How to Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners in 2020 [Step-by-Step]

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hey guys so in this video i'm showing

you the best way to start affiliate

marketing today

from scratch with little to no money

i've been able to generate over 10 000

per month in affiliate income just using

these strategies we'll go through all

the different ways that you can drive

traffic to your platform

the best niches to be in as well as the

best paying affiliate networks and

platforms out there so make sure to

watch all the way through because i'm

going to show you step by step

how you can start building your own

affiliate marketing business the first

step is to get your audience and a lot

of people think like

hey i don't have a big audience right

now there's no way i can actually get

started in affiliate marketing well the

truth is that almost

everyone actually has an audience and if

you think about it you have your own

facebook right if you have a facebook

that means you have

x amount of friends on there and you are

allowed to post

on your timeline and when you do that

other people can see what you post so

this is in itself a form of affiliate

marketing you might also have like a

personal website

an instagram a tick tock a youtube

channel anything where you have

followers or an audience this is going

to make it possible for you to actually

start affiliate marketing the second

step of starting your own affiliate

marketing business is to find

an affiliate network or platform so what

is an affiliate network well it's

basically a platform that has a bunch of

different companies and brands on it and

once you join that affiliate network

you can actually apply to all these

brands and companies in one spot

and then on that website you can track

all your stats you can see your

referrals and it just makes it a lot

easier than you know going out there and


multiple different affiliate programs

and just sort of losing track of all of

them so i will say that for beginners

this is the first thing you have to do

in order to get your affiliate marketing

business set up and like i said before

anyone can start doing this you don't

have to be a famous influencer you don't

have to have like 100

000 followers on instagram as long as

you have some type of audience you can

start today and you know i'm not saying

that you're going to be extremely

successful with a small audience you

probably won't but the key to any

business is just getting started

learning as you do it and then building

your audience creatively so there are

tons of different affiliate networks and

platforms out there some of them

include amazon associates commission

junction partner stack

and impact radius now i'm not going to

talk about all these in detail in this

video but i will go more in depth with

amazon associates because that's one

that literally anyone can start

right now as well as partner stack which

is another network that i find

extremely extremely good so right now

let's talk about amazon associates this

is the one

platform that you guys can literally

just sign up for today and start doing

right now amazon is not the best paying

affiliate marketing uh network out there

it's the most beginner friendly platform

that you guys can join today

and literally anyone can share products

that are available on to buy

and have their audience

purchase them right like everyone can

make content that relates

to products available on amazon and you

know be able to get

a commission out of that so the program

itself is called amazon associates and

if you just google it you can see

it's the first link that shows up so

we're gonna click on that and just check

out what this

is so right off the bat we can see that

amazon associates it's one of the

largest affiliate marketing programs

in the world and it's very easy to sign

up you guys you guys can literally after

watching this video

sign up today literally anyone can join

and so there is really no requirement

for like how many

uh viewers you have how many people see

your blog or anything like that

and what this program allows you to do

is if you have any products that you use

yourself or that you recommend

you can put your own customized

affiliate links

in the descriptions of your videos or

post it on your facebook wall or just

send it out to your email list whatever

audience it is you have

you can send out these links that are

tracked to your account so whenever

someone clicks on that link

and sees the product that you have a

link to and then they purchase it

you will get a small commission based on

the product type and you know the

specific industry of that product

and the really cool thing is that even

if you let's say link

to a rice cooker or like a computer

and they click on that link but they end

up purchasing something else

you will still get a commission for that

other product so here we can see there's


frequently asked questions so if you

guys are like ever interested in this


definitely check out the website there's

a ton of information on here that you

guys will find helpful but let's say we

want to start signing up

basically i think everyone has an amazon

account so you just click sign up

uh you use your existing account and

yeah the silent process is quite easy

they'll ask for what your platforms are

like what you want to do with the

program but everyone gets approved

the only thing i will say is that you

have to have a certain amount of

people actually buy your products within

a certain time frame so if you don't

let's say get

three sales in the first six months i

think that's what it is but don't quote

me on that

then they won't actually activate your

account and you have to start over again

but really three sales in six months

not that hard so now we're in my own

amazon associates dashboard you can kind

of see what it looks like

but here in the product linking section

this is where you actually find the

products you want to

put on your website or wherever it is

and and have people click on the link

let's say i want to get people to

check out rich dad poor dad which is one

of my favorite

books definitely recommend checking this

out if you haven't already

totally will shift your mindset about

money and you know everything like that

