Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners

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hi everyone this is stephanie i'm

project life mastery comm today i'm

going to share a few how to make money

with amazon affiliate marketing so

amazon has its own affiliate program

which can allow you to promote any

product on amazon and earn a commission

by promoting it so amazon's affiliate

program is called amazon associates

which is a hundred percent free to join

and like I said you can earn a

commission from any product and they

have this affiliate program for every

single one of Amazon's marketplaces so

they have one for which is

within the United States they have one

for Amazon co uk if you want to sell and

promote products inside the United

Kingdom they have it forward

within Canada I am Amazon Australia

India Mexico every single one of the

platforms and to go and access it just

do a Google search for Amazon Associates

or Amazon affiliate program or just go

to slash associate it's not

linked to some of them below for you but

you can promote any product on Amazon

and that's a great thing for affiliate

marketing now there's ways that you can

do this that honestly are not that

profitable because there are some pros

and cons I'll share with you in this

video and there's a way of going about

it which is not that effective like I'll

share with you guys how I make money

with Amazon affiliate marketing but the

money that I make from it is really

insignificant compared to other

affiliate programs and products that you

can promote so I'll share a few the

right way the effective way of actually

making money through amazon's affiliate

program and inside this video i'm gonna

do a screen capture video so I'm

actually gonna share with you my

computer my screen and walk you through

show you behind the scenes of Amazon

Associates and and how I use it in my

business to make some money but like I

said I'll share if you also at the end

better ways you can focus on doing

affiliate marketing and I'll also invite

you there's a link below to a free

masterclass on affiliate marketing that

you can join for free where I'll go

deeper into some of my affiliate

marketing strategies that have allowed

me to make millions of dollars a year

doing affiliate marketing okay

so let's first look at some of the pros

and cons

of Amazon's affiliate program now some

of the the pros the biggest one of

course is that you can promote any

product which is very cool because guess

how many products are available on

Amazon millions of them and you can

promote any single one that you want so

that's pretty cool because a lot of the

companies and the brands might not have

their own private affiliate program I

know for myself there sometimes I

mention a product or is a product I'd

love to promote and share and link to to

earn some commission from that the

company does not have their own

affiliate program in which case I can

just find it on Amazon Associates and I

can just have an affiliate link that way

so it's pretty cool while you can

promote any product out there now as

well another Pro from this is that a pro

is that if you promote a product let's

say you promote a blender let's say can

you link to that the way the Amazon

works is that within 24 hours when they

click your affiliate link they if they

buy other products besides that one even

if they don't even buy that blender you

link to but they buy someone else's

products and a variety of different

things they fill up their shopping cart

and they check out and purchase that

within 24 hours you actually make the

Commission and on all of those products

right so not just the one you link to

you but any of them that they buy within

24 hours now this is a great thing

because most people when they go to

Amazon they don't buy just one product

right they shop around they add up a few

things in their shopping cart and they

usually check out and buy a few

different products so you can increase

the overall Commission you're getting

because of that and that's that's a

really cool thing

I think another very important thing and

valuable is the trust that Amazon has I

mean I remember years and years ago like

10 years ago and even beyond that when

people selling online and everything and

having people buy products people were

very skeptical right they're like afraid


buying something from someone that they

didn't know maybe I'm gonna get scammed

or ripped off and for the most part you

know Amazon's changed the landscape from

that because so many people are

comfortable now buying things online but

Amazon has the brand and the reputation

and the trust with the consumers that

people know when they're on Amazon and

they're clicking to buy something they

feel comfortable buying from Amazon they

feel they can trust the reviews that

Amazon has the credibility they know

Amazon's got a great customer support

and they value the customer they can get

a return or a refund or whatever it is

so products can typically convert better

on Amazon versus trying to promote a

product that is not being sold on Amazon

from someone else's store because of the

trust factor that Amazon has another

benefit is the the one-click vai okay

millions of people they already have

their credit card in Amazon and so when

they won't go to buy the product they

don't have to put in their credit card

details again to buy it it's just the

press of a button automatically charges

their credit card so it's very easy to

get sales that way too which is great

