How To Become An Aesthetic Nurse

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel

so this is a video I've done before but

I'm doing more of like an updated

version of it cuz a lot of you guys

still have questions and it is the most

asked question I get and that is how to

become an aesthetic registered nurse or

you know how to get into this field if

you are nurse currently or thinking I'm

going to nursing school or an

aesthetician so what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna answer a bunch of questions that I

got and then I'm gonna kind of give like

two points of view so one of it is gonna

be like how to get into this field

things that I've learned the little tips

and tricks etc etc and then the other is

going to be how I got into this field

personally because I feel like a lot of

times when you guys ask questions it's a

little bit of both so you'll ask like

you know how do I have to go to nursing

school like wishing nursing school did

you go to you know what I mean just to

kind of get two different perspectives

on it and kind of see how I went about

it and I'm not saying my way is the

right way honestly my way was so random

so I just yeah I feel like you guys

should know so let's dive into it and

then I'll kind of do like a little Q&A I

mean I had one person send me a whole

Word document of questions so this

should be really interesting she's

actually I think I guess writing a paper

on it so I think this would be really

cool and plus obviously I really like

that aesthetic nursing is getting this

kind of exposure because when I started

in 2016

not a lot of people knew what it was and

I remember I went to a training and they

were telling me that it's almost like

frowned upon in the field of Nursing

it's not considered like real Nursing

and I still have family members who will

actually say to my face that Oh what do

you do now and I'm like oh I'm gonna

static nurse and they're like oh so

you're not a real nurse anymore so I

don't know what that means but screw

y'all let's do this alright so first

things first in order to get

to this field you have to be a

registered nurse or a nurse practitioner

or a physician assistant or doctor so

I'm going to talk about it from the

perspective of a registered nurse so you

have to be register nurse this is in the

state of California by the way you guys

I don't really know about the scope of

practice in other states so if you guys

want to chime in in the comments and

talk about what the scope of practice is

in your state I think they'll be really

helpful for some people so this is for

the state of California so you have to

be a registered nurse alone

as a registered nurse you can perform

treatments like laser hair removal you

can do injectables like Botox you can do

injectables like fillers you can do the

plasma pen you can do micro needling now

that does not mean a registered nurse

can go and own their own Med Spa you

have to have a medical director which is

really important so that's another thing

so when you go to nursing school I

typically don't recommend people go to

nursing school just for this field

because number one nursing school was

probably one of the hardest things I

have done in my life and I don't know

why it just was it was mentally draining

it's not like Normal School and I'm sure

anyone who has a clinic-based profession

where you have to go to clinicals as

well can really agree with this because

you have to go I get to do clinicals and

you have to learn like the textbook

material so I really don't recommend

going into nursing just for this field

because also what if you don't like this

field then you went to four years of

nursing school just for a field like

this so what I recommend I mean unless

you're like diehard but this is what I

have to do then go for it by owning

clips I went to nursing school I did not

go to nursing school for this I went to

nursing school because I wanted to be

like ER trauma something nurse you know

so go to to get into nursing school

finish a nursing school curriculum they

don't have classes on Botox and fillers

in nursing school there is no such thing

as a class on introduction to dermal


just doesn't exist so you're gonna learn

med surg you're gonna learn everything

but this stuff the only thing you're

going to learn that really pertains to

this stuff is um blood draws which is I

think really important and then also

anatomy which is I mean really really

important but again we learn anatomy of

head to toe versus in this field you

really need anatomy of this area unless

you're going into like plastics or

whatever but anyway so you go to nursing

school graduate from nursing school so

from then you basically and I guess

there's different ways to do this you

have to find a job that pertains to this

field so what I recommend to people is

you want to go and reach out to maybe

like a laser clinic or a place that's

just starting out with injectables and

really be transparent with them you guys

tell them that you know this is my goal

and this is what I want to do is this

something we can work on together and if

they are on board perfect make sure you

