How to build an aesthetic body (No Bullsh*t Guide)

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this isn't a drugged-out ten minutes on

15 second long video with a three

minutes Dollar Shave Club advertisement

in the middle this is my practical guide

for guys who want real advice from

someone who's been through this journey

I started weightlifting about five years

ago with the same goals as you I'm gonna

try and give you the best real advice I

can in hopes of helping other guys who

were at my starting point because

honestly it's unreal how much my life

has changed due to this grind I'm going

to do some assuming here you're a young

male aged 13 to mid-20s

you chose this video specifically

because it's a guide on building an

attractive body so I'm gonna assume that

you want to attract the opposite sex and

you believe building a muscular body

helps with this I'll just tell you the

truth right now he absolutely does

building an attractive physique means to

resistance trade that is weight lifting

this makes muscles while focusing on a

progressive overload so that literally

just means making progress as you go

along using heavier weights doing more

reps longer workouts the usual guides

you'll see online will have you lifting

heavy three times a week focusing on

compound movements this advice is given

by guys on reddit if you look like this

take this advice if you do not want to

look attractive here is what I call the

hierarchy of attractive muscle groups

just quickly I said this was gonna be a

no-bullshit guide so I'm gonna follow

that I'm not gonna go in-depth with the

particular exercises you should be using

to grow these particular muscles there's

literally millions of videos out there

that will already tell you this my

advice is to find a credible source of

information such as a scientific

research based youtuber and look up

their guides on the particular muscle

you're looking into

so starting from number one ABS the

abdominal muscles this is what

symbolizes the Greek gods the importance

of ABS in terms of attractiveness is

huge every single person you meet will

know what developed herbs look like

every single person watching this video

is probably tried getting a six-pack

when they were younger as well a quick

tip here do a lot more focus on the

lower abs the upper 4-pack is generally

built quite well through a normal weight

lifting program but the lower selves

underdeveloped and that's the one that

really fine Tunes the physique to make

it look more attractive number two to

the neck i bet you arnt trailing your

neck and you've probably never even

heard of neck training before just makes

an insane difference in your physique

just trust me

thicker muscular neck wish you look a

lot more masculine and less like a

little boy the neck is a body part but

it's pretty much always visible no

matter what type of clothing you wear so

it's important to develop this don't be

like those bodybuilders who will train

for years and never do anything directly

for the neck because getting a developed

body which is growing in size and your

neck is still the same size makes you

look really strange so I'll place a

picture here where you can see a

bodybuilder who hasn't trained his neck

the guy is jacked but if we just can see

his neck in his face you'll look like a

skinny boy

then I'll unwrap his body and you can

see how big he is but if you were just

able to see his face you wouldn't have

realized that he put in probably ten

years into the gym just because he

didn't train neck you couldn't even see

that dedication

it's crazy number three the delts so

shoulders specifically the lateral delts

lateral just means side so this Latorre

just means the side of your shoulder you

trade this by doing lateral raises with

light weight and you'll see a difference

in your physique within seconds when

you've got pop it really is that simple

this muscle is insane it makes you look

wider and your waist slimmer in

comparison or the parts of your shoulder

muscle like these traps the front delts

and the rear delts are really important

as well but I believe the lateral delts

should be a much bigger priority number

for arms including forearms just like

the neck this is a body part that is

generally always visible so any progress

you make here will be very obvious to

others it makes it quite valuable to

train forearms in particular add that

fine chewing effect I talked about with

the lower abs if your forearms are

undeveloped it really does make your

physique look strange

I don't even back and legs I put these

at the lowest hierarchy don't get me

wrong don't skip these days and don't

not train them I still trim back and

legs twice a week and I hit them hard

I make progress on them however I feel

like these muscles generally round off

your physique so it doesn't really look

weird if they're undeveloped but there

certainly are the muscles that should be

much higher priority if you're focusing

on aesthetics building an attractive

body no girl has ever said that she's

attracted to you because you've got

massive quads or calves diets you can

get into this to optimize your

performance in the gym but generally a

lot of people get off poor due to the

diet changes most guides will tell you

it will absolutely benefit you to track

your micronutrients and weigh out every

single gram of food that you eat but

honestly the majority of people will

never do this it is quite a lot of

effort so here's my quick advice that I

think will be valuable in this journey

you want to be building as much muscle

as possible without putting on too much

fats so always try to be lean

that pretty much just means to eat

slightly more than you do now the

