Piloting Air Force One, An Interview With The Wing Commander

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the very first memory I have and when

people ask you what do you want to do

when you grow up for me it's always been

I want to be a pilot then probably as I

entered into high school that dream

transformed into I want to fly airplanes

from the United States Air Force not

only won't fly but I wanted to be

associated with no kind of a higher

purpose throughout my Air Force career

almost 23 years now I have had the

opportunity to just do some amazing

things the Air Force is open doors that

I never dreamed possible the opportunity

to not only be a Wing Commander once but

to be a Wing Commander twice and then to

come in command the presidential Airlift

Wing is an honor that I just couldn't

have fathomed if you would have asked me

a year or two ago so yeah the

opportunity to come here is more than

just a dream but if you pause to

consider what this wing is responsible

for that everyday truly we are part of

America's history everything this wing

does is part of America's history and

just to have the opportunity to serve in

that capacity with the airmen here it is

it's a dream come true as the Wing

Commander it is my responsibility to

organize to train and equip as we pursue

our mission of making sure that our

nation's senior senior leaders get to

wherever they need to do and directly

influence the national security of this

country I think as most people know we

operate Air Force One here there there

too we call them VC 25s there's

a version of the commercial 747 and

probably some of the most recognizable

symbols of American freedom and American

pride and power our operation groups

also operates a fleet of some of the

most advanced civilian equivalent

airplanes from Boeing and from

Gulfstream to provide global airlift not

only for the president but for the first

lady for the chairman for the Secretary

of Defense for the Secretary of State

and for other cabinet members as they

travel to critical high-level meetings

all over the world we strive to provide

them in the sky the same capabilities

that they would have in their offices

that ability to communicate with their

peers in the national forum is

invaluable and that is what we seek to

provide painted on the side of every

single one of our airplanes is the

United States of America so the

opportunity to be part of a mission that

is out and having such a huge and direct

impact for all of the United States for

the people of this country it is just

humbling and such a tremendous honor so

I often reflect back and think I have

this opportunity to do this and it is

just incredibly humbling and I'm very

proud of it