get a contract get it in writing you

know you're gonna be performing these

treatments and then if they say like oh

you have to do laser hair removal for a

few months or so and so for a few months

before we let you hold a needle that's

fine yes you have to work your way up so

you know just get like a timeline so

everyone's on the same page and no one's

disappointed get a timeline get it in

writing that's where your job begins I

began as a laser hair removal nurse and

I thought it was great because it was a

great way to get clients you're in the

room with them for like an hour lasering

their legs and naturally they you know

you strike a conversation and you told

them hey by the way I do Botox and

filler too and then that converts into

clients for you in the future when you

start doing the Botox and the fillers

which is spot-on so that's one way of

going about it the other way is you can

go work for a plastic surgeon which a

lot of my friends have done this go work

for a plastic surgeon and the plastic

surgeon will or maybe want to train you

I mean I think that's phenomenal think

of plastic surgeons have you know

hopefully a good patient base and it's

all surgical patients think of all those

patients converting into your Botox

filler micro needling skincare patients

I mean it's a win-win right as long as

you find a plastic surgeon again on the

same page as you

this is what I want to do can you train

me and really just show them that you're

loyal to them and you know don't be

greedy and I think that's really

important don't be greedy just dive into

it say you know this is what I want to

do be transparent and if they want to

train you and they want to help you out

and they wanna you know you to be like

their aesthetic nurse in their practice

again win-win now the other kind of I

guess maybe backwards way of going about

it but still not wrong is you can go and

take a class first before you even go to

any job interview anything can go take a

class first so there is no certification

you guys in this field so when people DM

me asking for certification there there

is none the only

certification there is is like if you

work for a plastic surgeon for so-and-so

hours and the plastic surgeon signs off

that you've worked with him you can get

a like an aesthetic nurse certification

where you actually go take a

certification exam but I can tell you

right off the bat not a lot of nurses do

that because not a lot of nurses work

for plastic surgeons so you know there's

that so you want to get a certificate

huge difference certification I did a

certification when I was a floor nurse

you have to study for this test and give

to go take this test and then you got a

pretty little I don't know thing at the

end of your name that says you are

certified in this this is field a

certificate is different a certificate

is what most people get when they take a

class so when you take a class Allergan

or private trainings you get a

certificate that says hey this person

has completed this class and really

that's where you guys have to do a

little bit of research

I researched for weeks before I found

the class that I took I just I had to go

to class that I felt comfortable with

these classes are quite expensive

they're quite an investment so you do

want to make sure you choose a class

that you you know that you're gonna be

able to learn and get the most hands-on

experience and feel like you're in a

safe and comfortable environment so that

that's huge in this field starting off

at the class like that so you go to a

class you take a you know one or two day

class and this is what these classes are

there is no semester long classes of

this stuff at least not yet I think

would be great it's there is in the

future went to one or two day classes

and really that's why I say it's

important to pick the right class you

have to pick the right class this is the

class that's gonna set up your

confidence as a nurse injector it's the

class that's gonna set up like your

basic fundamentals of this stuff and

it's also the class that you can we have

a certificate for and go to these

employers and say hey look I got

training by so-and-so so that's another

way of going about it going and getting

a certificate going to interviews and

just being your cute little self and

showing them that you know I got a

training in this and I have like minimal

experience but I've been trained and if

you're willing to work with me we can

grow this together so that's another way

of going about it so three really good


now I'm gonna dive into how I got into

this field and I talked about it with my

patients all the time because a lot of

people are interested in this and when I

started out there weren't a lot of

people that would help me and I thought

it was really not nice I guess you could

say so there were a lot of people that

maybe didn't write back to messages and

I thought it was really sad so I just

kind of went about in my own way and I

mean I've it pretty okay for myself so I

told myself that if I ever got to the

point where people were asking me

questions about how to get into this

