How to Join International Airlines as Cabin Crew : Eligibility Criteria, Interview process, Salary

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good morning everyone my name is Suren

de chalma or archaea video may Humbert

kill Emily hey international airlines

Mackenzie cabin crew Bini Mahalo

countries me obviously better salary

better patient Portsmouth in him

yeah domestic airlines me first you have

to complete certain flying us before

you're given responsibility at an

international level but in international

airline so directly get the

responsibility so many people are

interested in directly joining an

international airline whatever the

reason may be asked if we give him

discuss caring if first as a con

concierge and Joe Indians Co hire

kristinia con con CAC international

airlines I second hum discuss carrying a

eligibility criteria and requirements

third hum discuss carrying did you

comment doubts okay no Coco

international airline saluted once amico

forth um discus carrying ich ich esse a

pipe like a nanny up like an acre care

process so today we will discuss about

different stages of interview and at

last we will discuss the completion

level and the salary that you get so

let's get started first of all a

sequence a international airline

schedule India may interview standard

krithia cabinetry O'Hare continue

subsequently to subsidy level pay

Indians hand just internationally line

we come Kirsten what's up Middle Eastern

Airlines sayin is a second map example

do Qatar Airways Etihad Emirates

Pan Air Arabia and slide away is sub


Indian Krukow hire Katya looking in mrs.