so i looked up

rich dad poor dad and here is gonna be

all the products that match that search

criteria so i'll click

get link here you can click that or you

can click here and it's going to

give you the link that you can just copy

and paste so what i normally

don't use is the super long one you know

it just takes up way too much space

so i will use the shortened url just

click that

and this is what you can copy and paste

you can also click get link and that's

going to give you some more

advanced options that you can do for

example you can do text in the image

you can change like the background color

title color price color

all that stuff you can make it text only

you can also make it image only so yeah

a lot of different ways you can start

promoting amazon products let's also try

looking up let's say a macbook pro


these types of products give you some

pretty hefty commissions you know

because it is

percentage based and if you have like

three percent of a thousand dollars two

thousand dollars

that can be a pretty sizable commission

so yeah right here we have

new apple macbook pro 16-inch so that's

going to be 2149

and i don't know what the exact

commission is on laptops

but that's going to be i think at least

like sixty dollars

so really this is the most versatile of

affiliate programs i think because you

can literally find

any type of product out there and it's

probably gonna relate to your niche and

you know make sense for you to promote

and like i said before the product

that they end up buying doesn't

necessarily have to be the one that you

actually link to

if they click on your link to a macbook

pro but they buy a different computer or


buy energy drinks or they buy like a

water filter you still get a commission

on those products so the next affiliate

network that i think is really great

that anyone can join and

i think this is actually where most of

my revenue comes through is partner

stack yeah partner stack is an awesome

platform they have so many different


available in their network that you can

partner with and i just think that the

interface is extremely good

they have great commissions and you know

the companies that they have in their


they're all very reliable they're all

companies that people actually want to

use which

you will see is very important and you

have the payouts with partner stack you

just connect it with your stripe account

and then that's very easily transferred

into your bank account so now i'm in my

partner stack

dashboard i'm not going to show you guys

my actual home page or stats

because i think that is confidential

information but now i'm in the


and yeah this is where you can find all

the different companies and brands that

you could

potentially um be an affiliate with so

let's go through this list

you can just see that there are tons and

tons of different big name brands

i know that bench right here is a really

good one that a lot of people promote

and 200

for every paid referral that's really

good let's keep going down this list

you can just see that there are all

different types of affiliates

in this marketplace and that's what

really makes an affiliate network like


so good it takes out so much leg work in

actually going out directly

and finding all these affiliate programs

you just get all of them in one

centralized place which makes it a lot

easier so sometimes i'll just go through

these lists

and see hey is there are there any

companies that i could potentially work

with that might

be congruent with my types of content

that i'm making right now and

if there are then i'll join the program

or apply for the program

um and just start being an affiliate for

that company so i just recommend you

guys if you want to start affiliate

marketing join an affiliate network like

this it's just going to make everything

a lot easier so now we've gone through

amazon associates and partner stack

just two really great affiliate

platforms that i recommend you guys to

join there are some other ones i also

recommend like commission junction and

impact radius those are also very good

very similar to partner stack and i will

say you guys don't have to join an

affiliate network even though i

definitely recommend it you can also

reach out and

sign up directly with companies that

have their own affiliate programs for

example when we were looking through

partner stacks um

affiliates you saw that there was bench

dot co right they paid 200

per referral well they also have their

own direct affiliate program that you

can access

on their website so you could if you

wanted to just sign up directly with


and do it that way but going back to

these direct affiliate programs with

companies some really good ones are for


bluehost i know they pay about like 65

dollars per referral

teachable and thinkific and kajabi are

all great these are

online course platforms that pay out i

think about 25 30 percent

there's cabbage which does uh personal

loans there's weeble for stocks there's

m1 finance for stocks

and there's also real estate express for

uh real estate courses so let's just

dive into two of these direct affiliate


uh let's start off with teachable which

i think is a great great program so here

we're on the teachable affiliate website


basically this you know all these

websites they just give you a good

introduction of what the program is what

their terms are and how much they pay so

you can see that with teachable yeah

they say that they're one of the best

affiliate programs in the industry

i don't doubt that and they currently

pay out 30 commissions with a 90-day


what that means is that if someone

clicks on your link but you know they

don't make the purchase right away

they'll actually track that for 90 days

so let's say that two months later

they're like hey i want to actually sign

up for teachable if they go ahead and

sign up for teachable then you still

will get that 30

commission another really good thing

about this affiliate is that it has

recurring revenue so

for these monthly plans people are

paying them every single month and for a

program like teachable

well they're going to give you 30 of the

revenue that they get for the lifetime

of that client

so you can easily see just how much

money you could potentially make

by getting a lot of these affiliates