field I was a hundred percent gonna help

you guys because there's enough of this

stuff to go around and there's no need

for any of us to be greedy so here we go

so 2016 I was working on the floor at

UCLA so I was a cardiac of drastic nurse

I loved it I had been a care partners

like a nursing assistant before I

graduated nursing school and then in

2014 when I graduated that's when I

became a Florida nurse and I

transitioned the role very easily two

years in I got a little bit burned out I

guess you can say and maybe I was a

little bit of burnout but maybe it was

also that I just knew I couldn't see

myself doing this like five years ten

years later it just wasn't for me and

but I think I needed that experience to

be comfortable diving into the field I'm

in now if I have just started off doing

Botox and filler and skincare I would

always think through the back of my head

like wow do I have what it takes to be

like a floor nurse now I know that I do

have what it takes but it just wasn't

for me I wanted to I'm a firm believer

that you should not come home stressed

about your job every day this is

something unfortunately in America we're

gonna be working for a really long time

so we better like our job and I I just

didn't like it I just kind of lost my my

fire there were things going on at work

the environment was a little bit uh you

know just wasn't for me so I looked into

what ways I could what other kinds of

nursing jobs are where I didn't want to

do an office job it's just not for me I

guess stir-crazy I need to move move

move move and some time I fell upon like

this kind of nursing and I looked into

classes I looked for weeks

I couldn't even sign up for a class and

then cancelled it because I was like oh

these people are just gonna they're just

gonna take my money I don't really I

don't really trust them but I found a

class by Leslie Fletcher and she's in

Torrance and I think she still offers

classes so I found the class by her and

I was like okay let's go and I had never

heard of Leslie Fletcher now I know

she's like a powerhouse but that's my

point that what there wasn't a lot of

like openness in this field you know

even three four years ago so I went

in the meantime I had started dabbling

and working with like a plastic surgeon

didn't like it left and then I got I got

a job at a laser place so when I got the

job I was very transparent with them and

my manager they're still my really good

friend today you know you are a girl and

she gave me a chance and I just told her

during the interview like you know this

is something I really want to get into I

don't see myself doing laser hair

removal but I do see myself doing like

more skin care stuff with is that

something you guys would be open to and

she was like yeah of course it's just go

take a class and then we'll get started

so again transparency really helps you

don't want to blindside these people or

you don't want them to feel like they're

being taken advantage of cuz they're

they're really taking a chance on you so

I started there and then about three

weeks later and my class with Leslie so

I went my mom learned the fundamentals

got my certificate not certification

certificate came back I said hey here's

my certificate let's do this so that's

kind of where the fun began they

basically just started giving me

patients and I worked probably 50 to 60

hours a week I mean I busted my behind I

work so much I worked like 12 hour days

and in the beginning it was a lot of

laser and Botox and filler and I slowly

started transitioning into doing like

Botox and filler days so like my Fridays

would be like just the Botox and filler

days I mean I was exhausted but I was

working towards something right so I was

building a patient base I had started my

Instagram posting every day mr. Graham's

a lot different it was a lot different

back then than it is now you would get a

lot more likes and follows it's not like

that now so that's how I started and

then I just kind of once I felt like I

hit where I couldn't grow anymore you

know I approached them I said you know I

I do want to do more for one reason or

another maybe they just weren't open to

it so I ended up branching out looking

for other places to work

because I feel like that's really

important especially for someone like me

I like to constantly feel like I'm

growing so if I feel like I'm hit a cap

somewhere I get bored so I want to

constantly learn the new things so I

took it upon myself to go try to work

somewhere else worked with the plastic

surgeon for a little bit that didn't

work out great some environments you

guys if they're toxic you just got to

get out

I could not invest myself in a place

that was toxic I again you're gonna be

doing this for a while so I was like

nope at that time I was pregnant with

Easton so there was a lot of like

miscommunication with that fine find

somewhere to work where they value you

not only as an employee but as a human

being as a mom you know those things are

really important and they may not seem

important when you're young but I

promise you when you have a family when

you have a baby that's priority so when