Hobbs's other Joe repeatedly interviews

conduct karate avoid line here Qatar

Airways second number pay at the odd

third pay he emulates or human ear slide

the way in sub k air arabian sub k

interviews are not frequently in nahi

nichols ahead Middle Eastern Airlines

que lleva second number piss-ups Adagio

airline hired Christina by Singapore

Airlines or halting charming you may up

egg bath Singapore Airlines can

notification expect kar sakte ho third

number betrayal lines hiker senior year

here European airlines just say

Lufthansa air kabhi khushi time Pele

notification I attack a lava Swiss

International Cup notification at the

British Airways being aways be crew go

all over the world higher curtail our

North America say Air Canada Indians Co

Heil courteous pacifically Apatow

interviews conduct Nagar Palika Nagar

Canada maybe stay of Mojave interviews

conduct karate a Canada top applicants

acting here the reason is kids auditor

Joe Indian centers after Punjabis Haim

India semi-great okay Canada mischief

total because of the cultural

understanding they want to hire more


you understand the culture or the

cultural background that's why Air

Canada also hires crews from India next

let us talk about the eligibility

criterion requirements to join

internationally lines sub similar

qualification ala gala guidelines a

level of man temple 80 percent Airlines

12th pass candidates monkey him could

you see a line such a graduates monkey

hand gesture Singapore Airlines Kelly

apply correctly up kappa schedule moon

attorney escape @h give up current o 80%

airlines 18 plus age monkey ham Laken

Joe Middle Eastern rolls and recording

you should be at least 21 years old to

walk in these airlines to Japan Middle

Eastern Airlines kaiser sakata

volcanically apply current get th

minimum 21 years only change singapore

airlines they need to be a graduate and

your age should be minimum 18 for qatar

and all these airlines you should be 12

pass but your age should be minimum 21

so this is bit ironical Dhoni cases

macaca generally you are 12th pass at

the age of 18 and graduate at the age of


now height give up corinto height cut

criteria international airlines and

girls or boys Kelly Alex is specifying

he Kirsten has other cases though height

cut right Iliad or 30 K so Toyota

minimum 157 centimeter yeah 150

centimeter high Tony Jay yeah Appa

grapple tiptoe speaker do theater

minimum up key height 200 12 centimeters

on hae gang up in a parochial you pay or

got opening ad which car Quebec had

everything those about a centimeter key

line code touch carpi next up kabhi am I

gonna show you four girls

18 to 22 p.m. eyes body mass index K up

k height kiss up circuit numbers in


offer boys it's 18 to 25 after fluency

unity a in English Kobe a line Indian

among the international level pay agar

aapke theater ake advantage AB otherwise

compulsory in a human and it can fluency

in English one of what compulsory Oh

Tiger up key average English behave up

tutti-frutti English maybe math

Carpathia fed up English my basket party

/ grammar mistakes the fees are the

curtain here to my advices agar aapke

money international lines makan Kanaka

first work on your English of course art

- isn't he looking English watches a

sickening me agura proves practice car

tanto I've made a video on how to

improve English the link is in

description you can go and watch it in

kill our healthy persons are required

there now job of interviewing get up

kasich on a path upheld in a lickin up

Comerica no guidelines join can

disappear are chromatic

nuclear cannot eat Oh only if you are

physically healthy

what detailed medical check-up no yoga

normal medical checkup oka ki medical

check-up Quran so tongue scraper I have

made a video description is on the link

you can go and watch it

so aapke healthy gonna be important and

next you should be an outgoing and

friendly and extrovert person little job

interview majority official Buckner's

you see me prepare current and we had

this thing in mind that they want

outgoing people they want people would

love to travel they want people who love

to help others people who are easily

approachable or yes of quality is up

couple interviews Nilekani OT a girl

could select una etapa

so an outgoing extort friendly

approachable sweet warm person a person

who has a beautiful smile this is

something that they check all the time

in the interviews care kidney at chissus

my liquor still have a bad cough which

common doubt schedule again eligibility

criteria colleague form here for

subsequent use woman subset ballet

experience pikia freshers at like us a

thing the answer is hundred percent air

so far JIT nip internationally line see

if i can see as many the key subtly

freshers eligible high so be relaxed to

be happy it's not like if you are

joining international airline you need

to work as two years or three years as a

cabin crew nothing like that but if you

have worked anywhere then definitely do

mention it because whether you have any

different stream a different line may

work here hey lake in a partner

professionalism examples may today's

like the henskee bath look which they

did tattoo scars for marks cocina tattoo

auger yeah it's what made a face or neck

jitna frame me decry it knee area meta

to nahyun achieve up hands may yaha say

I'll get a tattoo neo-nazi a or Chi

sorry jury aligned Singaporeans check

Katya any coach a line see how the the

same half sleeves getting the touch

equity or couch Airlines

pora checker t so at least Johar tech AB

immediately you say you had the cup

cocoa a tattoo here Marcus Carson

imaging a mark starts the face being a

hickey of case face pay or ethnic area


Mayhew new change up obviously job in

typically jenga told about makeup Kirk

atoll a second Celia foundation LaMarcus

sub cover curtain no harm in that

shouldn't be too obvious that you are

concealing something using makeup next

look Bazar the pooja technique akia

coaching Karnataka he's a training Elena


see him well the answer is that no it

does not compulsory a ballet

international alliance point of view

they directly Jack you interview this

acting head lake in German our Guiana

Valley points Maricopa County

competition Kalev el Quijote

internationally lines clay tough Jerebko

feel okay although you compel scene he

Knepper but to be on safe aside yourself

you would like to join a coaching

coaching Jana Jana Jana K personal

opinion rahega agar up interested hey I

be a CRP personality kitchen sepia

communication skills up K English up

Kazuma banana Catterick are dressed upon

in cata Rica vacancy skin formation

which we spore a process a related jo

aapke chana Heaney are up improve cannot

Jericho professional mentors of guide

skis and retain top coaching join kar

sakthe coaching team already video

Vanaja q mutt level

Alexei coaching pen a team and in

normally coaching related Ruby doubts

they love working locally at the him and

let's make ambience Institute of air

hostess training suggest kata or

although my personal use Institute

mundane a Tillich in many internet

research or coach look George Acho que

tape unloads a pooch K of course I just

get and I'm very happy key with video

codec Nika budget tenable okay no no

George I'm milking against a gram DMK

and their personal review was very good

in fact a cheese became hop him walk

interviews okay industry export schedule

Oakwood cabin crew H okay waraqa

grooming classes lynge up came mock

interviews back-to-back hungry yes up

Joel oak made a video for they could

message Kirk a verify ki KI thank you

for suggesting good coaching I honestly

feel very happy when I suggest you guys

something and it works out for you

feels like he comes like a manager

advice Kiev what's a heater at Chatham I

got up Neville video need a key to share

up Connie so much moraga ambience

Institute of a hostess training him a

description Manama Gator didn't gather

up committed pronunciations in a segue

confused on what I have all was video

copy link didn't get up for our duty mr.

