Advocate - How to become an Advocate - Eligibility, How to become a lawyer in India

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are you interested in solving legal

mysteries and fighting legal battle for

the rights of people and titles like

criminal advocate civil advocate

corporate advocate cyber or intellectual

property advocate attracts you then this

video about career as an advocate will

be useful for you in this video I will

explain you the key steps which are

required to become an advocate in India

so let's get started first of all I

would like to give brief description of

the profession for those who don't know

much about this profession who is an

advocate advocate is a professional who

publicly supports or recommends a

particular cause or policy he is a

person who puts a case in the court of

law on his or her clients behalf or we

can say that a person who speaks our

rights in support or defense of a person

or a cause what are the eligibility

conditions to become an advocate to be

eligible for becoming an advocate one

should be graduate in any discipline for

joining three years LLB course being run

by various universities and law colleges

or 10+2 for joining an integrated five

years LLB course how to become an

advocate to become an advocate you need

to follow few steps the first step

towards becoming an advocate is

completing a bachelor's of law course

there are two types of LLB courses

available in India an integrated five

years program that can be VA LLB become

LLB or BSC LLB and a three year

exclusive LLB program that you can

pursue after completing your graduation

which entrance exams are required to be

cleared to become an advocate top law

Andras exams that you need to clear

after 12th and graduation are common law

admission tests Law School Admission

Test All India law entrance

symbiosis enters test and Banaras Hindu

University undergraduate Andres test now

let me tell you something about this

more famous integrated five years LLB

course this course is available at

undergraduate level you can do

integrated five years LLB course

straight after ten plus two an admission

to this course is based on the entrance

exam conducted by national law

universities and other state and central

universities situated across India some

universities offering five years

integrated LLB course are national law

universities there are 19 national law

universities across India Punjab

University Chandigarh and Delhi

University to name a few if you want to

pursue LLB course after completing your

graduation in any stream then you can go

for 3 years LLB codes to opt for this

course you should have done graduation

in any stream with at least fifty

percent marks almost all major

universities provide this three year LLB


however top Institute's offering three

year LLB course are Simba's is law

College Pune Jindal global law school

sana birth of mania University Hyderabad

and Punjab University Chandigarh once

you have completed your classroom

courses the second step is internship

you will have to do a mandatory

internship as per the norms set by the

specific institution and Bar Council of

India third and the final step to become

a lawyer is to enroll yourself as an

advocate in any of the State Bar

councils regulated by advocates Act 1961

after registration you must clear all

India Bar Examination this exam is

conducted by a Bar Council of India and

once you clear it you get a certificate

of practice which qualities are required

to become

advocate they discharge his duties with

commitment and advocate requires full

knowledge of the law of the land and

plenty of experience in more than one

area of human behavior and psychology to

become an advocate it requires lot of

dedication and hard work the job of an

advocate demands intensive training as

he is the one on which some time life

and death of an innocent person depends

on the other side he is the one who can

be responsible for letting off the hook

a guilty person who can be dangerous for

the society if given another chance to

be free in society for this one should

have discipline sense of responsibility

commitment and self confidence this job

requires a lot of hard work stamina

alertness of mind and above all honesty

towards the society what are the career

prospects of an advocate after a

g-string in any of countries Bar Counsel

lawyers can adopt private practice to

advise clients on their legal rights

they can get themselves employed by

business houses to aid advice and

represent their legal interest in the

court of law they can work for the

government both central and state or

local authorities after gaining

experience he or she can hope to become

Solicitor General a public prosecutor or

offer services to government departments

and ministries one can also work as

legal advisor for various organizations

teaching in colleges working in NGOs

along with it by clearing judicial

services exam taken by various state

government and advocate can become a

judge what is the average salary of an

advocate financial success of an

advocate involved in private practice

depends upon the experience

and knowledge of the individual as far

as legal advisor to the corporate sector

are concerned they can get as much as

rupees fifty thousand per month and can

reach as high as the CEO of the company

they are working for salaries of the

government advocates are also

considerably good with all kind of other

emoluments provided to any first-class

officer in any other government

department one can say that in today's

scenario advocates are enjoying both

financial as well as social status

comparable to any other profession

that's all from this video guys I hope

you find this video informative we will

be back with more videos related to

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