someone takes away from that when

someone doesn't really see you like as a

mom first you don't want to work for

that person they're not gonna give you

fake Asian days they're not gonna give

you anything so I mean know if I should

be saying this vital care I think it's

important to know don't ever go work for

someone like that that is a really toxic

person so I decided to try to work a

little bit closer to home in Palmdale

and then that kind of worked out but not

really because then of course I got the

phone call from Vanessa to go work at

the things we do and that's where I am


and I love it it's a place where I feel

like I can constantly grow and it's a

place where the people are just very

accepting and kind and inviting and it's

a real like teamwork teamwork atmosphere

there so I think that's really important

so that's how I got into aesthetic

nursing so now let's answer some of the

okay so let no one else do this by the

way I always do this with my clips

that's probably why they break so let's

dive into the questions okay so if you

could follow those okay what are some of

the conditions you deal with oh that's a

really good question

conditions you deal with I don't know

how to answer that but I guess maybe

I'll put someone like the maybe like not

negative but someone like the harder

parts of this field hands down it's the

fact that you are in contact with people

every day and sometimes you're in

contact with people who especially

nowadays really prioritize their they

their self-worth is in how they look so

really to try to like pull them out of

that and keep them grounded you know

reality versus expectations I think is

huge in our field a lot of my time goes

into talking to my patients not even so

much to treatment it's the consultation

the consultation it'll be like an hour

long of just what they don't like about

themselves and it's not something I feed

into at all so I think when someone you

asked what are the conditions that you

what are some of the conditions that you

deal with I think it's just that just

dealing with human insecurities and

human emotions sometimes people come in

when they're just going through a lot as

many people just want to be heard so I

think that's the nuts on the ideal what

was something I encounter every day in

this field and some as a ethical little

responsible nursing director I think

it's my job to kind of keep you guys

grounded so good question so let's go on

to the next one knowing what you know

about now about your career would you

have chose something different after

high school absolutely not I knew I

wanted to be a nurse since I was 14

years old I volunteered at Valley

Presbyterian Hospital

um something about hospitals called to

me and I knew I wanted to be a nurse so

I knew going into high school that

nursing is what I wanted to do I don't

like math I don't really like numbers

I'm not like a computer I like computers

but I'm not like a computer a person

originally I probably would have been

would have been a surgeon I wanted to be

a heart surgeon but I also knew that

that field would require a lot of time

and energy for me and I prioritize

family over everything so nursing kind

of gave me that nice balance so I would

definitely not have chosen a different

for I knew I wanted to do this since I

was 14 years old so when I graduated

high school I didn't get a summer break

like a lot of my other classmates I just

went straight to Mount Saint Mary's like

a month I think maybe three weeks after

I graduated and I knew I wanted to be in

their nursing program the first year I

lost so many relationships because I was

hard so hard to get into the nursing

program but I knew it's what I wanted to

do and even when I thought my worst

working at the hospital I knew whatever

I whatever my next step was I knew that

it was still part of Nursing let me put

it that way because with nursing when

you know you want to be a nurse for the

right reasons you want to help people so

that comes in a lot of different forms

and for me it used to be helping people

when they were really sick and now it's

helping beautiful smart men and women

just feel good about themselves and I

think that's great so no I don't think I

would have changed anything I don't see

myself doing anything else other than

this now if you ask me what like my

crazy crazy like career would be oh I

think about that every day so I used to

want to be a SeaWorld Orca trainer so I

love SeaWorld but then I

there were a little unethical so I I

didn't want to work with the SeaWorld

anymore but if you ask me what my like

crazy dream job would have been I would

want to be a wildlife photographer

something about that I always loved

National Geographic I always loved

Animal Planet me and my grandpa would

sit down and watch Animal Planet and I

always loved those people because they

captured these moments that normal

people just aren't able to see so yeah

that's that would be like my crazy dream

job but also I wouldn't want to be away

from my family for that long you know

yeah it's so hard you guys it's so hard

picking a career but here we are okay

