Leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

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he's one of the world's most influential

Muslim leaders his holiness hazrat mirza

masroor ahmad is the caliph of the

Ahmadiyya Muslims Canada's largest

growing Muslim population with mosques

across Canada and millions of followers

around the world he preaches a simple

love for all hatred for none' philosophy

he's met with leaders around the globe

to promote a more peaceful view of

Muslims this month he's touring Canada

to spread his message we sat down in

Toronto it's been as you know 15 years

since 9/11 many attempts have been made

to narrow the gulf between the Muslim

world and the non-muslim world but at

least in North America and in parts of

Europe that doesn't seem to have

happened why do you think that is the

special situation flared up not after

9/11 in my view after 2008 economic

crisis there you see number of people

especially youth were made redundant

from their jobs they had nothing to do

with the cause of increasing their

frustration and then a new extremist

group emerged that is - or Isis so they

also try to get benefit out of that

frustration are we at a critical point

inside them as Muslim world yes Muslim

world is disturbed and now that is

spreading it is going beyond to the West

when we see these tensions increase we

see people react in different ways

we've witnessed in the United States for

the last two years an election campaign

for a new president we're literally only

days away from that happening now yes

one of the candidates has advocated a

total and full ban on all Muslims

entering the United States and

occasionally he walks that back to a

different position but to at least

extreme vetting of all Muslim Donald J

Trump is calling for a total and

complete shutdown of Muslims entering

the United States until our country's

representatives can figure out what the

hell is going on what does that say to

you you see as far as we are concerned

we are true practicing Muslims we do not

believe in any extremism as far as

Muslims are concerned he says that she

would put put complete ban on them okay

he can put ban on them to stop Muslim

groups but what about those millions of

Muslims living in the in his country how

will you behave with them I believe that

if and that if he's very big if he wins

he will not implement it what he's

saying it's not just wishful thinking

though I mean he's very millions of

Americans who get a lot worse even even

millions of Americans are not backing

him in this regard right but millions of

others are what and we've reached a

moment in our in our history where

Thanos's then then there will be a unity

a chaos in the country if he takes any

way or any step any hard step or tries

to deny the rights of the Muslims living

in his country then there is a conflict

and there's a when there is a conflict

then again going to be disturbance even

with this there is no big issue now it

is as such

it has not been implemented but even

then every now and then you see Muslims

are taking revenge

they are brutally killing without any

reason even even in America it is on not

only Muslim there you can see there are

so many mad people in the country who

just enter inside the university or the

school and they start firing on the

students innocent people so you know

America it is already happening and if

and there is no gun law and if he tried

to implement whatever he is saying then

I fear that there is going to be a big

civil war civil war yes of course they

will raise against the government

because now government if core mistakes

harsh my ears just to try to deny all

their rights in any way there are so

many hundred hundreds of people even DC

to create any disturbance or nonsense

you if single man can even can

single-handedly do it so they have to

use sense I don't think a president of

America if ever elected president of

America will take anybody here which is

senseless you hope this we are allied

with His Holiness a courageous champion

of religious freedom and a peace

comedies are renowned throughout the

world for the devotion peace universal

brotherhood and the will of God let's

move it to Canada for a moment I want to

read you the results of a survey that

was done a Syrian refugee question

Canada has been a leader in bringing

Syrian refugees to the country and

Canadians have felt pretty good about

the fact that they've declawed it but

the results of the National polling

partnership between the CBC that's my

network and the Angus Reid Institute 68%

of Canadian respondents said minorities

should be doing more to fit in with

mainstream society instead of keeping

their own customs and languages now

interestingly same poll in the States

only 53 percent of Americans said that

so 68 percent almost seven out of ten

Canadians said minorities aren't doing

enough to fit in with the values and

culture of the country they've come to

what is that telling if whether it's

just America or Canada or any of the

Western countries even millions of

people are coming to Germany if they are

those immigrants or refugees are given

any status or absorbed in the country

that it is compulsory incumbent upon

those people to live in that country

which has given them refuge peacefully

and try to absorb them into society but

to my view as far a religion is

concerned which is quite different from

that of law we Muslims we Ahmadiyya

Muslims are very much absorbed in the


and we believe that even which is the

saying of the Prophet of Islam that the

the love of your country is part of your

faith if and it means once you enter in

the country when you get all the

necessary benefits you get this is the

citizenship of that country then you

have to to your level best with all your

capabilities and faculties for the

betterment of the country let me pick up

on a on that point a little bit because

you've been critical of some Muslim

mosques in Britain and therefore I

assume you you think beyond just Britain

on this issue but you've been critical

of the fact that in some cases Imams

have allowed radical thought and

organization to take place in their

mosques that they haven't been strong

enough on that issue

you see if Imams are behaving in such a

way I even I said to the British person

of the open press that if they thing

that Imams

are playing their role in radicalizing

the people Muslim youth or anybody if

they have or that they have but if not

all no no those those who are see even

if they are not even then they should be


what is monitoring me monitor mean if

they are living servant they should do

so after every sermon if they are not

publicly saying that one then at least

it is the duty of the the the agencies

and the government to keep vigilant eye

on them so allowing security in security

and vigilance that what they are doing

it is not spying it would seriously

somewhat this right I use deserve

because you cannot put the life of the

nation at stake because of just some

some few people people say that we

should integrate those who are covering

most nations should integrate in our

Russian society yes of course not is not

matter of only society to me integration

is you have to be law-abiding you have

to work for the betterment of your

nation and country this is integration

and never to even think ill of your

country in any case this is as far as

