👈Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT a Website - Five Methods for 2020

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in this video I'm gonna show you how to

do affiliate marketing with no website

whatsoever and the best part is for each

of these five methods I show you I'm

going to show you step by step how to

implement them and these aren't like

nonsensical methods that are just

generic these are methods that most of

which I have used to generate six

figures in the last two years through a

fluid marketing all with no website



all right we are back and like I said

there's five methods here that we're

gonna go over on how to do this with no

website whatsoever no coding experience

none of that stuff some of it is as easy

as just posting links and in a non

spammy way of course all right we're

just gonna dive right in no fluff no

nothing we're just gonna talk about

these five methods

none of which require a website none of

which require coding experience none of

that hard to do stuff just you posting

links and hopefully making money so

let's start we're going to talk first

about one of my one of my new favorites

and what's become a very very lucrative

piece of business

it's posting affiliate links on

Pinterest okay and there's a very

specific way to do this but Pinterest is

one of the few programs and social media

outlets that lets you post affiliate

links directly into your stuff and they

don't care in fact they encourage it and

they like it because their users want to

know where to buy stuff when they see a

picture of something so if you want to

do this with Pinterest all you've got to

do is step one choose a niche okay

Pinterest loves focus and so choose a

focused thing or topic that you're gonna

post about and that could be home decor

that could be backyard stuff that can be

barbecues that could be anything you

know that detail you're gonna dive in

and pick it could be as simple as rugs

I've seen entire Pinterest pages built

around rugs okay so pick something

really detailed and make that your niche

step two you're gonna go find five

affiliate programs now with Pinterest

this needs to be five affiliate programs

that have lots and lots of products Kay

you can't choose an elite program that

says one product because you're gonna be

posting a ton on Pintrest you're gonna

be posting five to ten times a day

different pictures of the product

different pictures of lifestyle that

might involve that product and of course

some pictures just to keep yourself

boost to that from the Pinterest

algorithm step three you're gonna create

categories on your boards Kay so you're

gonna go into your Pinterest account and

you're gonna create these boards which

are essentially categories you're gonna

choose your five affiliate programs that

you're going for and you're gonna

basically create a board for each one of

those five affiliate programs that

basically talks about you know one word

could be rugs or even deeper one board

could be already

and one board could be bohemian rugs and

one board could be a third type of rugs

that I've never heard of and you know

fourth and five step four you've got to

go get every image you possibly can of

that product that you can legally get K

from the company's website from Amazon

purchase the product and then go model

it in every scenario you can possibly

imagine take pictures of you holding the

product a pictures of hands at the

product of the product you know in a

nice situation like a desk or a table or

something like that everything you can

think of because Pinterest loves images

and step 5 you're just gonna post your

images you're gonna post descriptions

that are keyword heavy and the beauty of

Pinterest is that's all there is to it

you don't have to do landing pages you

don't have to capture email addresses

you don't have to do anything like that

you just post your affiliate link like

you can see on the screen here directly

into the the the link associated with

the pin and whoop off it goes and when

somebody clicks that pin they see that

they love that rug and they want to see

where to purchase it they go and they

run from there now the beauty of

Pinterest is that so many it's more than

half the people searching Pinterest are

looking on Pinterest with buyer intent

mean they're actually looking for

something to buy which gives you a huge

boost because this person he's got the

credit card in their hand they're just

looking for what exact you know thing

they're looking for and if you can make

this really niche down Pinterest page

that helps people find exactly what they

are searching for you can make a whole

lot of affiliate commissions by being

helpful the next way is actually

probably my favorite way out of all

these I don't know why I did it ii don't

ask me but this way is using google

adwords and it's using google adwords in

a very very specific way it's using

google adwords to directly link to the

affiliate program okay so a lot of

athletes will use google adwords and

they'll use what's called a bridge page

