Front-End Development, HTML & CSS, Javascript & jQuery by Jon Duckett | Book Review

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you ever have a hard day you just want

to sit down after work and crack open a

nice relaxing book about JavaScript and

HTML me too

these are older versions of these books

I believe they came out with newly

revised versions recently but I still

think whatever version you have they

cover a lot of the basic topics that

will get you on your way to becoming a

front-end developer very quickly so

let's start with the HTML and CSS book

this was the first one that I got in the

set and although I think I already knew

the majority of the stuff that was in

here there was still some chapters that

I needed to brush up on and I I think

just the way that the book is laid out

is really really great it covers things

like you know text and lists and links

all the really basic stuff so each

chapter is broken up into really easy to

read and really easy to understand kind

of bite-sized chunks and and I think

just a book is just really beautiful as

well so even if you are getting your

kind of educational resources elsewhere

there's something to be said about a

really beautifully laid out book about

your kind of craft and I think everybody

should have something like this on their

shelf I also think that this book is

really great because it offers a lot of

really valid real world practical

examples on how to start building

websites right now obviously a little

bit has changed since the original

printing of this book but I think that

if you started from start to beginning

and you knew absolutely nothing about

HTML and CSS you would literally be able

to start making websites the minute you

put this book down

who is this book for I would say that

the HTML and CSS book is for somebody

who has never created a website in their

life or for somebody who's created lots

of websites but they just want to maybe

brush up on a couple simple topics or

the collector of beautiful books like me

next I want to talk about the JavaScript

and jQuery book now I think this is a

good book but I think there's less

that's applicable since the original

press of this book I think jQuery is

great it leaves a bit of a heavy

footprint if you don't know what I'm

talking about

basically jQuery

is a library of JavaScript that helps

you to write less JavaScript but do more

with that code and it also makes your

code very cross browser compliant jQuery

is really really great but I think it's

probably better for you to learn in my

opinion how to write JavaScript just

pure vanilla JavaScript and then on top

of there's a lot of really great

front-end or JavaScript frameworks out

there right now that would be really

really great

although jQuery still has a great place

I think it's used in like something like

70% of websites that are online right

now again it's written by the same

author john Duquette and he does a

really really good job of introducing

you to the ABCs of programming as well

as basic JavaScript functions what I

like about this book is it's not just

jQuery or just JavaScript it's both it

gives you the tools to understand full

JavaScript but then also simplify by

writing jQuery as well I think that's

something that's really interesting

about this book is the case studies

projects or examples that are actually

given in this book are very very

real-world very applicable and there's

something about visually seeing what the

code will do and the way that the book

is laid out via colors and everything

that just really helps those that don't

have a very large programming background

actually pick it up quicker than some of

maybe the O'Reilly books or some of the

other books that are out there on the

topic so who is this book for I think

this is like I said a great jumping-off

point for somebody who has no idea what

programming is and has never used

JavaScript or jQuery before I also think

it's a really really great companion

book to the HTML and CSS book it's also

I think a decent book for somebody who

is an intermediate JavaScript and jQuery

user like maybe you just know how to use

job jQuery plugins but you don't know

how to how to actually write JavaScript

from scratch this would be good for you

I don't think this would be as great of

a book for somebody who's already very

comfortable writing JavaScript I don't

think it's actually worth it for you to

purchase the

just to have it on your shelf especially

with the amount of progression that's

been made since the original pressing of

the book so probably not for you but I

think if you read both of these books

and you knew nothing about front-end

development you could most likely finish

the book make a couple concept projects

and be ready to go out on a few

interviews that's how much I really like

these books so highly recommend them

that's HTML and CSS design and build

websites JavaScript and jQuery

interactive front-end web development

both by John Duckett and you can find

the links to these books down in the

description if you are interested at all

in purchasing them thanks for taking the

time to watch this video in this book

review if you have any thoughts or

comments on these books or any other

books that you really love about design

or front-end development please let me

know in the comments I'm always looking

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