How To Become A Cosmetic/Aesthetic Nurse

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if you've ever wanted to know how to

become a cosmetic nurse then you have

clicked on the right video because in

today's video i'm going to be teaching


how to become a cosmetic nurse and the

prerequisites that you need

to become one i'm just going to give you

a quick job description of what a

cosmetic nurse would do before i get

into how to become one so a cosmetic

nurse is someone who

injects botox fillers like lip


they also perform ipl treatments and

other salon-based treatments depending

on what company you go for

and which industry you go into it is

very different to mainstream nursing so

if this is

something that you've already done

before a nursing degree and you want to

specialize into something a little bit

more on the beauty side of things

then this career choice is an amazing

one so let's get into how to become one

i am making this video with previous

experience of being a cosmetic nurse so

that i can share with you guys how

exactly to become one

also if you are wondering i am from

perth western australia

but i know that you can become a

cosmetic nurse obviously anywhere

and they have different steps or they

may also have the same one so just check

your location and if what i am saying is


to where you are from now to become a

cosmetic nurse you must do a nursing


and that makes you an rn which means you

go to university

for three years and you study a bachelor

of nursing

now there is an alternative pathway to

becoming a cosmetic nurse

it will add on six months but it can

sort of give you a taste of what the

nursing is like and what i'm speaking

about here is you can do

a year and a half course of an enrolled

nursing course and that is something

that is done at tafe

so that goes for a year and a half and

it breaks down into

a like three stages and you complete

them six months six months six months

and you just do that at annie tafe i

completed my enrolled nursing at

south metro teeth in perth if you are

wondering it is quite a nice facility

there and the lecturers are pretty good

as well

so you can do that and then if you're

going through that pathway at least you

can get a taste test of what the nursing

is like because you go on prac

and also set you up for university if

you have not done anything before

and that will give you like a gateway

into the bachelor of nursing which is


at a university so that degree is three

years and you must become a registered


in order to get a job as a cosmetic

nurse so if you do your enrolled nursing

first and then go on to do your

registered nursing what it will do is

we'll take off

a year and you will only have to do two

years at university

the reason why i recommend that park is

you can almost try out the enrolled

nursing get your

feet on the ground or your foot in the

door and see what it's like because

doing three years at uni is a lot

and you may realize at the end of it

that nursing isn't for you so if you

want to do the year and a half i know it

will add six months on

but it also could save you so much more

time in the future as well then after

you complete your nursing i would

totally recommend that you get a grad

program and what that is is basically an


usually runs for about a year and you

can get that through hospitals or other

little programs like that

just so that you can get some experience

behind you and you look more ideal

to um employers and people that want to

hire you after doing that or if you're

going straight out of study

and you think that you want to do a

course for cosmetic nursing there is one

that i have found in australia

and it is run by the aacds now this


i actually will bring up my phone and

explain it to you i was going to do this

course myself but i have also found out

that you can get a job without needing

to do this course but i also

still am going to chat to you guys about

it so like i said it's the australasian

academy of cosmetic dermal science i did

go to an introductory

night there just to check it out so the

graduate diploma of cosmetic nursing and

injectables is recognized by the

radiological council of wa

and you can what that basically means is

you can also meet the laser license


criteria for laser hair removal and

pigmentation treatment categories so

that would be really great if you're

going into a salon you can do all of

those things as well

so in terms of course fees and how long

this course runs for it is 17 and a half

thousand dollars for this course and it

runs over 10 months

so you can do that straight away after

you complete your nursing whether you do


or registered if you did your enrolled

nursing and then you do this course and

you might figure out whether

this is sort of you know what you want

to do at least this will give you a lot

of background information on what

cosmetic nursing is and it will set you

up ideally for a job

but i just want to let you know that you

don't actually have to complete

a course to become a cosmetic nurse

because there are a lot of

job opportunities that will train you on

the job

so you don't necessarily have to so what

i would recommend

is finish your registered nursing degree

then go and get some experience as a

nurse whether that's in aged care or

mental health or any sort of background

and then

go and apply for lots of different jobs

now on my previous video i did have a

lot of comments asking if you can

come from like in the industry for 10

years or you haven't done it for five

years and then go into cosmetic nursing

and the answer is

yes just speak to employers and look on

seek there's lots of job opportunities

and you can apply straight from there

obviously the more experiences that you

have as a nurse

the better it looks for you and if you

have done that course that would be

ideal for employers but just letting you

know that you don't have to because that


quite a lot of money and unfortunately

it doesn't come under hex or vet loans

so you actually do have to pay the money

up front so that is why i want to let

you know that there is an alternative

pathway if you have any more questions

on how to become a cosmetic nurse or

what the job entails

please leave them down below and i will

get back to you but thank you guys so

much for watching i hope this video

helped please make sure to give it a

thumbs up if it did and i will see you

in my next video