the ULTIMATE guide on how to BE AESTHETIC

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hey you yeah the person watching this

if you want to be an aesthetic person

this summer then

just keep on watching hey guys what is

up it's cassie

and if you're looking to become a more

aesthetic person this summer then this

video is definitely for you

today i will be giving you guys the

ultimate guide on how to become an

aesthetic person this summer and also

how to find your unique aesthetic

okay let's get started so the first

thing we need to do is hopefully help

you find

your unique aesthetic so i'm going to

tell you guys a bunch of different

styles very common aesthetic

on the internet and then you can just

see which one you relate to the most

but if you're already ahead of the game

and you already know your aesthetic then

you can just skip to this time stamp

where i'll just be giving general

tips on how to be more aesthetic than

you already are so the first style is

called the granola girl aesthetic now

this girl she

loves the outdoors the environment is

very important to her she loves being

out in nature

you can see her wearing brands like


chocos stuff like that okay the next

style is the grunge aesthetic now these


low-key like being in their fields they

love deep conversations and they

definitely love listening to music

they usually wear baggy type of clothes

and i also feel like some of them would

do the trend of bleaching the front two


of your hair the next style is called

the art mom aesthetic now this person is

extremely artsy very creative

i feel like these people would have like

a mishmash of different colors in their

color scheme mainly like primary colors

like a red or a mustard yellow they kind

of give off like a retro slash

vintage vibe the next style was very

popular several months ago and it's

called the batty aesthetic or the insta

body aesthetic these people

are very confident they love bright

colors such as like a cherry red or even

like a

super super bright green or yellow

and i feel like these people just have a

very fiery personality

this next one needs no introduction we

all know what it is

last summer 2019 the visco aesthetic was

all the rage

everybody knew about it either they

thought it was cringy or they were

literally a visco girl themselves

the best way i can describe it is it's

more like a beachy vibe

aesthetic these people would absolutely

love if it was summer all year round and

they like hydro flasks scrunchies

stuff like that this next one i

definitely think is probably the most

like my personal aesthetic i'm kind of a

mix between the bisco girl aesthetic and

then this one and it is the soft girl

aesthetic there's kind of like two ways

you can go with this

one of them is like the kawaii pastel

aesthetic they have a lot of

obviously pastels catch them wearing


pigtails it's a very adorable aesthetic

and the other side i really don't think

it has a name but i call it the brandy

melville aesthetic and it's more of like

a preppy schoolgirl vibe

mixed with like a cute grandma vibe i

don't know how to explain it but you

guys will see pictures so

um yeah so those are all the styles i

have for you guys today and hopefully

you were able to figure out what your

aesthetic is and if you didn't if that

is completely

okay it literally took me like six

months to get where i'm at and i still

don't even quite know what my aesthetic

is fully

welcome back everybody that already knew

their aesthetic low-key

i'm impressed uh congratulations wow

now i'm just gonna share with you guys a

bunch of little things you can do to

make you more aesthetic but

all added together it'll just make you a


very aesthetic person the first tip i

have for you guys is probably the most

obvious so i'm gonna get it out of the

way first and it is

look for inspiration you can do it on

pinterest instagram

youtube endless possibilities here

getting inspiration on

outfits on room decor literally helps so


it is completely okay to take certain

elements from different outfits and then

just add them together in what ways you

like best

now once you've gotten some inspiration

you might want to head over to your

local thrift store and

just go shopping for some new

inexpensive clothes

thrift stores are a great option because

not only are they amazing for the


but they're also just really inexpensive

and i honestly think that's the best

idea when you're trying to figure out

your aesthetic

because you don't necessarily have all

the money to just switch up your

wardrobe on the whim so it's great to go

to a thrift store and just get some

inexpensive items that you can play with

and just figure out your style the next

tip i have for you guys

is to have a color scheme color schemes

are really important having a color


is just very pleasing to the eye and

let's be honest that's what being

aesthetic is all about being pleasing to

the eye

the next thing i want to say is

packaging is

everything if you want to be aesthetic

if that's your main goal then packaging

is really important

obviously and i mean there's just a lot

of examples where they kind of just have

the same value but you can pay a couple

extra dollars more for it to have like

really cute packaging and you might want

to keep that in mind

if being aesthetic is your end goal okay

guys now that we've gone over the

general tips now i'm going to share with

you guys what i call

essential clothing items let's just go