and there's a variety of other pros but

let's focus on some of the cons use a

different color for this so Amazon will

pay typically depending on the product

and category and I'll go through this

later in the video anywhere from 1 to 10

percent commission and to be honest guys

I put this more as a con it could be a

pro in some circumstances because this

is a pretty low Commission and it really

depends on the product that you're

promoting and the reason why their

Commission's are pretty low is because

most products on Amazon physical

products there's overhead and expenses

involved and so they can't give us much

of a commission versus a digital product

like a course or information product

there's not as much expenses involved so

they can actually give affiliates more

of a commission from that so Amazon is a

pretty low Commission like I promoted

books and I'll show you my account and

some of the income that I make later on

this in this video but sometimes man I

promote products and I make like a

dollar you know or make like 12 cents

right just because it's like a ten

dollar product I'm getting paid

a 2% Commission or something like that

for it and the challenge is is that it's

hard to actually make significant

amounts of money from Amazon because of

that because you're not getting a high

enough Commission and the really only

way you can really make the money to be

like a thousands of dollars of income it

is either you're going to have to have

extremely high volume like tons and like

thousands of sales of these low ticket

low Commission things for that to really

add up or you've got to start promoting

high ticket products on Amazon to earn a

commission so for example if you're

promoting books you're gonna get a low

Commission like less than a dollar in

most cases but if you're promoting a TV

camera equipments maybe a treadmill

maybe jewelry high ticket items that are

over $1000 well that one to ten percent

can really add up right ten percent of a

thousand bucks is a hundred dollars

right five percent of a thousand bucks

is fifty dollars and so that's where the

numbers can get a lot bigger and better

is by promoting higher ticket products

but I I consider that a con and that's

why I'll share through later the better

ways I think I'm doing affiliate

marketing where these numbers can add up

a lot higher another con is the fact

that they have a 24-hour cookie so what

that means is when someone clicks on the

affiliate link you only get credit for

any sales that occur within 24 hours of

them clicking on your affiliate link and

most affiliate programs out there they

usually have that cookie the tracking

for 30 days sometimes 90 days because

let's say someone clicks on your link

they add a few items to their shopping

cart but they don't check it out right

away they don't buy it right away

maybe they buy it a week later well

guess what it's outside at 24 hours so

you're not getting credit for those

commissions they're not making any money

from that so that's a downside right

that's that's not good versus another

affiliate program out there besides

Amazon you know they click on your

affiliate link they buy two weeks later

you're still getting credit for that

commission unless they clear their

cookies in their browser or they change

different devices there is a small

percent you can lose out on that like

1% usually but there's it's known as

leakage that happens with affiliate

marketing but for the most part you're

getting credit if they buy within those

30 days or 90 days okay and then also I

say another con - is sometimes the

approval usually you require to set up

just a website a blog to get approved

for their affiliate program and I that

inside a course that I have so join me

on the master class because I can share

with you more about that but sometimes

you got to build up a blog a bit and and

get accepted into the program in which

case once you're accepted and you start

generating some commissions and whatnot

then it's pretty easy to stay in so they

don't accept just anyone you have to

actually show that you have a blog or a

website and to get approved for it now

those are the main things that I really

wanted to express to you and so how

about now I actually do a screen share

and I'll walk you through some of the

steps and how the affiliate program

works I'll share with you how much money

I make from it and a few of the

strategies of what I do to leverage the

Amazon affiliate marketing so let's dive

into that okay let's now dive into


affiliate program this is known as

Amazon Associates again you can access

this by going to forward

slash associates or you can find that

code out UK Canada Australia different

marketplaces by doing a Google search

for it but first I want to share with

you the Amazon fee schedule so this is

the affiliate commission that you can

make based on the product category I did

mention that it's usually anywhere from

1% to 10% so you can see certain

categories like Amazon fashion women's

fashion men's fashion kids you know you

can earn up to 10% commission from that

furniture home home-improvement

categories etc 8% a variety of different

ones like you know shoes and luggage and

Amazon Cloud cam and it was on fire TV

devices 7% headphones 6% you know

physical video games and video game

consoles 1% so it's important to know

this because based on the products

you're going to promote you want to make

sure that

the Commission's gonna make sense for

you to really promote it but another