where if I typed in you know a good

affiliate marketing course up here on my

screen it's gonna show a lot of these

these pages that that might be bridge

pages where they go and you click into

it and then it takes you to a page that

has a link and that takes you to the

affiliate offer ok so there's kind of

this in between that a lot of it floats

too but the way we're going to talk

about right here you can actually direct

directly to your affiliate program

you're not the website you don't do

anything all you've got to be able to do

for this method is create an ad that

looks like this so you need to be able

to type about a hundred and fifty words

effectively to be able to make this

strategy work and obviously there's more

to it than that but that's the gist of

it so step one to this method is finding

affiliate programs that actually are ok

with this quite a few affiliate programs

do not like you running ads on their

keywords in Google Adwords so we have to

eliminate a large number of a fit

programs from the beginning but there's

also a large number of affiliate

programs that don't care because they

don't run their own ads and they are

totally happy with you running ads to

their keywords directly using your

affiliate link so you've got a search

and what you're gonna look for is you're

gonna pull open every affiliate programs

terms and conditions before you start

promoting them and what you're looking

for is words like bid or keyword or PPC

and you're gonna try to see if there's

anything in there that says you may not

bid on these branded terms essentially

and they'll say you know their company

name and probably a few more terms and

if you see that then this method doesn't

work but if you see nothing there that

that looks like that then you're

typically good to start running with

this method what you're gonna do is

you're gonna go and you're gonna get an

affiliate link okay you're gonna go to

an AdWords account I'm gonna show you

right on the screen here so you can see

on my screen we're about we're about one

step into creating a campaign and

AdWords I skip the step where you kind

of just fill out the the generic stuff

instead of your account and stuff but

all you've really got to do is pick a

keyword okay so for example if I was

running for my own affiliate program

called affiliate secrets I would type in

affiliate secrets like this and I put it

in brackets because I want to be very

specific okay I choose a keyword and you

could choose a bunch I can choose

affiliate secrets 2.0 because that's

kind of the real name of it right now

and you can just add all the keywords

you want it's that easy you just tell

Google where you want it to show up okay

next it's gonna take you to a page we

can create those super easy ads you can

see here all you've got to do is we're

creating right here you can see zoomed

in there the the ad example of what

we're creating you're gonna put in your

affiliate link right here okay your

affiliate link directly to the affiliate

site no websites here or anything like

that and then you're gonna type in

headline one and two which is

essentially you know it was

program get affiliate secrets I could

say buy right now and you can see it

just builds a little headline over here

and then you build this text right here

at the bottom so I would say the display

path would be affiliate secrets CO and

you can see here it updates right there

and then all you've got to do is add

some descriptions the best course ever

on affiliate marketing hundreds of

successful students which is true by the

way successful students okay and you've

created your app okay that's literally

all there is to it we're gonna click

Save and continue and it's going up it's

actually shoot its gonna go get this

approved and Google is absolutely not

going to approve it


we'll go cancel that at the end here but

essentially it's all we've got to do is

find an affiliate program that this is

allowed for we're gonna go find the

keywords that people that are looking

for that program are typing into Google

and then we're going to run and put an

ad in front of them with our affiliate

no websites no lead magnets no email

marketing none of that just pure simple

we're ads and at it's you know simplest

form as well method number three

involves creating a Facebook group so

hopefully as an affiliate marketer you

are on Facebook because all the

affiliate marketers are on Facebook

right now and all you're gonna do is

you've got to create a Facebook group

that's focused around a small niche okay

so for me mine is about affiliate

marketing you could create a Facebook

group about e-commerce you could create

a Facebook group around cat lovers you

could create a Facebook group around you

know rugs or I mean anything else on the

planet photography drones anything you

can think of you can create a Facebook

group around and what you're gonna do is

you're gonna try to create this

community you're gonna try to get people

to start joining this Facebook group

because they like the feel and they like

being able to ask questions and

