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what's up you guys it's Madison I'm back

with another video please excuse my

voice I'm a little bit sick right now

but I'm still just want to film this

video for you guys because I've been

getting a lot of questions in my dance

on Instagram asking me questions about

esthetician schools so if you don't

already know

I started esthetician school on

September 30th I was in school at

Kennesaw State University and I withdrew

from my classes to start esthetician

school I'm about three months into the

program it's a nine month program but

yeah I just wanted to answer some of the

questions that you guys have about

esthetician school tell you guys about

my experience so far and just kind of

like tell you guys all about it because

I know that whenever I was looking into

starting school I would always try to

watch videos like these and I watched a

few good ones but I feel like there were

really a lot of like very helpful ones

so I thought why not make them myself I

don't know it's just very helpful to

hear other people's opinions and stuff

like that when you're getting ready to

jump into something brand new so for

starters I always kind of knew that I

was really just skincare and I knew I

was really into makeup just all that

type of stuff I also knew that I was not

very happy in college I was just going

for a business major and I just wasn't

hundred percent sure of what I wanted

for my major the only thing I was under

percent sure of is that I wanted to do

esthetician school so my plan all along

was I was just going to finish out my

classes I can still stay you know

whatever and then jump into esthetician

school after graduating so but then the

more that I was thinking about I'm like

I don't technically need this degree so

it's honestly just a waste of time and

money to stay in college when I could

just start esthetician school I'm also

very young I'm only 18 years old so I

could still easily go back to college

right when I finished as a surgeon

school if I wanted or if I wanted to

switch up when I'm doing anything like

that so like I said before I withdrew

from my classes in literally two weeks

later I

and registered and started esthetician

school the school that I go to is Elaine

Stirling Institute I live in Atlanta


so that's located in Lenox Mall it's a

really nice school if you live in the

area and you're interested in that I

definitely recommend going to tour the

school the school all around is just

like really clean really nice really put

together all that also the process for

registering is like really easy like

it's mandatory that you go on the tour

before you can register you so you go on

the tour you have some paperwork to fill

out they offer financial aid all of that

so yeah the whole signing up registering

process is very easy and then they have

a new starting class every three weeks

so once you tour it papers and

everything the latest that you will

start from that day it would be three

weeks unless you just chose to push back

your start day and wait longer but in my

opinion I think that's what really

helped me to like push me to just go

ahead and get started because I went

inside the papers they were like okay we

have a start day in two weeks like do

you want to start then and I'm like yes

like I just withdrew from my classes

like give me something to do so they'll

offer a morning class in a night class

they have two different night class

options I believe I do the morning class

so I go from nine o'clock in the morning

until 2:30 at night I personally like

doing in the morning way more because I

get home at three o'clock and I have the

whole rest of my day to do whatever I


so yeah it works out pretty good for me

there is some traffic in the mornings

but I mean that's just because I live

kind of far so I'm just going to be

answering some of the questions that

I've gotten through Instagram and then

just kind of elaborating on them hello

Paisley so one of the main questions

that I was curious about whenever I was

first starting was about like homework

and like any of the work after school

and honestly for me personally I don't

do much homework outside of class we do

have tests a lot of which I'm going to

get more into that later but we do have

tests that you need to study for there

is like

some little assignments but usually we

get enough time in class for me at least

to finish them and personally I'm just

not much of a studier like I'll study it

while I'm there but I just personally

don't like to study and I'm not good at

studying so I don't really do that

outside of school

but yeah I guess this would be a good

transition for me to talk about kind of

what we do on a day to day basis so

there is a lot more like theory and book

work than I was expecting personally but

it's also a very good balance of theory

to clinic floor time so my schedule now

like what I would do if I went in right

now is we I would get there at 9:00 we

would start doing theory or working on

our assignments or you know going

through a PowerPoint doing textbook work

anything like that from about 9:00 to

11:00 we go to lunch idle of 15 we come

back at 12 and then right after lunch we

go straight to the clinic floor set of

our beds do facials do a demo of a

facial anything like that if you're more

interested in hearing about like what I

do from a day to day basis at

esthetician school I have a esthetician

school week in my life video already up

on my channel so I will link that down

below for those of you who want to watch

that I also have a video where I kind of

show what came in my kids let me just

pause for a second and go ahead and say

this the tuition was about $15,000 they

do offer financial aid at my school and

the price for a different school to

school like all the esthetician schools

in my area at least the prices were very

comparable I personally thought that

Elaine sterling was like the very best

out of all the schools in my area I

didn't personally goat or any of the

other ones but just from reading reviews

and all that and after touring this one

I should do that it's where I wanted to

be personally everyone has a different

preference so I would really recommend

going in touring like three to four

schools in your area just seeing what

seems like the best fit for you maybe

talking to former students or current

students at the

schools and just kind of hearing and

then talk about what it's like that's

kind of another reason I wanted to start

making YouTube videos about it because I

know that's like a place where a lot of

people like to go to figure out

information about stuff like that

so yeah but so like I was saying it was

about 15 between 15 and 16 thousand

