How I became an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner/Injector

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hi everyone so welcome back I'm gonna

talk to you today about the number one

question I get asked which is how did I

become an aesthetic nurse practitioner

I'm gonna tell you exactly what I did

step by step

oh my journey started years ago I went

to University of Miami's accelerated

nursing program so I began nursing

school in in January of 2013 and then I

was able to finish by December of 2013

now it was a 12-month program the reason

why it was so fast I did get an art and

BSN in those 12 months I know it was

crazy was because I had a previous

bachelor's and I had one in health

science I knew that I wanted to be in

the medical field but I didn't know in

what exactly I didn't know what field

what specialty I wanted to be in so what

I did before nursing school was I

volunteered in a bunch of places so I

was able to volunteer in emergency rooms

and fire rescue and all types of floors

in the hospital family practices and so

that allowed me to realize that my heart

was in emergency medicine

so I entered nursing school thinking for

sure I'm gonna go into emergency

medicine but around six months down the

line I got other signs so I started

meeting people in esthetics

yes by science I'm in science so I

started meeting a bunch of people in

esthetics one day in a clinical rotation

when I was in the nursing program

I met a Clinical Instructor she was just

there for the day substituting she

actually worked in his statics and then

little by little I started meeting other

Plastic Surgeons in the field so I

thought maybe this is it for me this

forward to a time where I have to take

my boards I did pass on the first time

in the end

exam afterwards I remember sitting down

at the table and saying okay now it's

time to look for a job so I didn't know

where I would start I did think about

emergency medicine but then I also heard

that they don't hire a new graduate so

and I thought maybe family practice but

then of course I always thought about

those signs and aesthetics so I did

listen to them and what I did was I

mapped out all the plastic surgeons in a

certain area where I wanted to work and

I said I'm just gonna show up to the

offices and see if they're hiring the

reason why I decided to show up is

because I knew aesthetics and plastic

surgery was a field where they didn't

promote as much on website such as a

monster or indeed so I knew that the

only way I would land this job would be

if a nurse got pregnant or had to move

out of the state or possibly was

pursuing an additional degree like her

master's so I did decide to give it a

try I did go fully dressed as I would

for an interview just in case the doctor

was available or the manager was able to

speak to me so I decided to dress up on

a Monday morning I show up with first of

all had gone to library and printed a

bunch of resumes but anyways Monday

morning I show up to the first plastic

surgeon's office and I remember one of

the front desk girl and saying I need to

speak to the manager and she said for

what and I said well I'm here for a job

and you know trying to get a job into me

on this spot she said well she's busy

right now and the first thing that

popped into my head was well wait for

her in the waiting room and then you

tell me when she's available to speak to

me so my wish was granted she did give

me the time I walked into her office I

told her I just I'm a new graduate from

the University of Miami accelerator

program I told her what my goals were I

told her that I wanted to desperately

work in plastic surgery I was eager to

learn I was motivated I was a very fast


before you know it she was telling me

that there was a nurse that was pregnant

in fact she was eight

it's pregnant so the following week was

when she was gonna start looking for a

nurse and I just happened to walk by so

this is why I always tell students to

walk into offices is because now instead

of getting a resume fax through the

Machine and not being able to put a face

to it now she was able to have my resume

not only up front and personal but now

she has my face to compare okay who is

this person what degree does she have

what experience she has so now she can

match it so she did ask me some

questions on the spot then within about

five to ten minutes later the doctor

walks in the surgeon so he asked me why

I'm there and I tell him well my new

graduate and I'm looking for a position

he also began to asking me questions and

before I knew it within 30 minutes I

landed the job and I was getting sized

for a uniform so my goal was always to

become a nurse practitioner I never

really paid attention if I wanted to be

an aesthetic that part of it I would I

hadn't gone that far but I just know I

wanted to just get additional education

and be at a higher level in the position

but for now I knew that plastic surgery

is where I wanted to be so within about

two months I began an online program for

a nurse practitioner which worked out

great because I was able to work full

time and then go to school part-time so

it was a two and a half four year