equivalent of two slices of toast on top

of what you generally eat will cause you

to gain around half a pound a week the

majority of that weight will be muscle

if you're training hard and you're quite

new to the gym as well you can still eat

quite healthy with high protein and it's

enjoy snacks and meals out whenever you

want I've made a video talking about my

awful diets where through my five year

transformation I don't food pretty much

every day but I still made pretty good

progress you can't out train a bad diet

you cannot train a bad diet I can so

this is how I've really enjoy food every

single night it really can't be done so

don't think that to build an attractive

body you need to just eat chicken and

rice and broccoli and you can't ever

have a burger put it this way I go to

McDonald's most days and I'm pretty

muscular this food isn't going to make

you fat eating too much of any food

including healthy food like vegetables

will cause you to gain fat even if you

don't want to get into the diet too much

you can't be bothered with tracking it

away in your food I'd still recommend

just getting some knowledge on this

topic if you can just go and learn a few

things about this I really do think

it'll stick with you for life just go

and learn what calories are how they

work what a calorie maintenance level

means what a calorie deficit and calorie

surplus means macronutrients learn that

all foods consist of protein fats and

carbs this type of knowledge is opens up

your mind you learn there's no such

thing as bad food and that you can eat

pretty much whatever you want as long as

you keep these are macro nutrient levels

generally fine

all right you've heard the advice you

have the knowledge what if you just

can't be bothered I'm a pretty lazy guy

myself and that's why I always try to

revolve my videos around real average

people because this advice it is just

useless if you can't be asked going to

the gym I made a separate video on how

to go about this journey if you're quite

a lazy person like me exercise is like

oatmeal if you don't like it just

because you haven't customized it to

your liking it's actually got pretty

decent feedback as well so I'll put a

direct link to that video at the top of

this description so you can have to

watch it on my idea for this is for you

guys to save this video in your YouTube

watch later saved videos like videos

whatever so you can just come back to it

multiple times in the future to refresh

your memory so in terms of that I'm just

gonna fire off a bunch of quick random

tips I can think of that would be

valuable if you're watching this in the

future so just quick sleep is very

important get more than eight hours

everyone will tell you to get six to

eight no get eight to Ted if you're

working out you need longer there's no

such things overtraining it's under

recovery so if you can only sleep a

certain amount of hours at nighttime and

you have to wake up at 6 or 7 for work

or for school that's fine you'll only

get 6 7 hours but when you come back

there's nothing stopping you from just

having a half an hour 20 minute nap and

doing that twice and studies say that

that's actually pretty healthy to you as

well and in terms of supplements

creatine protein powder vitamin D zinc

there's some other ones that you can

take a lot of them know what just waste

money any kind of supplement you're

getting should be very cheap couple of

pounds each vitamin D zinc multivitamins

whatever that [ __ ] you're gonna buy

literally search for it on eBay don't

buy any of those I can deliver to your

door and it's customized for men or

whatever [ __ ] get the multivitamins

that are like 99 piane based exact same


miss Mindy's a 2-pound on eBay for like

a pack of like a thousand zinc is like

four pounds for a pack of 100 something

about creatine is like 10 pounds in the

last few six months protein power

there's a bit more expensive you'll buy


about 30 50 pounds and it will last for

like six months anyway optimize the

perfect scenario so the video that I've

linked at the top of the description I

went into this with better detail but

these are always a perfect particular

scenario that you'll have a great

exercise session in so the scenario can

be changed by the variables what that

leshiy just means is that there's

factors that go into the exercise

session like the music you listen to the

clothes you wear what time you train

what gym you train if you train by

itself any random factor that you think

that could potentially affect your

session just write it down have a little

thought of our inputs spend some time on

this what is the perfect scenario for

you do you want to go to the gym and

train at night time would you train

better in the morning but then would you

have to wake up earlier for that so

you'll have to cool to sleep earlier to

figure all this out and then you'll be

able to find the perfect scenario the

schedule that works best for you cardio

doesn't really help with building an

attractive body but it does have good

health benefits plus it stops you being

unattractive if you can't go up some

stairs without wheezing like a smoker

I'm going to end this video with a bit

of a motivational speech I've kept

calling all this a journey that's

exactly what it is this is your journey

you're writing the chapters of this book

make sure when you look back you'll feel

proud of the effort you're putting in we

all wish we could be teleported back in

time and slap some sense into our

younger selves and tell them to work


make sure your future self isn't looking

back at you today and thinking this make

sure your future self thanks you for the

work you're putting in today and as

always buy my premium snatcher