kind of cool thing they have is they can

also also pay you based on a bounty

program they have so if people end up

signing up for example Amazon Prime

video you can earn 3 dollar bounty rate

for that if people sign up for Amazon

business you can earn a 15 dollar

commission for that if they sign up for

Amazon music the free trial you earned 3

dollars from that so you can also make

money on the different services that

Amazon has available - and they have

third-party networks but I'll link to

this for you guys to dive into it so

here I am logged into my Amazon

Associates account now as I mentioned

before most of the affiliate marketing I

do is not through Amazon Associates the

way that I use Amazon Associates is

actually only if there's a product that

I might share or mention in my blog or

something like that that I feel like you

know I might as well just have an

affiliate link - if I'm gonna link to it

on Amazon it might as well be an

affiliate link so I can at least earn

something and get something from Amazon

by doing it that way but for the most

part I do not really focus on this as a

way of making money it's just kind of a

suppli supplementary extra income

whatever I make from it great and it's

not a significant amount by any means

there is a strategy like I said to

actually make money from doing amazon

affiliate marketing and that strategy

would be promoting high ticket products

those that are over $1000 like I said

TVs and camera equipment and jewelry and

you know more expensive products that's

when it can really add up and make you

money but I'll just share with you guys

behind the scenes of my account here so

if I scroll down I can see that you know

so far for this month has been 192 items

that were shipped the total earnings

that I made from that is $285 so that's

very insignificant as you can imagine

out of these items 180 of them were

ordered and this was the number of

clicks of people that clicked on my

affiliate link so almost 5,000 clicks

then that conversion rate is three point

six five percent okay so as you can

see based on all of that traffic and

clicks this is not a significant amount

of money to make from this in fact I

could promote other products that like

one product for example that could pay

me over $285 commission just from one

sale one commission I have some high

ticket products that I promote that are

outside of Amazon its affiliate program

that I can earn $500 $1,000 for one sale

and you know with that kind of similar

conversion rate even a one percent

conversion rate would make me

significantly more money than just doing

the Amazon affiliate program so I kind

of want to share that that's kind of a

negative side of it I'd say but this

money is better than nothing but it's

not anything that you're gonna live off

of okay so let's go a little bit deeper

here this is more of an in-depth report

so over the last 30 days the total was

359 dollars when I include the the

Commission of the products as well as

the bounties and I can kind of see a

summary of this but here's some of the

products that I've earned commissions

from so you know people buy Amazon gift

cards of course I didn't earn anything

from that here's a book that I've

promoted actually many years ago that I

still make passive income from to this

day it's a book called brain over binge

so this is a book that helps people with

binge eating it's actually a really

great quality book you can learn about

it here and I've been able to make some

money by promoting it so you know here I

made about $8.20 and 3 dollars and 96

cents here and you can tell it's not

significant okay because this is a low

ticket product sells from anywhere from

$9 to $15 and it's not really gonna make

a significant amount of money but the

way that I promoted it though ends and I

mentioned it for example in this blog

post that I did so in the blog post in

the YouTube video I mention it and if

I'm gonna mention it and link to it

might as well be an affiliate link so if

we come down here you know here's the

affiliate link that I have that makes me

money so I link to it here people click

on it and then if they go ahead and

purchase it within 24 hours

then I earn the Commission's that you

see here okay you know here's some other

additional books you know here's kind of

like a product that I don't really

promote but if people ended up buying


they just kind of included it within

their cart so you can see mostly these

products are books

okay nothing that's really high ticket

although there's one you know here that

is a little bit more of a high ticket

products II you can find it me back in

sort things a little bit better okay so

for example this rebounder this is a

mini trampoline for this one I end up

earning twenty dollars per commission

however it's not converting that great

you know I'd have twelve hundred clicks

you know only one item been shipped it's

a four hundred fifty dollar product you

know it so it's not not that great but

it looks like some people clicked on

that link but ended up buying this one

instead right or they bought this one

okay this one looks like it got a sale

and there might be a few others I could

dive into but you know an example of

that one is I have this YouTube video

here where I share rebounder and the way

that I make money from it my affiliate

link is right here in the description of

this video

okay and they have a private affiliate

program to actually so I don't just

promote on the Amazon because sometimes

for example this product this rebounder

