Top 3 Agility & Speed Drills (IN HOME)

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hey Thomas here would you like to

increase your agility and speed maybe

trim some excess fat while you do it

well today's video you're gonna get our

top three agility and speed drills you

can do all in home whether you're a

beginner or advanced athlete and you may

be surprised at what recent research and

studies have shown to be the most

effective methods for increasing your

agility all right so I jumped on my

laptop here because before we go into

the drills it's important to first know

what agility is and really what are the

most effective ways or methods for you

to increase your agility now here's

something most people don't know almost

all of the popular quote agility drills

and exercises that you see are

technically not training agility they

are actually training something

different and you'll see why that's

important in just a second here's what I

mean according to research by the

International Journal of Sports Science

and coaching the famous drills you see

using ladders cones and things like this

are actually change of direction drills

or C OD drills true agility drills must

also combine reactive decision-making

with change of direction for example

with change of direction drills you're

going to be performing change of

direction with in a predictable setting

like performing a change of direction

around cones for true agility drills

you'll be performing change of direction

with an unpredictable setting like

performing change of direction while

someone is trying to tackle you or tag

you now you may be thinking hey that's

pretty much the same thing and I thought

the same thing too however this is why

it's important to know the difference

the International Journal of Sports

Science and coaching also tested

athletes on change of direction versus

agility so you would expect that the

results would be fairly the same the

high performers in change of direction

would also be high performers in agility

however the results were shocking a high

change of direction performance did not

show a direct crossover to high agility

performance so what this means is if

your buddy is better than you at change

of direction

you know he's blazing through the

ladders doing the cones all crazy fast

this does not necessarily mean he will

be better an agility or performance on

the field where it counts

so this reactive decision-making with

agility is a huge factor and a necessity

to train for all athletes wanting to

improve agility so based on all this

research you now know that training

change of direction will definitely

improve your athleticism but for true

agility and to improve performance we

have to be adding in the reactive

decision-making so these in-home drills

you're about to learn will include both

the first two drills will focus on

improving our change of direction

ability while the last drill will

improve both agility and change of

direction so where do we base these

drills from well in an article from

strength and conditioning research which

reviews multiple studies it was shown

that athletes that perform the best in

change of direction drills were proven

to have faster braking better bounce

quicker acceleration and they also on

average had more knee flexion and hip

flexion meaning they would get lower to

the ground so that's exactly what we're

going to build in these exercises all

right so these are gonna be three

exercises you can do in home we're gonna

give you some beginner to advanced

variations now if you're an athlete and

you really want to improve on your

agility these are gonna be great for you

know if you at home wear things like

this but I highly recommend going more

in-depth and focusing your training on

all the different aspects of agility

okay so the first exercise is a great

one because in the studies we saw what

was needed braking ability your ability

to stop as quick as possible and also

accelerate as quick as possible so what

they found is that eccentric strength

developing the eccentric portion which

is the lowering portion of a squad

focusing on this helped tremendously for

your braking ability okay and then what

we're also going to do with this


is again focus on explosive strength

explosive concentric power here so the

exercise we're going to do is a squat

focus on the eccentric portion pause and

an explosive jump up okay so for

beginners you can use your chair and

remember this protocol here we're going

five seconds down focus on the eccentric

two seconds pause for the asset

isometric and then quick jump up for a

beginner this is what it's going to look

like one two three four five

holding here having the chair for

assistance holding for one two seconds

and then up no lifting off the ground

just squeezing the glutes as much as


a few technique points make sure your

knees are in line with the toes they

stay in this track and your hips start

the motion going back and down okay for

intermediate you're gonna lose the

assistance with the chair and you're

gonna do it just standing and you're

gonna have an explosive jump into the

sky so it'll be one two three four five

holding here one two up exploding up

jumping up off the ground working that

concentric power for advanced guys we're

gonna add weight this is really gonna

make a huge difference here you can use

a hex bar I like this a lot you're gonna

have dumbbells

some people use squat rack or squat bar

now use a very light amount of weight

because we're working our muscles pretty

good here okay so to show you real quick

one two three four five hold one two and

then up exploding off the ground if you

can and then catching the weight and

then repeating okay the second drill is

going to involve just a cone or a shoe

here if you have something home and we

really focus on our stability here and

our one legged stability here what they

found in the researches guys who are

better at change of direction had better

stability or third legs and one legged

exercises helped to do this this is also

going to help just a little bit of our

change of direction because we're

hopping around so for beginners we're

not even going to use the shoe here

we're going to balance on one leg to

develop that stability

and what you're gonna do is just try to

go up on the toes okay

mimicking a jump here just a small

little hop with the with the heel here

and you're gonna switch and go on the

opposite side as well for the

intermediate we're gonna stand in place

and we're going to jump we're gonna use

this opposite knee to help get the

motion here and then we're gonna jump up

and down here so just like this okay I'm

driving the knee up and bouncing and

jumping on the balls of the feet with

the opposite foot with a slight bend in

the knee and working that stability now

if you're advanced we're gonna use this

shoe here and we're gonna draw a square

shape going in all directions here

working on the stability and I'll just

go with the left going to the front to

the side back in to the side and then

back again and this is what we're gonna

do as you improve you're gonna try to go

quicker okay and close and accurate to

the cone or the chute here so those are

your three progressions all right this

third drill is gonna train your agility

however you need a partner for this

because they're going to be pointing in

random directions either up down to the

side or to the opposite side and you

have to react to their point here okay

for beginners what we're gonna have you

do is for your reactions on the up

you're gonna squat up and squeeze the

glutes bring the arms up not leaving the


for the intermediate you're gonna leave

the ground for the advanced you're gonna

jump as high as you can okay on the way

down you're for the beginners you're

just gonna squat down as low as you can

for the intermediate you're gonna go

into the Burpee position here or this

plank push-up position for the advanced

you're gonna go down push up and back up

now for the sides beginners you're just

gonna side step to the side and dip down

and intermediate you're gonna reach down

to even further and if you notice to

have these balls here this helps for if

you're an athlete reaching down and

touching for the advanced guys you're

gonna go as fast you can

touching and back to the center touching

and back to the center

okay and the whole time I want you to be

moving your feet so what I'm gonna do is

show you a brief example John's going to

be behind the

camera pointing we're gonna put up some

arrows see kind of see what it looks

like okay start here all right you get

the idea there it's a fun drill it's

also challenging it's gonna get your

agility all right that completes the top

three drills for speed and agility that

you can do in home now keep in mind that

you know if you live in apartment or

something like that some jumps might be

a little annoying for your neighbors and

stuff like that so adapt to it and you

know use some of those beginner

modifications if you can't use the jump

in things like that all right so make

sure you utilize those speed and agility

drills there and that's really just the

tip of the iceberg if you want to you

know train more eccentric exercises we

have a full body routine that's going to

work your upper body your lower body and

your core using this eccentric method

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