religion is concerned the government

should also give freedom to all the

people who practice any religion a

Muslim should be free to hold his or

practices religious teachings and even

if you think that you could go to the

club or to go to a bar and drink alcohol

is this part of integrity to me it is

not if you say to shake hand with the

women is the part of integrity to me it

is not even I once a lady journalist

asked me in Sweden that you do not shake

hand with ladies

how can you absolve yourself in the

society hmm as I said to me shaking hand

is not the only thing or that can help

the country or judge just that can

justify by being the owners to the

country well seeing as you've raised

that question because as you know it is

it is a question that many non-muslims

in North America especially ask about

the the relationship between men and

women the way women are seen inside

mosques let me show you a picture just

from last last weekend

that would seem to some this was this

was here at one of your services yes and

there are hundreds if not thousands of

people in this room here and none of

them is a woman

there are no women yes but if you go to

the other house thousands of women are

sitting there and even mice

I myself delivered direct lectures down

in their hall but they're in different

halls they are different all this

segregation is you college segregation

right oh you're calling it down today

I'm calling it but they were used by yes

rest people mmm using your word so but

to some people are usually they do not

accept but those who are happily doing

it and they do not have any objection

against it ask them whether they they

feel happy and comfortable when they are

segregated and they are holding their

function as separately when they are

sitting just they are not being kept

there as many years you know your your

prisoners they're free you see they're

organized they're not free to go into

that room they are free to hold their

functions so if they accept it then the

person who does not believe in it should

not raise any question against they say

they are comfortable I always ask them

telling them take it ok we you just go

inside ask the women MD women whether

they feel comfortable when they are in

your opinions in so-called segregation

or they are not do you relate your their

religious spiritual leader so so they

really think you understood not

comfortable yes they're going to

challenge you and your authority

see there's no compulsion in religion ok

there might be some few girls who would

say that they could not understand the

teaching because they did not know they

did not go deeply into the true teaching

of their religion but once they

understand the logic you see every

teaching in Islam has the logic it is

also religious commandment to the men

and women in the holy quran first two

men that they should lowered their eyes

and should not you see keep lustful eyes

on the women right and see that is the

that is the per the aura job for the men

and then in the next verse which is said

to the women that they should also

behave in the same manner and apart from

that it is the teaching it's religious

teaching whether you like it or not so

we cannot say there are so many

arguments if you go on debating on this

issue okay I you know I don't don't want

to dwell on this but you brought it up

so it was something that I that I wanted

to ask I assume you accept that that for

a lot of non-muslims in this country

it's a sensitive issue the relationship

between men and women is and how they're

seen as equals on on everything and you

know we now have a government with the

cabinet is 50/50 we have a prime

minister was actually criticized just a

few weeks ago for for being an immense

only mosque event and so it's a

sensitive issue this is what I say the

government should not interfere in the

matters which are religious if being a

religious body religious organization is

in a sect we believe and both parties

men and women believe that this is the

part of their faith to do a job a job is


barrier portage armies is a barrier so

not free mixing but as far as the

opportunities are concerned our Emily

ladies are more educated more literate

than the men they're doctors they're

working in the hospitals they're

engineers architects scientists research

workers doing all these things and with

all with the job

so these are the opportunities we are

giving to them we are not using their

rights we are not depriving them of

their potentials whatever they have they

are teachers even in in Pakistan in the

third-world country where it is said

that the literacy rate is very low our

empathy Muslim women are more literate

than men you can adjust yourself

alongside your religious teachings the

ahmadiyya community plays a vital role

in promoting the positive diversity that

is at the heart of Canada's success as a

nation I want to just get your thoughts

for a moment about Canada you visited

before you're spending a significant

amount of time here right now you have

mosques from Newfoundland to Victoria

British Columbia when you travel in

Canada or when you think of Canada

what are you sensing about this country

see as far as the worldly thinking is


Canada is developing Canadians are

always very living people as far as with

regards to the other community is

concerned we are also growing here and

even not the old most years

have started building some new Moss

theorem the number is increasing not

only because of the immigrants which

those who are coming from Pakistan now

there are some refugees came from Syria

to Canada the remedies beside that even

some of the Canadians have also accepted

the message of Islam I will work his

missionary work and religious

communities do not develop in a short

period of time or overnight it takes

years so we are hopeful we shall spread

the message of true Islam to Canada and

all across the world if our message is

good acceptable to the people they will

accept it and we shall grow here as well

and I am hopeful you see Canada is a

tolerant nation quite sure because

multinational multi-ethnic nation so

Israel you have to be tolerant right

because there's a constant challenge yes

can we do a better job in the world of

trying to ease that relationship between

the two worlds that we talked all

through out here the Muslim world in the

non-muslim world is either a role for

Canada in that yes is he Canada has a

role in United Nations Canada has rolled

in g8 right so you should make them

realize that we should be honest to the

people to the nations every small nation

even it's quite a number of small

nations have nuclear weapons so you

should play the government should play

their role to let the word understand

and give them the sense that they should

realize why do you want

to leave a legacy behind us of crippled

children and destroyed world

you paint a an awfully bleak picture it

is not bleak because it is reality I

remember once I delivered it and I just

as long as Los Angeles in interception

one of the senators was President theory

said I I agree with so many of your

things but you the the picture you are

you know painting is so bleak that I

don't think that nuclear war in this and

that can never happen so just last year

he sent me the message you were right


I really appreciate the time you've

spent thank you very much