associate with other people in your

space now the way we do that is we post

valuable engaging content okay so we go

into our Facebook group every day and we

we post things that are that are

valuable to the members there and that

gets them to comment and engage and talk

to each other and ask Facebook sees

these people liking the group and

engaging in

group it starts to promote the group for

you across Facebook and then your group

starts to grow then you can do things

like posting on your personal profile

and saying like hey I've got this

Facebook group it's awesome it's a

community to engage in if you're

interested in XYZ let me know and I'll

get you added into that group okay and

so what you're gonna do is you're gonna

probably manually try to get your first

one or two hundred people in there and

then you're going to start just engaging

them engaging them engaging them and the

Facebook will see that really quickly

will say hey most of this group is

really engaged and we can really tell

that this group is about photography so

we're gonna go find people that are

interested in photography and we're

gonna see if they want to join this

group because Facebook loves if their

users have a good experience on Facebook

so once your group starts growing

organically you're gonna add a pinned

post okay like you can see on the screen

here you're gonna have a post it's

basically the very top the first thing

people see when they get into a group is

this post and that post will have an

affiliate link okay so you're gonna pick

some program that you really love and

want to promote and you're gonna say

something in the pin post like hey

welcome to X Y & Z if you're brand new

to photography you're ran into drones

this is the best drone I recommend this

is the course I recommend I'm learning

to fly drones you know stuff like that

and you build out this post in your

Facebook group and you pin it to the top

so everyone sees it as they come in and

then you're getting free marketing from

Facebook and you don't have to build a

website you don't have to build a bridge

page there's no email marketing none of

that stuff just pure simple easy putting

a link online the next thing you're

gonna do is once the group starts to get

big enough you know this is maybe once

you're above a thousand members or so

you're gonna create what's called a

comment ladder and you're going to

you're gonna make post it look like this

okay these are engaging posts that also

have a sales factor will go back to the

drone example you could say hey who

wants to know the number one drone that

that every drone expert is using today

and you'll get 50 60 comments saying me

me me you know I'm new to this I'd love

to know what what the what the best

recommended drone is or who wants to


who wants to get access to a coupon code

to get ten percent off the DJI Mavic

which is a drone this weekend things

like that right and you'll get 50 60

comments which Facebook loves it says

hey look there's a lot of engagement

going on it's crew so your group grows

but also you've got 50 or 60 people that

all just post it on Facebook and they

said hey and told you they're interested

in this affiliate offer and now you can

just go

either direct message each one of these

or just comment into the into that post

where they've commented and let them

know hey here's the link to the 10% off

dealer hey here's the link to the

recommended drone or whatever it is the

year you're trying to sell here it's

very very simple to do once your group

starts growing I'm gonna show you the

next method on the screen and it's

really really cool so you're gonna go to

this you're gonna go to youtube videos

like this ke youtube videos and talk

about things in your niche and then

you're gonna go down and you're gonna go

to the comments and you're gonna post

your affiliate link five times you're

gonna keep commenting it over and over

I'm obviously kidding do not do that

that is the worst way of affiliate

marketing and it's the best way to get

banned from YouTube but the fourth

method does involve YouTube it involves

creating YouTube channel but you don't

have to put your face on this you don't

have to do you know put yourself out

there for this type of YouTube channel

that we're gonna talk about all you've

got to be able to do is learn how to

click upload and maybe use a few more

softwares as well so what you got to do

for this is create whiteboard videos so

you can see on the screen here a lot of

YouTube videos are actually explaining

things right they're explaining how to

do things or what things are things like

that and oftentimes a whiteboard video

is the best type of video for this so

all you gonna do is step one you've got

to create a whiteboard you gotta find a

whiteboard generating software okay a

whiteboard animation software which you

can google and find dozens of them at

various prices with various pointers I

don't have one I recommend because I

think they're all pretty similar but

once you find your whiteboard software

you're gonna find video topics will hop