let's pull it up here this rebounder the

commission that I'm making here is lot

less here on Amazon then of me going

directly to this company so for example

if I go to Google and I type in seller

sizer David Hall affiliate program he

actually has an affiliate program where

he'll pay a better Commission so here

his affiliate program he'll pay $50 to

Mission for each sale and what am I

getting here on Amazon I'm getting $20

right so I mean Amazon has the trust and

whatnot but I mean I would make more

money by linking to this guy's private

affiliate program so that's just an

example where sometimes amazon might not

be the best way and sometimes the

company has their own private affiliate

program that can make things a bit

better now the other way that I use

Amazon affiliate marketing is here on my

resource page so I mentioned already I

usually books I linked

you affiliate links which as you can see

I don't make that much money from but

might as well make something by doing it

it's no extra cost to the customer I

always got to make sure when I do

affiliate marketing that I have an

affiliate disclaimer by the way so I

always put this page contains affiliate

links if you purchase a product through

one of them I will receive a commission

at no additional cost to you

I only ever endorse products that have

personally used and benefited from

personally thank you for your support so

that's something you've got to have for

FTC disclosure but if I come down here

these are all the resources that I use

in my business and life or most of them

and by the way is one of my favorite

pages of my website which hopefully

you've checked out and gone through but

if we come down here you know there's

some products that their affiliate

program is just through Amazon so the

camera equipment that I use the

Panasonic gh4

this is an Amazon affiliate link the

canon c300 Mark to Amazon affiliate link

the sign Heiser lavell ears right

so I ID link to those products am Amazon

because you know these some of these are

higher ticket products that I share but

some products like that I'll link to

here on my resource page obviously some

of these books that I recommend and have

gone through as well but that's that's

the only other way that I really make

money with Amazon affiliate is just

products here my resource page as well

as in some of my contents and videos and

books and whatnot now I did mention that

this is not the best way of making money

okay there's an again not unless you're

really doing high ticket stuff so I'm

mostly doing this video to share with

you the reality of of Amazon affiliate

marketing now I make millions of dollars

a year through affiliate marketing but

it's not through this obviously it's

because I'm promoting higher ticket

products to more private affiliate

programs and networks that you can earn

much higher commissions on products that

Amazon will pay I recommend only doing

Amazon affiliate marketing if a you're

doing it around high ticket product okay

like I said over $1000 plus and you're

really getting a good Commission from it

and it makes sense that way or only do

it as just supplemental okay you have a

blog you have some

and if you're gonna mention a book or if

you're gonna mention something and it's

only you know available on Amazon and

you can have an affiliate link for it

then go for it that then do that and

you'll make an extra couple hundred

bucks maybe doing it that way but

otherwise it's not going to be that

worthwhile for you in which case I do

recommend affiliate marketing but a

better strategy finding higher ticket

products promoting maybe more digital

products and courses and trainings that

have a higher price point but they can

also pay more of a commission a 50%

Commission instead of some of these

cases like a 2 or 3% Commission a 50%

Commission that's the Commission's I

want you to get on higher ticket

products and I love to teach you and

show you how to do that

through my affiliate marketing mastery

master class this is a free training

that I do that I'd love to invite you to

join me on the link is in the

description or go to WWE mastery com one

thing I didn't forget to mention is if I

come back here you can search for any

product let me just kind of show you how

that works so let's type take in the a

rebounder all those type for that

there's almost done with this video but

I forgot this so as you can see there's

any product here that I can promote I

can just click on get link let's say I

want to promote this one actually that's

a bad one it's only $30 let's go back ok

let's say that I want to promote one

that is a couple hundred bucks $250 okay

click on get link and here I can there's

different links I can create so this is

like an iframe that has it's going to

look like this with the banner on it if

you just want a text link you can click

here and click on a short link okay you

can copy and paste that that would be

your affiliate link or just a standard

link which you can utilize as well or if

you just want to use in the image like

this and have this be an affiliate link

you can copy and paste this and put this

in the HTML section of your blog so

that's how you would find the products

and promote them is just by taking the

links here and linking to

promoting it okay so that's it for

Amazon affiliate marketing hopefully you

enjoyed this video if you did I'd love

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comm thank you so much always believe

commit to mastery I'll see you again

soon take care