All You Need to Know About Freight Forwarder 2020

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really create another consumer this

thing is my channel focuses on sourcing

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notification bill you heard a lot about

fateful water so what is the faithful


what can fit for what to do why do you

need a freight for water and how do you

choose one in this video I will bring

you all the information let's get a

studied first what is a fateful water

freida for water also known as

forwarding agent or are sleeping agent a

fateful water it's a business or person

that opens a sequence for innovators or

compressed to transfer the goose from

the supplier to the customer and second

what can a fit for water do a fateful

water can actually do a lot of things

related to logistics for example

consolidation and warehousing gmm

transportation prepare shipping and

expert documents book cargo space no

give me negotiate freight costs by and

claim cargo insurance and arrange the

expert declaration and import Canaries

those are the main services but you need

to know that a fruitful water does not

actually move your superman's itself it

works as an agent between the shipper

and and véro sleeping services such as

say sipping air cargo express pesos

talking in a salon that's what fruitful

waters can do and how they do it let's

move into the next part why do you need

a freight forwarders I think that there

are three main reasons first cause the

sieving freed folders are able to get

better terms due to the high volume of

containers they move and they can use

their establish the relationships with

the carriers to get the best possible

price second free from multiple

contracts when you're moving your cargo

internationally you could possibly need

to arrange an air cargo is Seyfried or

an inland transportation you started

working with many different countries a

faithful water can

them all for you then you don't need to

send multiple contracts third

flexibility freed for orders are Venable

Wayne comes to meeting Ted deadness and

dealing with unexpected problems they

can offer you solutions when one

shipping channel does not work well you

are probably not at prepared to handle

this situation smoothly and experienced

folder can always give you professional

advice ease finish your impossible tasks

and avoid serious mistakes that's why

you may want to work with a fit for

water so how to choose a reliable fit

for water to choose a feed for water the

first thing is to know your the amount

how many statements do you have where

you focus in one shipping channel number

to ask for their experience what is

their network what is their experience

in handling your shipment do they

specialize in certain products or are

shipping channels number three range of

services what are their services in

detail and how their service can benefit

your business number four risk


how do they do risk management what if

they nasta passive and how does the

insurance work

number five communication communication

is very important

well they respond so fast and have a

complete understanding of what you want

if the communication is a problem you

cannot expect that they can handle your

worship in a very well number six

lessons and permits you want to have a

peace of mind ask for if they can offer

you any appropriate in essence this can

make sure that their legitimate business

at least number seven testimonials you

can ask them if they can share you some

customers reviews hopefully you can get

some embarrassed opinions from their

fall in the seven points you know better

about a free water and make it even


I have prepared twenty questions in a

video description for you to choose your

fate for water you can send all of them

- a couple fateful orders to have a

comparison but you need to know that if

you don't have a promising shipping

volume to them they might not answer you

so those questions are just for your

reference and you can make some changes

based on your requirements that's all

about Freight for water I hope you find

this information helpful if you have any

questions just let me know and I will

see you in the next video