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going to be discussing the United States

Air Force's pararescuemen commonly

referred to as PJ's PJs are a part of a

stock which is short for Air Force

Special Operations Command and

specialize in rescuing and medically

treating down military personnel

throughout the world their motto is

these things we do that others may live

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them as we just said previously a PJs

main mission is to save lives they are

trained and equipped to get anywhere at

any time by whatever means necessary to

retrieve and rescue those who need it on

top of it all they are highly trained in

medicine to render proper and long-term

medical care this separates them from

their CCT tak PE and special recon

counterparts their training provides

instruction and minor field surgery

pharmacology combat trauma management

advanced airway management and military

evacuation procedures every PJ who

successfully completes their training

pipeline earns the National Registry of

emergency medical technicians paramedic

or nremt P certification which is what

candidates earn in the Special

Operations combat medic course or Saco

if you want to learn more about that

take a look at our Sock'em video keep in


PJ's do not attend to Sock'em course in

order to be able to go anywhere at any

time they are skilled in parachuting

diving rock climbing and our Arctic

train in order to access any environment

to save a life when they're called to do

so because of this their pipeline is

rather lengthy and involves going to

jump school and the pre dive in combat

cyber forces the Air Force offers PJ's

also have an officer counterpart known

as the CR OS which is short for combat

rescue officers their duties and

responsibilities include planning

missions and leading combat search and

rescue or sea Sark assets their pipeline

is a little bit different than their

illicit counterparts if you want to

learn more about CR OS and

other air force officers like tak

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the enlisted PJs here's a list of the

schools you'll have to go through in

order to become a PG a United States Air

Force basic military training BMT eight

weeks Special Warfare preparatory tours

eight weeks Special Warfare assessment

and selection four weeks we have a video

discussing this in more detail make sure

to check it out link is in the

description a special warfare pre dive

course for weeks Special Warfare of

combat dive course eight weeks US Army

Airborne School three weeks we have a

video on this to give it a look link is

in the description military freefall

school for weeks sere training three

weeks pararescue emt-p course seventies

pararescue emt-p course 30 weeks

pararescue apprentice course 22 weeks do

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the Air Force PJ pipeline is a lengthy

one similar in length to the Air Force's

special recons pipeline Oh

what's special recon you say lucky for

you we have a video on that tube

make sure to give that a welcome you

haven't seen it already in order for you

to embark on the journey of becoming a

PJ you need to meet these qualifications

successful completion of the pararescue

physical ability and stamina test pas t

if you want a more in-depth explanation

of the pas t take a look at our

assessment and selection video minimum

score of 60 on the PJ selection model

completed and tailored adaptive

personality assessment system physical

qualification for aircrew parachute and

marine diving duty normal color vision

and depth perception and meet the Air

Force's general enlistment requirements

well that's the down-and-dirty of Air

Force's pararescueman if you learned

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