program I did not tell anyone that I was

going to school because I was scared

that they were going they were gonna

think that I wasn't able to handle both

considering that he was a very busy

plastic surgeon ended up finding out

when it was time to do clinicals because

I had to go part-time and he was very

supportive of it so I was able to work

three days a week and then do my

clinical rotations now when I started my

clinical rotations I met a family

physician that was unbelievably

incredible I mean the rotation was I

just can't even tell you it was

spectacular I learned so much I just

wanted I just remember wanting to be

there for way past the hours that I was

supposed to be there for so in the end I

saw that how eager I was and he

you need a nurse practitioner and who

wanted to hire me but of course when I

compared both family practice and

plastic surgery or you know the

aesthetic a field

I found the aesthetic field to be for me

so I went back and I told my plastic

surgeon you know I'm gonna stay in

plastic surgery whether you hire me or

not if you don't hire me I will be going

to another plastic surgeon's office so

he took the offer and he hired me as a

nurse practitioner I just told them I

was interested in doing injections so

this was just the beginning

there is no schooling for being an

injector at all right now there's only

number one you have to get certified

first so I will link on the bottom where

I did the certification they do go

around the country however when I wanted

to do it they were not in Miami at the

time which is where I practice the next

class was in New York so I flew the

following weekend I was so eager and I

flew to New York to take the class it

was a weekend course of neurotoxin and

dermal fillers with the aesthetic skin

Institute as again I will link it on the

bottom so you guys have the information

these are expensive courses so I was

very lucky that my medical director was

able to pay for them so now I was

certified but then of course you need a

lot more training so that was the other

thing now luckily he's a very I would

say famous plastic surgeon he's pretty

well known so a lot of people are

willing to train me from other Plastic

Surgeons other peers other nurse

practitioners I quickly got on with the

rep for gal derma so gal derma is the

company that sells the wrestlin products

and Dysport so the rep that I met was

absolutely incredible and she helped me

so much in doing so many trainings

if so many qualified and amazing people

thought aesthetics it's very hands-on

okay there's a obviously you have to

study anatomy and you have to go to

trainings and you have to go to

conferences but at the end of the day

you do have to do it okay so she would

tell me just do it once you understand

Anatomy once you have done the trainings

and you understand all the concepts then

it's time for you to do it so I did

practice on a lot of friends and family

I cannot stress that enough

you cannot just grab a needle and just

start injecting people you need to

practice a lot before you get the first

pain client and once I got comfortable

then I started taking clients in now I

always tell people the best in my

opinion what I went through the best way

to get in anesthetics is with a plastic

surgeon because their heart is in

surgery that's what they went to school

for they love to do surgery but if they

have a nurse practitioner or a PA or in

other states a nurse can inject in

Florida but in other states in RN then

they're most likely to hire you because

they'll not only be making in the money

in the or but they'll also be making

money outside of the or there are

dermatology offices that do have a lot

of injectors so that is a good one as


I just know plastic surgery that's all I

was trained in and by the way you guys I

went as you heard my story from nursing

school new graduate directly to plastic

surgery okay I never stepped foot in the

hospital except for my clinical

rotations so did I have a lot of other

people telling me oh you're gonna forget

all the medicine and

never get hired any wells yeah a lot of

people told me that so it was something

that I had to choose where my heart was

in and so I knew deep down inside as

statics was for me so I said well if I'm

not gonna ever change or if I love the

aesthetics fields why would I want

anything else and now within all these

years that I have been doing aesthetics

I could not be more thankful I am so

happy in this field it's like you make

people happy some people haven't come

out crying because they're just so happy

you know you don't know how many

insecurities that people have and just

bringing joy it just it's amazing

so that was my journey step by step I

know I get a lot of messages especially

on Instagram

and I'm very fake I just go hey just

step in a plastic surgeon's office but

that's what I did step by step so I hope

you guys found this video helpful if you

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I just started this YouTube channel so

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also gonna have more videos on my

patients I actually have one coming up

now when I start work so it'll be pretty

fun for you guys