through them the first one is get a good

pair of mom jeans

get one plain white shirt and one plain

black shirt

it's easier to style things when you

have a plain base to start with

you're gonna want to get at least one

type of belt in the aesthetic world

belts aren't only to hold up your pants

okay they're like an accessory

a denim jacket oversized t-shirts or

graphic tees band tees stuff like that


sneakers this one maybe not for every

aesthetic but definitely pick

up a fanny pack pick up some dainty

necklaces gold or silver

be on the lookout for stripes because i

don't know why

stripes are pretty aesthetic anklets


the next category i have is essential

skin care products i'm not sure why

but having a cute skincare routine it

really makes you look like you have your

life together and you're just an

aesthetic person

so there's the glossier balm dot com

there's the glossier

lip gloss there's carmex which i'm over


ready to be sponsored by you just saying

burt's bees chapstick and then we have

mario badescu which i hesitate to put in

here because i've heard a lot of people

say that it like is not good for your

skin so maybe

don't do that but if you want to use it

as like decor or something in your


i mean you can do that i'm not telling

you not to it's pretty cute

the next category is kind of weird but

how to have aesthetic hair

so basically like aesthetic hairstyles

aesthetic hair accessories stuff like


you can have a high ponytail a messy low

bun those are super cute a

sleek back low bun dutch braids and then

for the accessories you can use cute

little barrettes or hair clips whatever

you call them you could use

butterfly hair eclipse crunchies which

also does not have to be used in your

hair you can have that on your wrist as

a mini bracelet which is what i'm doing

right now and the last one is kind of a

trend going around and it's having a

hair scarf or a

bandana in your hair the next category

is making the clothes you

already have more aesthetic by just

learning how to style them better

first thing is to layer bracelets layer

necklaces a bunch of dainty necklaces

put together

is a really cool statement the next one

i cannot stress enough and that is

cuff your jeans guys cuff your jeans i'm

low-key confused why there's still

people out there that do not cuff your

jeans it's super simple

and it just makes you look so much more

put together automatically

and it just makes you look a lot more

stylish like you know what you're doing

layer clothing i think this is such a

cool trend i'm glad people are taking

note of it the next category is how to

have an aesthetic room slash

aesthetic room decor the single most

important thing it doesn't matter how

many cool

aesthetic things you have in your room

if you do not have a clean environment

it doesn't matter it's completely easier

said than done i'm aware of that

i don't really have any room to talk

because my room is an absolute mess like


of the time except for when i have to

like rush to clean it if i want to film

for you guys

it's also pretty aesthetic to have a

bunch of different light options in your


so led lights fairy lights himalayan

pink salt lamp my absolute favorite

thing in the world

the next thing i would suggest is to use

greenery as decor

so you can use fake or real succulents

in your room or you could have like

flowers in a vase or you can hang vines

from your wall stuff like that

the core throw pillows can also add a

really nice pop of color on your bed

use mason jars as containers this next

category i had to add in because let's

be honest most of you guys out there

including me were screen agents so i'm

gonna show you guys how to be aesthetic

in the digital world

make your instagram story aesthetic your

followers were thank you i'm gonna show

you guys some inspo it's just so cute

and i really wish i had the time to make

each one of my stories look like this

the next one is super super obvious but

i'm gonna share it anyways and that is

to have a nice wallpaper

go look on pinterest there's a bunch of

wallpapers to choose from on there the

next one is also basic you can also have

a cute phone case if you want that too

wildflower cases and case defy

are great options this next thing you

obviously do not have to do but i think

this little thing can go a long way and

that is to type in all

lower cases i know it might not be

grammatically correct but i mean

it's kind of just the internet as long

as it's not a school paper who really

cares it just kind of gives off a more


chill vibe okay now i am saving the

absolute best one for last i have not


anybody else talk about this and it is

so cool so i definitely want to share it

with you guys basically my friend did

this when she was bored once and she

shared it with me and i was like i have

to do that right away

it's basically making all of your

contacts photos on imessage and animoji

and i just think it looks so cool and

put together when you're scrolling

through and unfortunately this obviously

only works if you have an apple device

but i think it's such a cool idea and i

haven't seen anybody do it definitely

try that

okay guys so like i said that was my

last one so i'm a lot of tips for you

guys but if you have more tips for

people definitely leave them in the

comments and i'll be reading through

them because

i'm always trying to be more aesthetic i

love you guys to the minute back at

least eight or nine times

so yeah pretty crazy i love you guys and

i'll see you guys next time