getting people to click on them and

actually sign up and just

making a lot of recurring revenue like

that i know before i started with

affiliate marketing i was like you know

there's no way that people are making

that much money just

referring people to different products

or services well the truth of the matter

is that

there is so much scalability with this

like if you have a big audience

and you get a lot of clicks on your

links then there's no chance that

your conversion rate is so low that you

don't make any money you're gonna have a

pretty good conversion rate

especially if you're making targeted

content which we'll talk about more

later and in doing so you get a lot of


passive income that just keeps coming in

every single month okay let's also check

out bluehost's

affiliate program which i know is very

popular for people that

do content about personal branding or

building websites like bluehost is one

of the

biggest website hosters in the world so

the conversion for them is actually

extremely extremely good

so if we look at the website uh we can

see that they pay 65

for each qualified sign up which is very


their branding is on point and i think

almost everyone that

wants to make a website already knows

about them so if they're clicking on

your link and they're seeing

bluehost and there's like a good deal or

something there is a pretty good chance

that they will actually

sign up so we can see that they are free

to join literally anyone can you know

join the program and that's why i

recommend bluehost it's one that you


literally joined today after watching

this video they track all your stuff

there's a dedicated team to help you out

and yeah according to their website they

paid out over

five million dollars in commissions in

the last year so that's

that's a lot of money you guys now will

say that i haven't made any money with

bluehost but that is also because i


put their link in any of my videos yet

but yeah definitely one that i

might recommend you guys to use

especially if you make content about

anything that relates to building

websites all right so now let's talk

about what types of products sell the

best and what types of products will

actually make you the most amount of


services and courses anything that

doesn't really have a physical product

will offer the

best commission plans i mean it makes a

lot of sense right like when you

have a lot of overhead when you have a

lot of fixed product costs

you you just can't really offer

affiliates that big of a

commission however when you have let's

say a course that sells for

500 and each copy of that course

literally costs you you know zero

dollars extra then you can afford to pay

affiliates a lot of money and i know


a lot of courses they will pay

affiliates up to like 50 60

even 70 commissions one thing that

really separates the people that

make not too much money from affiliate

marketing and those that make a lot of

money from affiliate marketing

is the types of products and brands that

they work with you absolutely just have

to find the

high paying programs because in any

industry there are

affiliate programs which aren't good and

there are affiliate programs which are

really good so once you find those high

paying affiliate programs

and you pair that with making really

valuable and targeted content that is

when you can really scale your affiliate

marketing business and make

over six figures per year now let's talk

about what niches

are good to get into and i will say that

any niche with money

is probably going to be a better fit for

you if your goal with

affiliate marketing is to make money the

reason for this is one because the

average sale is a lot

higher and since commissions are almost

always based on a flat fee that is

directly correlated with the sales price

or a percentage you will make more money

for each sale so think about you have

one person that

makes let's say a website about teddy


and they have uh affiliate links to

different teddy bears on the website

versus someone that has a website about

let's say

camera equipment right these things cost

thousands and thousands of dollars and

when they put affiliate links to these

types of products

they're going to get a lot more

commission income than the person that

you know is making content about teddy

bears so that's why niches like

online education technology you know


video investing all that stuff with lots

of money in them

those pay extremely well however i will

say that you can make a lot of money

literally in any niche as long as you

have enough

volume i just want to say that it is

probably and likely a lot easier to make

more money

in a high paying niche so if you don't

have niche yet definitely consider that


choosing what type of content you want

to make so like i mentioned before

amazon associates

you can't make too much money i think

that is my lowest

paying affiliate network that i am part

of however you can definitely get smart

with it and make more money you know i

just haven't really

prioritized that because i have other

affiliates that i think pay me a lot

better but amazon is definitely one that

literally anyone can make content about

and place those links in it and have it

make sense so if you want to be

successful on amazon associates i


pitching expensive products that

generate between fifty dollars to a

hundred dollars

per sale it's much better than pitching

products like books that cost you know

like eight dollars and then you make

let's say

20 cents from the sale all right the

next really important step for affiliate

marketing is

being able to make the right type of

content there's one key word that i just

want you guys

all to really remember and anytime

you're making content literally have

this word at the front of your mind so

that word is

value and value is something that any

content creator should just really


to give if you're not giving value then


not a chance that anyone is going to

really want to

share your content watch your content

and be engaged with your content i think

a lot of content creators start

out making a lot of personal content

about their lives

but in my experience i think most people

just don't care about your personal life

until you become

a pretty big name so that's why i

