AMAZON Affiliate Marketing For BEGINNERS in 2021 [FREE $250/Day STRATEGY]

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you already know that has

thousands of products that you can


and make money with but maybe you don't


how to sign up to the amazon associates


the best products that you can sell to

make the most amount of money

and how to promote those products

in the easiest and fastest way well i'm

going to show you

all of that step by step right now and

also if you stay to the end of this


i am going to make this a template that

you can straight up

download that will make this a lot

faster and easier for you

hey what's going on my name is andy fell

i'm the norwegian affiliate marketing

coach and i make a full-time living

through affiliate marketing and not only

amazon associates but other affiliate


as well and this allows me to travel the


currently i'm in greece next month i'm

going to serbia so that's going to be

really fun

but i'll tell you the pros and cons of

amazon affiliate marketing as well as

what everybody is wondering what's the

fastest and easiest way

to make money on amazon affiliate


for beginners in 2021

that's what we're gonna share all of my

knowledge here with you today so you can

basically just

copy what i'm gonna show you right now

you can start

making money with this but we're gonna

start on the basic

level here with step number one which is

to make the amazon associates account

so all you need to do is search on

amazon associates on google right here

and then click on the amazon associates


it's very simple just sign up recommend


earn all you need to do is just sign up

right here

your name email and password and create

your amazon account

if you have an amazon account you can

use the amazon account you already have

then go to your email and copy the otp

enter the otp and create your amazon

account now you need to enter your

account information

you already know how to do this click

next and in order to

join you actually need at least one

website or

mobile app but if you have an instagram

account or you have a

youtube channel you can put that in the

link right here

once you've finished with your profile

you can now start using

amazon associates now that you're inside

you can promote

any product on amazon and make a

commission for it

all you need to do is click right here

search for a keyword and we're gonna

search for

tv right here here you can see all these


tvs and all we need to do is click on

get link

you want to click on text only and then

click on a short link

if anybody clicks on this link they will

end up on this

page right here and you know that it's

an affiliate link because it says

tag equals travel and pleasure dash

20 which is my affiliate id

now once they land on this page they

will get a sticky cookie for 24 hours

that means that

you're not only gonna get commission for

this product right here

if they add like for example toilet

paper or let's say a

star wars helmet or a camera as well

you will also get a commission for that

and from my experience

i make about 30 to 40 percent of my


not from specifically the items i


but from other things that they add to


so that's about 30 40 more than what you


worked for now you might be asking how

much of a percentage

am i going to get if i sell this tv

well look at these fixed standard

commission rates right here

so if you check out this rate you will

see that televisions and digital video


is only two percent right here

while luxury beauty luxury stores beauty

and amazon coins

is 10 and this is

the con with amazon affiliate marketing

in my opinion

yes there's a ton of products yes it's

like the easiest sell because the

amazon has a lot of trust but physical

items have a way lower commission


compared to digital products and digital

products could for example be a

software email marketing crm systems

that people pay

monthly for and with that you can get

anywhere from

40 all the way up to 75

where the maximum here on amazon is you

know about

5 so that means if you want to sell this

tv right here and make a hundred dollars

per day

and you make two percent affiliate

commission so that's one

two nine and two percent hundred

divided by two points that means that

you have to sell

39 tvs just like this one

in order to make a hundred dollars a day

and 39 is a quite a lot

so a quick tip for you is to go either


volume or higher ticket items

now you might be wondering how am i

gonna get my affiliate link

out there you might have heard people

start a blog

make a review video or even a comparison

video like this versus

this or even just make a youtube channel

and put all the links down in the


but my number one recommendation is to

make a

top five or top 10 product

review channel and you don't have to

show your face you don't even have to

talk into the microphone

in order to do this and now even give

you a template that you can copy

that will make this a lot faster for you

if you want to go

into this but let me show you an example

of a channel right here

that is absolutely amazing i have a

secret right here this channel is called

10 best ones and as you can see top five

producing powers

top five air fryers top fame gaming


and as you can see nine hundred thousand

views seven hundred thousand views six

hundred thousand views but

not only that look at this i can keep

scrolling on for days

three hundred thousand views still two

hundred thousand views keep scrolling

two hundred thousand views

for all these videos still a hundred

thousand views each and every video

right here

and do you want to know a secret this


started with robot voice

yep that's right robot voice and you

don't have to

buy the products you don't even have to

own it

in order to make videos like this for

example look at this best action camera


you can see that it's just really easy

pictures with some facts and some images

that just scrolling

maybe a few footage of like the


even and with a voice over in the

background talking about the stats and

all of that which is so

simple go watch one of the videos you

know to see how to make this

and the best part if you click show more

in the description

you can see that they have all the u.s

links all the uk

links and all the dneu

links so everybody from the different

countries can go

and sign up so all you need to do is go


search for airfryer

and then all you need to do is just open

this one in a new tab this one in a new

tab this one in a new tab and all

the top five or top ten and then you

would go

into these and you can just take all the

information right here

and pick out the most important


write it out in your own words then find


easy slideshow videos and images from

this that you can just zoom back and


and that's it it's not simple you can

easily do this when are you gonna start

making your amazon associates youtube

channel now i promise that if you want a

template that will make this a lot

easier for you i have a free

masterclass in the description down

below and you will get a template as

well as i'll show you exactly how to


this video exactly step by step

so that can help you out a little bit

more but hopefully you learn how to do

amazon associates if you want to do more

affiliate marketing i have more videos

over here so check out the master class

in the description down below or

click this video right now in three i'm

gonna go