why did you pick this career choice

I think this career choice just picked

me I don't know I like I said I wanted

to be a nurse since I was 14 years old

something about it just called to me so

that's what I encourage everyone to do

just think about what calls to you what

you like and then go from there that way

you'll be happy you're gonna be doing

this unfortunately until you're 65 years

old so you better like your job what's

your favorite part of your work ooh easy

favorite part of my work is meeting

people I am such a people person I'm

like the most extroverted introvert

you'll ever meet

and that's sometimes I just need peace

and quiet on myself but I love meeting

people I gravitate to other human beings

so strongly I just want to meet everyone

and talk to everyone and know everyone's

story I love it I love meeting new

people every day so until I guess look

at that which I don't think will happen

anytime soon this is what I'm doing

least favorite part of your work least

favorite part of my work I think I'm not

my least favorite but my heart is part

of my work is managing expectations some

people just don't want to hear it

some people I hold the light up here

there's a dimple right there you can't

see it right now that's what's in their

head so trying to pull them away from

that is probably the hardest part of my

job or the least favorite part of my job


I can't help that person so I think

that's it I never like hurting people's

feelings but it's not about hurting

their feelings it's just when you say

something that's not what they want to

hear their feelings are hurt whether you

mean it or not so that's probably the

least favorite part of my job the

hardest part of my job is really

bringing people back down to reality

this is what it is we can't fix

everything that's just that who's the

coolest person you've met since working

that's a good one I mean there's a few

there's a few some I can't name but let

me think that's a tough one

who's the coolest person you met since

working I mean I want to say something

but um I can't

I'm not allowed to you know what I don't

think there's one person I am always in

awe when I meet trainers from other

countries I think they're really cool

especially there was one doctor tap on

just so laid back so chill and I just

thought wow this guy's so cool I wonder

how he practices in his office you know

like if he's like this out of training

with hundreds of people he's probably so

cool in his office so my name when you

meet different injectors who trained you

from around the world I think that's the

coolest part because you get to learn so

many different things and you get to

learn how other countries do things and

I think that's really something to take

note of yeah I would say that those are

the coolest people that I meet with so

far that I have met so far okay so now

let's move on to the other questions I

will be graduating this coming fall any

recommendations how to start my career

in injections beauty field so I think I

talked about that in this video

you just got to dive into it you got to

find the way that'll work for you and if

you think one way is gonna work and it

doesn't you got into Ivan to the other

way if you really want to do this where

there's a will there's a way

that's the quote how long did it take

you to get and feel comfortable in this


I'm so not comfortable in this field no

you're never gonna be comfortable you'll

feel if you feel comfortable then you

know you're doing something wrong you

should never feel comfortable you should

always feel challenged in this field

because there is so much growth you

should always feel like you're growing

there are certain treatments where I've

been doing them for three four years and

I still don't feel comfortable let's

talk about lips everyone knows me for my

lips just when I think I'm getting

comfortable with lips I have a patient

walk in who has lips that make me sweat

so there's that you know you should

never feel comfortable in this field I

think it's okay to feel comfortable in a

sense that okay maybe I'm understanding

this stuff a little bit more maybe I'm

growing my patient base a little bit

more of a comfort as far as technique

and all that no I change I change my

technique once every like two times a

year and then sometimes I'll go back to

my first technique and then I'll learn a

new technique and I'll try that you

should never be comfortable in any field

I think you should always want to push

yourself or it's you're gonna be bored

how did you learn how to work with a

cannula good question do you guys well

these are really thinking how did I

learn how to work with a cannula um

different trainings I even though I work

where I work and I do what I do I still

go to trainings I still invested myself

ongoing trainings and then I asked the

trainer's for different areas what they

prefer if they'd like cannula versus

needle I still love needle in a lot of

places but cannula diving through with

something um so trainings yeah it's not

something you dive into on your own it's

not something don't ever think you're

safe with the cannula or with the needle