recommend just starting out and making


evergreen content that people can get a

lot of value on and this can come in

many different ways so on youtube what i

like to do is

i make these evergreen videos that

people can search and find

about how to do something or top five

something the best part about this is

that when you're helping people out

but two the viewers on that video are

extremely targeted right

they clicked on that video to learn

about one specific thing and when you

have a targeted audience like that it

makes it a lot easier for you to

actually take advantage of affiliate

links place them in the descriptions of

your videos

and get conversions my guideline is if

you're just starting out with youtube or

you're just starting out making content

how-to content is the best thing to

start with because that way you

automatically have to give value right

if you're telling someone how to do

something you're giving them some type

of value

and oftentimes when you're giving value

there is also going to be some type of

service that can be connected to it so

for example if i'm making a video about

how to start a youtube channel then

amazon associates is going to be one of

the perfect

types of links to put in my description

when you're making youtube videos

you will likely have to buy camera

equipment gear you know storage all that

stuff so literally put in your


this is the computer i use this is the

light that i use this is the camera that

i use

it just flows really well and i find

that the better the affiliate link

relates to the type of content the

better it does now this doesn't only

work for youtube it also works for

websites which you guys can literally

start like right now

for 10 the cost of a domain the best

types of websites for affiliate

marketing in my opinion are

product review websites blog websites

that share a lot of information and yeah

just any website that offers

targeted value this is where you can get

really creative because i know

a lot of people are already doing stuff

like this but there's just so much more


market for this that you guys can

definitely take advantage of so just

thinking like right now i'm

facing my kitchen and i see a bunch of

pots you can make a website that

reviews different types of stainless

steel pots non-stick pots

all that stuff and put affiliate links

to amazon

in the actual blog or article itself

that is the type of website where people

on your website

they either found your website uh

through word of mouth or through google

and they're actively searching for that

stuff so the chances of them

uh buying a pot that you review and

recommend is quite high

and also this works for social media too

a lot of people don't realize that

they can connect these affiliate links

to their social media profiles what you

can do is you can make something like a

link tree or a custom links page and

put that link in your profile what i'll

do is let's say for example on my tick

tocks i will pitch a certain product or


and i'll tell people to go to my profile

and then click on the link there now in

that link

that is where you can have a bunch of

different affiliate links and that is

where people can actually click on it

and go and make the purchase

yeah you guys just get creative there

are so many different ways that you can

add value and then

put a link that also helps people out

but gets you some type of commission i

will say that once you get your

affiliate marketing um companies and

brands you're working with set up

the next biggest thing is just to really

scale your audience and build your


the only way that you can have a really

really successful affiliate marketing


is by having a lot of eyes so that could

mean building up your youtube channel

that could mean uh getting more ranking

pages for your blog on google that could

be getting more

instagram and ticked off followers

whatever it is just work on building

that audience and the income you make

with affiliate marketing

will scale with your audience size so

yeah those are the best ways to start

getting into affiliate marketing and

starting to make money in this amazing

amazing industry you absolutely do not

have to be an influencer to start with

this but i will say that starting

affiliate marketing is much much

different than being successful at it

anyone can start but

not a lot of people can get creative

enough or build a big enough audience

where the income from affiliate


is significant it takes a lot of time

consistency and

a lot of creativity in making content

but literally you guys can start today i

just recommend

getting on one of those affiliate

networks finding different products that

you could recommend and yeah if your

goal is to

make money in affiliate marketing pick

more profitable niches pick more

profitable products and then just

continue to make a lot of consistent

and targeted uh content that gives a lot

of value to your audience

this is such a rewarding industry and

it's also so

passive you guys like you can literally

not do anything on some days

and just see money roll in this is

because think about it you have a lot of

content out there you've

invested the time to make helpful

content on your blog or on youtube or

wherever it is and people will continue

to watch that content for a long time so

you don't need to be actively

making more content to see that money

come in it's not all glamorous like not

everyone that does affiliate marketing


six figures a year but i will tell you

guys that the income you can make

is a lot lot higher than you think and

if you're smart with it and you're

consistent with it it's definitely an

income stream that you guys can start

working on today and build into a six or

seven figure business so yeah thank you

guys so much for watching you know this

whole channel is about

finding different ways to make money it

doesn't have to be in a traditional way

like a nine-to-five job

it can also be in a lot of

non-traditional side hustles so if you

want to see more videos just like this

well first make sure to hit that like

button but also subscribe to my channel

for more videos just like this

i make a ton of content about

entrepreneurship personal finance and

investing so that's it for today thank

you guys so much for your time and i'll

see you guys in the next video