly skies thank you guys so

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