Twitch Affiliate Requirements

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What is a twitch affiliate and how do you become one in this video right here

we're gonna go over all the twitch requirements to qualify for twitch

affiliate and we're getting started right now!

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that bell so you know and my videos go live for you if you're a new streamer to

twitch you're probably curious what does it take to become a twitch affiliate

more importantly what exactly is a twitch affiliate twitch affiliate is a

global platform that's right everybody can use it

where streamers are allowed to start earning a revenue off Twitch's platform

with the twitch affiliate program streamers are allowed to start earning

paying subs that can help support their channel streamers can also start earning

twitch bits if you're not sure what a twitch bit is make sure to check out the

video the top of the card there I will also put a link in the description below

for you and finally streamers on Twitch can

start earning in-game sales or in item sales that occur on twitches platform

the twitch affiliate program puts qualified streamers like you and me one

step closer to earning an income off of twitch which is great because it puts me

in a position where I can start making money and also building an audience

while I refine and build myself up to achieve the great twitch partnership now

that I've gone over the twitch affiliate program and what it can do for you and

explained how it works let's go over the requirements it takes

to become a twitch affiliate at the time of this published video right here you

must achieve four goals for twitch for them to accept you for an invite into

their affiliate program goal number one you must stream for eight hours in the

last 30 days goal number two must stream at least seven days in the past 30 days

goal number three must reach an average of three viewers per stream and finally

goal number four you must grow your audience 250 followers when you start

meeting the requirements for twitch affiliate status you'll notice

underneath your dashboard under the path to affiliate checkmarks will start to

appear letting you know that you have accomplished that requirement when

you've achieved all four requirements set forth by the twitch affiliate

program congratulations you'll notice a button will appear to

invite you to the affiliate program just follow the steps through that button

there now let's say you took a break from twitch and you lost one of the

check marks that you earned within that 30-day period you will have to re

achieve that requirement once more until all four have been achieved for you to

get that invite button and like I said before once you get invited to the

twitch affiliate status you'll notice twitch will have a get started process

which you will need to click on and go through which basically just goes over

basic information taxes and payouts and if you have any questions or concerns on

paths make sure to check out a video I did because a lot of people get very

confused about this process after you've walked yourself through the get started

process give yourself some time when I first got affiliated it actually took 2

to 3 weeks for me to get my actual affiliate status twitch is kind of

refine the process and you'll see it happen in just a few days but if it

takes longer just wait sometimes they get a lot of affiliate status invites

coming in let me be the first to congratulate you on a job well done

you're awesome for reaching twitch affiliate status now go out there and

keep on crushing it on twitch because you're an awesome streamer if you guys

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