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Hi, I'm Christina and welcome to my channel ChriskaYoga! In today's video

I will be talking about how to transition from the beginner level to the intermediate level in yoga.

Sometimes if you're a beginner at something

yoga specifically

and you could feel potentially like you're stuck at that level you don't know how to advance or progress get better or

Move on to the more challenging yoga poses in this video. I'm going to talk about exactly how to do that

Hopefully it will help you help to give you some insight into

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so I would love for you to join us! So let's get into these tips of how to progress from the beginner to the

Intermediate level in yoga. first and foremost you need to understand that Yoga levels are very subjective

Someone might look at a yoga pose or a yoga class in total as a whole and think that is absolutely

Beginners level the poses are very achievable for me

I definitely think this is the beginners level in yoga

Then another person can look at a same class and think this was so challenging

I've been practicing yoga for a while and I couldn't do some of the poses

I had to modify and definitely think this was intermediate so it's tough to say what one yoga teacher

Thinks is intermediate as opposed to what I think is intermediate

For instance on YouTube there are several there. There are several

There are a lot of yoga for beginners

Classes there are tons and tons of classes

I think almost every yoga teacher on YouTube has a yoga for beginners class

And they're all so different I see a lot of yoga for beginners classes put out by very popular

yoga teachers on YouTube and

for instance just to pick out one particular pose a lot of them put pigeon pose in their beginners classes and

Personally I would never do that. I think that pigeon pose is a very very deep

piriformis stretch very deep hip-opener

And I don't think it's appropriate for beginners

Especially if you don't have props to modify so personally if I am doing a beginners level

yoga class for my YouTube channel or even in a class in a classroom live I would not

Put pigeon pose, but there are several yoga teachers

putting out yoga for beginners classes with pigeon pose in their sequence and

Not to mention they put pigeon pose at the beginning of the sequence before the bodies even had time to warm up

So I mean to each their own, and they have tons of amazing

Students and feedback that love their classes which is great

But personally I don't think I would call that beginners so as I said levels are extremely

subjective they're personal

So I'm just gonna put that out. There as a disclaimer for you to understand another disclaimer

I'm going to put out there is that I don't really like to think of my personal yoga practice for instance in

The terms of levels in my previous video that I spoke about yoga levels I did classify myself

And I did level my own personal practice if you want to check that out

I'll leave all the links in the description box below this video, but I think that it is a little bit

I guess more achievable to advance in your yoga practice if you think of it in terms of your body and break

Down the poses that you're looking to achieve this requires a bit

Deeper of an understanding of yoga as a whole and of your body

the anatomy of your body and there are I mean at all gyms and

Most yoga studios, I wouldn't say most a lot of yoga studios

They have open level classes so their classes need to be accessible for beginners to advanced yoga

practitioners as the yoga beginner you should be able to take a

Open level class and do the same class as someone who has been practicing for years and years

So the idea is modifying to your own personal practice

And I think that people should be aware of the fact that this is the reality of an open level class and they're definitely

They can definitely get

benefit out of the open level class if you're a beginner if you just modify the sequence to your own personal body and

Preference so if you're looking to advance I would say look at the poses that you're looking to advance

To let's say you want to do handstand for instance I did a video with 8

poses that

I think you should practice in order to achieve handstand and that basically just breaks down what your body needs to do

Enhance sense that your body needs to be able to achieve in

Order to achieve handstand every pose is different. It's the same concept

you just need to break it down break it down into what your body needs to do in order to achieve that pose because you're

Not going to be able to achieve it unless you prepare your body in the right way first the next tip

I'm going to share with you on how to progress in your yoga practice to the intermediate level is I suggest actually doing an

Intermediate level class so if you're practicing on YouTube, and you look up an intermediate level class

You have several options you can follow the class and see if you can

Kind of keep up with it if the poses don't feel right in your body if you're feeling joint pain if you're feeling

too overly

Out of breath like you don't have the stamina quite yet, then just slow it down you have the power to modify your own

Yoga practice that is the beauty of a yoga practice it is yours

You have the power to modify the poses to your own

Personal body some poses are just not achievable for everyone if you're feeling a gentle

Dole maybe not so gentle but a dull pain in the middle of your muscle

then that is

An okay pain to feel that means that your muscle is

Stretching in the right way if you're feeling a sharp pain in your joints so by the meet by the hip socket


The ankle the elbow any of the joints in your body if you're feeling a sharp pain there while you're in a yoga pose you

Need to get out immediately. That's just a side note side tip on injury prevention

You really want to steer clear of joint pain?

But my point is that if you want to really progress to that

intermediate level or if you want to move forward in your yoga practice near yoga asana practice

Then you need to try the harder classes and again while you're trying these classes

Do not rush because if you rush into a pose too fast before your muscles are flexible enough

Before your joints are flexible enough and everything is working in the right way

You could cause injury

so if you do it too fast if you rush if you force those heels down towards the


Mat and downward-facing dog if you force your body into pigeon pose into that such a deep

External rotation and your body's not ready for that yet. You could cause some serious hip damage so

Modify the class to your own personal

body to your body's

capabilities at this time you have the power to modify the class try it out for yourself along the lines of

Pacing so if you're trying out an intermediate level class

And it's too fast if it's going up at a bit of a faster pace for you on

YouTube you can actually slow down the video

So there's a little dial at the bottom of every YouTube video if you click it and go to I think it's called speed

That it usually says normal. It's at the normal speed you can either speed it up or slow it down

Now am I sound a bit different or funny?

And it might not sound like it's supposed to

But I mean if you're looking to practice an intermediate level class, but the pacing is too fast. I think that's a great way to

Actually, try it out if you're in a live studio class and you're looking to slow down the pace just

Skip some poses it's not gonna kill you if you don't make it through a full vinyasa

Let's say you the teacher is instructing and she goes really fast

It's okay to just go

From our 210 asana straight into downward facing dog if you're not used to moving through a vinyasa yet at that speed

Then just move on to the pose that you

Can achieve your yoga teacher will understand especially if you tell her at the beginning of the class?

I'm still at the beginners level

And I would like to advance my practice which is why I'm taking this class

She or he will completely understand

And they will likely help you get there and the final tip that I'm going to share with you

Which I kind of touched on a little bit earlier is that?

Consistency is key practicing regularly is

the number one factor in advancing from beginners level to

Intermediate level or advancing at anything you just need to practice you need to keep keep on practicing because without that

You're not gonna magically become better at anything without actually doing it and understand that your body

Needs some time to gain that strength and that flexibility and you need to just keep on practicing without

Forcing yourself and rushing into things that could cause injury. I hope that helped you in

Advancing your yoga practice and gave you some tips on how to do that a lot of

This video touched on the fact that you need to build a solid foundation

For your yoga practice and you need consistency in your yoga practice shared this before in other videos

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So if you are really looking to challenge yourself move forward in your yoga practice

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