Berryman Jonathan William any coffee

details what I you ski well next is the

person criteria Kiki are percent

criteria a type cabinet rabbinical

international lines McCoy wasn't

criterion your contract domestic a lines

maybe this Star Alliance kilowatt Kobe a

line percent among ta

service star a sixty percent marks

monkey a minimum top cadet nipples in

marks then you can a plus to do

doubt whatever your time Echidna

pasadenian thing cabin crew Burnie Cajun

Belle Epoque we person a Daniel T cific

training fee so teardrop koppikhar

annuity would be table job milk will

last me up k medical forget us approach

done here a potential stages nature ko

interview K medical education joining

like Ravi up qatar portugal picket area

tihar jaii be doha de hockey be a lineup

join current UK then you submit the


yeah a group le be submitted attendant

be very cautious spooky box arias a fake

ID in season these states don't internet

pick an EP be job postcard 18 what sorry

job posting websites and Jinpa be a kid

your post curse actor suppose modulo

cocoa make fromagerie local soccer

passing in in demonic up neither of

syndicate economic insecurity cap capone

paint of yoga therapy interviewed or

ghetto my balloon geeky take a panic

stage clear kelly i next stage kelly

opcodes Autopia general registration

Kelly I'm a balloon gay kappa final

selection which okay about kombucha

Pancho's out of cabbage in yucca

medicals Cabana here a PC trees of

canina don't worry amount refundable I

was sorry that he can say you look fraud

curtain or kisi because me

apocalypticism McNichol Newton up quiz

that he could call letters milker engage

a just knew poor cattle caldo go

vulgaris obliga well you can upload it

as a mere a video get thumbnail smithy

cover the mayor could be cutter Carlo

Bulaga Sukhoi bielagus actor it's really

a boy hot solder up cobalt couch - Ian a

a yep m-miss word Mikolka up little

cynically called a terminus acting toka

BB q CB align clip please pass a submit

Mataji Joe Baca final selection Ajay gap

joined Karenia fit submit carry me

training key tobacco Harmonists type in

be Malay chorus for maybe fees refund or


next type of coke except like I'm not

Reagan vacancy say subsequent to Tokyo

vacancies cavalry me find out career I

try my level best to cover every single

vacancy in my videos man both other

videos but not emergency speed hippies

are the banana pasta patella can fit

which subscribers toriente Tony luck

tank accumulation barbell vacancies

back-to-back so Joe Torre major vacancy

so team you know in p video vanity or

cutter at Academy rates Singapore

Lufthansa so it's internationally asabi

alliance now already cover cut choking

of new videos me so if you are

interested in job vacancies then please

subscribe to this channel Jessica we can


cool notification will Jack yeah get up

could dooms a pain like a new Torosaurus

kiyotake okay I put such men on a chain

otherwise just so many but I had you

look fake job post about they oppose me

for safety it's covered up c'mon line up

like a notice of International Airlines

on line up like of Athena proposed a

technically online apply Cornelia couch

important tips a capella vattic resume

abroad eternity international level kind

yarmulke at IKEA cyber cafe my weight is

you miss abuse couple in town to calc a

safe name date of birth of others named

ginger case somebody's you may use court

a up try up engineer Kelly apply culture

and optically apply for subbu series you

may Coachella Thane that I'm a hard

working person mainly still say Mary

punctuality and maja internationally

lines no you can't do like this you have

to make a very personalized resume I'm

very soon about to make a video on

resume a form it please don't worry

about that

next up could you photographs a job

Coraline application at a chicken named

Hobart a professional owner changing its

the like a top hand Kane yeah

hysterically get up me photos but could

be noon itching in a bun Binaca a

ponytail Binaca yoga up cable short hey

Italy short me here talking about cool

sucked in a formal couple a patent

application fill cut ever read

everything and analyze everything very

carefully just same job up Qatari I mean

it's the application for the content of

a pooja Tenakee yeah up a pleasure lucky

Lucas at ran a person carrying gaya do