dollars for tuition it is a nine-month

program you must get a thousand hours to

graduate and then take State Board to

get your license so you have to have a

thousand hours at school so like I said

I'm not even like halfway through the

program I'll probably make another video

similar to this what's up completely

done but what I know about it is that

it's kind of like this for a little

while longer where it's like theory and

clinic floor and then more towards the

end we go into the spa where basically

long story short

we're just taking clients and working

for free but I don't like to think of it

like that because that just seems kind

of bad like working for free it's really

just getting good experience with

working with different people working

with clients so I personally am really

excited to start doing that because I

mean I think it'll be very helpful for

like the future in my career as an

aesthetician that's another thing about

being a citizen there are so many

different career paths that you can take

you can just a web your own little

independent business and minutes a lot

and just do your own thing you can

become an employee at a salon you can do

more of like the medical esthetician

work under a doctor there's really just

so much that you can do with it so yeah

there's really just a lot that you can

do with your license another thing that

I just really quickly wanted to touch

how at least people that y'all are going

to to get services like for example

eyelashes even eyebrows stuff like that

people are not supposed to be doing

those things without an aesthetician

license so at least in the SE of Georgia

it's like that so these people that

y'all are going to if they're like

messing up your stuff like just go to

someone that you know is licensed and

that you know isn't professional because

these people are getting certified by

people that

I don't even have their license either

it's just a really scary thing to be

going to people that don't know what

they're doing because this is like your

face that we're talking about so I feel

like it's really important to just go to

someone that you know is a licensed

professional in whatever they're doing

so yeah the main two questions I was

getting on Instagram where how long is

the school tank which already said nine

months and then how much does it cost

and I said it was between fifteen and

sixteen thousand but they do offer

financial aid someone else is the

material you have to learn a complex I

would say yes and no because it's really

up to you how much you really want to

like dive in and learn the materials

that you have to know like for tests and

for stay board and stuff I would say

it's more of like the basic stuff but

you're obviously gonna want to be as

knowledgeable as possible because this

is like going to be where your job is I

don't know you just want to know as much

as possible about what you're doing

because if a client asks you a question

like you don't want to not know the

answer to it because that just would

make your client feel kind of unsafe if

you don't even know you're talking about

overall my experience at aesthetician

school has been very good I mean I just

kind of like go in my business I'm there

to learn I'm not there like you'll watch

all these videos about all the dramas of

cosmetology schools and stuff like that

it's like people people that I do that I

just choose to be part of that I don't

choose to be part of that there's not

really much of that in my class

personally so that's not really an issue

for me but even if it was I would just

kind of stay out of it because at the

end of the day I'm there to learn I'm

there to get my license and then I'm out

you know one thing that I was very

surprised about that I was really

excited about also is how quickly we

learned facials and started like

actually working on each other and doing

facials like I've only been there for a

couple of months like two and a half

three months and I'm already done like

over ten facials on people I've brought

my boyfriend in I've brought my mom in

and giving them services so yeah it's

just overall really fun like I never

dread going to school

the worst part about is waking up early

but like what's up there it's honestly

really fun and I don't know I enjoy it

it's already going by like very fast so

it's definitely a lot of work it's

definitely a big time commitment but if

you truly love aesthetics if you truly

love what you're going there for then

you're gonna get in and do the work and

get out like that's really just a like

you have to go through this process to

get your license to be able to do what

you want to do so at the end of the day

it's going to be worth it

yeah it's a lot of time like I haven't

been I haven't had to like give up this

much of my time for anything since high

school and my senior year of high school

I do enrolled which means I took classes

at Kennesaw State so I only went like

for a couple hours out of his day not

even every day of the week so I haven't

had to have I had to have given up this

much of my time in a minute so that's

the hardest part but it's definitely

going to be worth it because I'm so

excited to graduate get my license and

start what I'm going to do so yeah

overall my experience has been very good

so far

please let me know in the comments if

there's anything that I didn't touch off

I'll be responding to all the comments

and all the questions that you guys have

about esthetician school if you love

aesthetics if you have always wanted to

do that or if you didn't even know that

that was really a career choice and

you're just now learning about it and

you seem interested in it then I

definitely recommend it because I'm

really excited to start my career as an

aesthetician and it's really only giving

up nine months of your time to be able

to do what you love so if that can be an

option for you I definitely recommend it

but you have to love it for sure

you have to love it to really get

through the school I'm not gonna lie I

just personally know it's gonna be worth

it and I'm really excited and I'm

enjoying every day of school we learned

something new literally every single day

so it's never boring or anything like

that so yeah I'll probably keep making

videos about the set of stuff because

there was a lot of people do you beat

these stuff so as long as there's a

demand of people that are interested in

that I'm gonna keep making videos about

it so I hope you guys enjoyed this video

this is the first video of my that

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yeah that's all I have for you guys in

this video I really hope I didn't forget

anything important so I'll talk to you

guys in the next video subscribe bye