it's just something you know you gotta

go training

how did you find jobs as a nurse

injector I went on indeed iMessage the I

messaged a lot of people on Instagram

that's why I got a few of my jobs yeah

so where there's a well there's a way

email message say this is me this is my

Instagram this is my resume

I'd love to come in I'd love to chat

I've done that I've gotten a job that

way so it's possible how did you how do

you recommend advancing your career with

one year experience with one year

experience as a as a nurse injector I

would recommend just keep the one of

classes keep taking classes because

that's just gonna help you not only

advance your your skill but also advance

also network and meet people because a

lot of that is important in this field

as well you want to meet different

like-minded injectors who are willing to

work and share their trade secrets with

you I think that's very important and

that's not just something I'm doing this

year you guys I am last year was so it

was so chaotic

last year was not the worst year I've

had in this field but it was really

difficult because I had Eastin and I

just felt like uh you know so wait no

2018-2019 was my year where I was like

okay I'm finding myself again I'm

learning things about myself as an

injector again and I felt a little bit

more secure and myself as an injector

and then 2020 I told myself this is the

year I'm going to trainings I'm really

gonna network I'm gonna step outside my

comfort zone I'm gonna meet people and

if they like me they like me I have

friends for life and if they don't like

me no what can I do so I've made some

really good friends that way it's really

important to have friends in this field

I'm not saying it can get lonely but

when you have those bad days it's nice

to have someone who is non-judgmental

who you can call and say you know I had

this experience can you just talk me

talk to me and I had my small little

group of that and they always make me

feel really good so it's really

important to have that as well so

enhancing your career there's so many

different ways to do it if you feel like

at a job and your career isn't advancing

then it's time to have that discussion

with them and I've done that before too

and if you don't like what you hear you

got to move on that's just it

you know never be okay being complacent

in one place

you always gotta push yourself let's see

what let's find the other question where

do you see yourself in five years

who and five years with regards to this

field not like personal life stuff I see

myself working at the things we do

getting to meet so many new people and I

see myself doing trainings I'm putting

it out there in the universe

I love teaching people it's I mean it's

horrific but I love it

should I see myself doing more trainings

and possibly becoming a trainer so I'm

putting that out there in the universe I

think it's long gone are the days where

no one wants to share their secrets we

should all share our trade secrets we

should all have open discussions about

it and part of that is teaching and I

feel very strongly about that when I was

when I was working at the hospital I did

a lot of teaching projects and I

presented them at conferences because I

felt that strongly about patient

education and I felt that strongly about

staff education and I truly feel that

transcends into this field and many

other fields I think it's really

important as nurses we are first and

foremost educators we need to educate

our patients we need to educate our

staff we need to educate each other and

that is what I am manifesting into the

world I'm gonna be a trainer so that's

that okay you guys so I actually got to

go to work so if you guys have any more

questions write it in the comments if

there's enough maybe I'll do another

video because

quicker for me to talk than it is for me

to type this all out because I probably

won't be able to type it out but I love

all these questions this was absolutely

amazing I think you guys are really

thinking about how to get into this

field and really thinking outside the

box not like just cookie cutter

questions you know I was actually very

impressed I loved it so if you guys have

any more questions let me know follow me

on my Instagram like and subscribe to my

channel here I don't know what direction

this channel is going in but I think

it's going in a very positive direction

maybe I'll do more nursing stuff and I

think that's great

maybe other nurses can follow and have a

platform to ask questions and feel safe

and I think that's really important as

well so thank you guys so much for

watching my video like subscribe to my

channel please go follow me on Instagram

and like I said if you guys have any

questions please feel free to comment

below if you feel uncomfortable

commenting just Yemi on Instagram and

we'll figure it out okay

love you guys

hey don't worry little girl

should we have my hair up or down the

heck happened who is cruel but when does

howling let's do my hair like this

Oh looks cute looks cute there's a

freaking ghost

get the hell out of this house so hi