three country kilo focus on tsunami but

a tricky question a licking up co-op

inferno time multinational team cookie

as an employee of Qatar you'll be

working with people from every country

so be very careful when you are filling

the application form next a girl up the

application shortlist tortilla top

corner of stick reply I got a snow over

tiny key Abdullah stager you can't pay

coach Airlines magnet stereotype we do

interviewed as a Singapore Airlines me a

couch Airlines medalist allotted direct

interview Jenn Air Lines me a blasted

video interview digesta Swiss

International may be a real estate video

interview there was my video interview

key bath fill one to one interview Texas

many airlines could India Thea or you

happy I get interviews counter-curse

never know Joe other a-line zone may

application shortlist totally up core

direct one-to-one interview okay there's

one to one interview make I sorry round

source octane just a personal interview

sucked ahem group interviewers a group

introduction of such a group discussion

or certai HR interview managing director

case of interview charge upon stages or

16th of may avoid execution switched

engines women

you already won adhere agar apni occur

then you can search 50 most

transcriptions in cabin crew interview

okay next you're happy I got up selected

outta here to fill up your medical so

pteropod joining the Trotters the bada

crew training fist annual fee a mop-up

game 8-18 magna key training chance ta

just go complete kanika bad you become a

cabin crew in International Airlines

sorry do give it which think er swimming

compulsory here Swiss International Air

Lines clay yes it is compulsory

otherwise Berkeley Airlines bolting a

cure a purse women jacket panicky it

namely trip an intersecting Ikea to that

is yes be occasional open I be swimming

a themed over kapooya beachside jet abou

tabh overloading tubes like a fairly

thin modernity laksa so you have to fill

your application or whatever Putrajaya

competition level came out that I will

be very honest in this thing keoki

Mujibur thought us up could you motivate

concept I lake in perhaps the he persona

those four negatively they naked yoga

pose could positively low hurry up go

hard work really motivated because I Joe

selection ratios every which I thought I

Kiki CBA given when you pay chases art

so silikal ke baras oh there is a clue

gap like a tender pen cutter conscious a

team interviewing a girl kisi se city

manager pay generally Natalia Janaki

population coming to come number of

applicants anger Delhi Mumbai Kolkata

Hyderabad it is it is made of you

Autobots are an erotic Escobar don't

messages select okay final stage killer

joining Kelly vocal coach Japan said

shake candidates so yes a very tough

competition lakin busca baku-pod so

facilities building achievement in

neutral airline saying gay as an ek self

India me interviews conduct Korean year

around the world interviews Condor


so international level pin kick

reputation here or yep Lick crew

Kabbalah chess at the undertake for the

same reason in salary you will get

around two to three lakhs per month

Indian rupees gets upset in the

beginning only but then mahaki be kuch

is tarah cake her to attend just say I

got up Singapore Airlines kiss salary

they can get to Indian rupees megapascal

convert Korean ghetto starting cell

really type in lakh rupee with the

awaken maharaja korean bohot suspec

Herbie purchase artists Auto picking

Athena so one of the reason why I came

to go

head with Singapore Airlines because I

analyzed and I felt he shagged my couch

cast saved me he kept on the couch I see

Airlines we had your accommodation

Amitabh so provide Katya our van campers

me here at the indecision Middle Eastern

Airlines servo up Corp method of self

commendation provide cranky so severe

lines medicine you touch a second

manipulate yourself a quick general idea

the idiot our survey lines kept me

different policy ability so that was the

extensive video guys I hope I've covered

every single details you'll be up go

internationally lines edited out stick

if you want any more doubts cover then

ask me in the comment section and please

don't forget to check the description as

there are some important links in there

thank you so much for watching this

video and we show all the