back on the screen and I'm sure that I'm

talking about you know typing things

like how does - work okay and you can

see you can see it's gonna give you all

kinds of things like how to zoom work

how does this talk where I could work

out of King Crimson work out is paypal

work how does Bitcoin work and you could

type in like a work how does a all those

things work you could type in B and get

how does abacus and all those things

work cuz birth control pills work how

does bitcoin mining work how does bumble

work so you can see there's plenty of

options here for you to make these

videos about and you typically will do

it with how does X Y & Z work and how to

do X Y & Z okay and you'll make these

little whiteboard videos using these

software's you'll basically plug in a

little script you know a two to three

minute script where you explain

something and then the software will


out this handy-dandy little whiteboard

video and then you can upload those to

YouTube now what you're gonna do is in

the YouTube video you're gonna make sure

that at the very end you leave a

description and the very end you're

gonna say hey you know you're looking to

know how does Bitcoin work there's a

link down below on a full training that

teaches you more about it or if there's

a link down below where you can actually

buy Bitcoin and store it easily there's

a coin base link right so that's where

you're gonna make your affiliate link in

your affiliate sale is in the

description of that YouTube video now if

you're willing to put yourself out there

and get your face on YouTube you're

gonna see success a whole lot faster but

if you're not willing to do that there

is a way for you as well and that is

these whiteboard videos all you've got

to do though is make sure that at the

end of each YouTube video you give them

a call-to-action you give them somewhere

to go next and that's typically gonna be

your affiliate link in the description

down below youtube is okay with this

they've expressly said you can have

affiliate links in the descriptions of

your YouTube videos by the way guys if

you have learned something at this point

let me know down below in the comments

let me know what method appeals to you

at least give me a thumbs up that's how

you tip YouTube people okay we get we

get thumbs up and that's our tip all

right the final method once again does

not require our website just requires

you to have a Facebook account now what

we're gonna do in this method is we're

actually going to pretty much be a

direct salesman online we're gonna use

our Facebook Messenger account so if

you're familiar face book has a

messenger aspect to it where you can

direct message people right now once

again for this method we're not gonna go

add 500 friends and then go message

every single one of them with the same

spammy gross message telling them to

click our affiliate link instead what

we're gonna do is we're gonna actually

start making connections online so step

one is we're gonna find a product okay

we're gonna find a product that we

really believe in the key is for this

it's gotta be high ticket it's gotta be

a couple hundred bucks at least because

you're gonna actually do a little bit of

work for every sale probably a lot of

work for each cell so if you make five

bucks after the sale you're probably in

trouble so you need something high

ticket and what you're gonna do is

you're actually gonna go join a bunch of

Facebook groups so you can go to the bar

at the top type in your niche and you'll

see a bunch of Facebook groups and

you're gonna join them

then you're gonna do something novel for

the Internet these days you're actually

gonna talk and associate okay so nothing

automated none of that stuff you're

gonna have discussions with people and

you're gonna comment on their posts and

you're gonna help people and then you're

gonna start making friends and I bet you

if you do this every day for an hour you

will be blown away in 30 days how many

friends you've made in these groups and

these friends are connections right and

now you're gonna start having

conversations every day in your

messenger box you're gonna have 10 15 20

conversations with people or they're

just asking and talking to you about

stuff and it's gonna be very natural

you'll find people saying where did you

learn all this or oh yeah do you have

any pointers or anything like that and

you're gonna be able to hop on and say

yeah absolutely you should take this

course or you should use this tool this

can help you right and hopefully you've

chosen something you truly believe in

and it will be very easy

it'll be very natural and it doesn't

involve any spamming whatsoever it just

involves networking creating those

connections and then when the

opportunity arises taking advantage of

the sale now the key to all five of

these they do involve work this is not

affiliate marketing with no work this is

affiliate marketing with no website so

remember to give me a thumbs up if you

liked it the next video it's gonna teach

you a whole lot more about affiliate

marketing so don't forget to click