Top 10 Kids Reactions To Being Adopted

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The internet is full of feel-good videos that restore your faith in humanity, but is there

anything more heartwarming than watching children find out that they finally have forever homes

after living lives of uncertainty?

I think not.

Here’s my list of the top ten heartbreaking kids reactions to being adopted.

Be warned, some of these clips are bound to bring a tear to your eye.

Be sure to have some tissues nearby!

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10-year-old Ivey It was Ivey’s tenth birthday when she opened

up a present that would change her life forever.

Ivey had spent the last three years in foster care and was overjoyed to find out that Paige

and Daniel Zezulka would be adopting her.

Paige told the press that on the first night Ivey stayed with the family, she asked whether

she could call the couple mom and dad, and on the second night, she asked if she could

stay forever.

Well, Ivey finally had her dream made a reality, and the little girl’s happiness as she finds

out the good news is heartwarming.

And the good news didn’t stop there – the couple also told Ivey that they were adopting

both of her siblings, three-year-old Kai and two-year-old Lita, so they could all grow

up together.


Mickey Mouse Announces Adoption When this 12-year-old girl and her 10-year-old

brother took a trip to Disney World, Florida, the trip was even more magical than they could

ever have imagined.

During a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse, the beloved Disney character breaks this wonderful

news to the kids.

Courtney and Tom Gilmour from Pennsylvania had fostered Janielle and Elijah for three

years before finally getting the go-ahead to adopt them.

The couple initially planned to have Mickey Mouse hold a sign up revealing the adoption,

but Disney heard about the plan after Courtney posted these pins on social media and arranged

for a private meeting for the big surprise to take place.

The adoption finally went through in May 2017 and the family’s trip to the Magic Kingdom

will go down as one of the best adoption reveals of all time.


Skype Call Miller, a Colombian boy, learns he’s going

to be adopted and his reaction is simply wonderful…

Mike and Jasmine Rogers had hosted Miller the previous summer through, an

organization that works to find children forever homes.

During that time, the couple fell in love with the parentless boy and had secretly been

working to secure adoption papers ever since.

Then, in a Skype call with Miller, they finally had the opportunity to reveal the exciting

news: that they were going to adopt him in just two weeks.

Speaking Spanish to the young boy, they tell him he only has to wait two weeks until he

finally has a forever home, and Miller’s smile is filled with happiness.

A translator helps the couple explain that they can’t wait to see Miller, and he says

he feels the same way.


3-year-old Adopted After 832 Days Tara Montgomery didn’t plan to adopt, but

after fostering 3-year-old Michael Brown, she fell in love and decided to give him a

forever home.

Michael was just 18-months-old and had spent most of his short life in care when he went

to live with Tara, who was his third foster family.

Tara was a single parent to two daughters and never planned to adopt a child, but then

something just clicked with Michael and she couldn’t bear to be apart from him.

When plans for Michael to be reunited with his biological mom fell through, Tara decided

he should stay with her family long-term.

On December 20th, 2016 when he was three-years-old, Michael officially became part of Tara’s


Michael’s post-adoption photo shows just how happy he is to finally have a family to

call his own, and it went viral online after Tara’s daughter posted it on Twitter.


Shailee Finally Gets Adopted Jessica Frank’s journey to adopt Shailee

was long and bumpy, and for quite some time her husband didn’t want to adopt at all.

But, when he met Shailee, he changed his mind and the couple started their journey to becoming

parents to the little girl.

Shailee was actually in the care of Jessica’s parents, who were licensed foster parents,

when they first met her.

But, as they were getting older, they were looking to end their license and Jessica and

her husband decided to move Shailee in with them and their son Skyler.

The little girl didn’t know that they were planning to adopt her, but when Jessica finally

received the official adoption date they decided to surprise Shailee on camera.

And, her reaction is beautifully filled with shock, surprise, and joy.


Adoption Reveal From Stepmom Haley’s birthday was always going to be

a great day full of love and excitement, but her stepmom Brigitte made sure that it was

an extra-special day that none of the family would ever forget.

Brigitte had been pursuing the courts for five years to become Haley’s legal mother,

and finally, it was approved.

So, her husband caught the entire reveal on camera, which the couple had decided to do

on Haley’s birthday.

The reveal started out with the little girl receiving a chain that read “my daughter

holds my heart".

Brigitte and Haley are both emotional at this point.. but, get ready, the moment gets even

more adorable.

Haley then receives her birth certificate which reveals that she’s going to be adopted.

She breaks down before she can finish reading, hugging Brigitte and telling her that she

loves her.


Adoptive family reunited after three-years This is the heartbreaking moment that an adoptive

family is finally reunited after years of waiting and longing to be together.

Two brothers from the Democratic Republic of Congo were officially adopted in 2013,

but then the country suspended all exit letters, forbidding all children adopted by foreign

families to leave the country.

The Grovers had done everything right: they’d endured a lengthy court process and had visited

the boys’ home country to meet them, but they were still left in limbo.

So, all Jennifer and James Grover could do was fight.

Along with many other adoptive parents, Jennifer and James petitioned Capitol Hill and finally,

a list of 119 children were granted exit letters.

Thankfully, 7-year-old Bronson and 14-year-old Joseph were on that list, and the process

began to get them on US soil with their new family.

In 2016 it finally happened: Bronson and Joseph landed in Salt Lake City and the reunion was

incredibly emotional.


Huxley and the Stauffer Family It took almost a year to arrive at what Myka

Stauffer calls “gotcha day”, but for little Huxley and the entire Stauffer family, it

was more than worth the wait.

In a beautiful video, Myka documents her family’s journey to go get their newest addition, a

toddler living in China.

Their journey began when Myka and her husband stumbled upon a posting by Wen Quan adoption


The couple traveled with their three biological children to go pick up the orphaned boy, videotaping

the entire process for an emotional upload to their popular YouTube channel.

The meeting between little Huxley and the three Stauffer kids is a beautiful moment

and the entire family seems to instantly bond.

The resulting footage is bound to bring a tear to your eye.


Separated Brothers Get Reunited During a WFAA ABC news show, a presenter made

an appeal for help finding two young boys a forever home.

Less than a year later, that same presenter followed up on the story of the two young

brothers in separate foster homes that were desperate to be together.

Trey and Keilan were seven and ten years old when their story was first reported and had

been in child protective custody for over three years.

For most of that they’d been in separate foster homes, and although the boys initially

needed to be apart so they could heal from their trauma, they spoke about how much they

wanted to be together again in news reports.

The boys saw each other once a month while in foster care, and they hated to say goodbye

to one another at the end of their visits.

So, one man that saw the news report decided to step up and make the boys’ dreams a reality.

Robert Beck took the boys into his home and began the adoption process.

Then, seven months later, it finally happened… the brothers are back together in a safe and

loving family home where they can grow up together.

Just as they should be.


Sebastian and the Barkey Family When California couple JoBen and Amanda Barkey

saw a social media post about, it changed their lives forever.

The couple and their four children were on vacation at the time, but the family saw an

11-year-old Colombian boy named Sebastian in the post and immediately knew that they

wanted to adopt him.

During the adoption process, JoBen and Amanda were allowed to host Sebastian in their home

for five weeks, but they weren’t allowed to tell him they were planning on adopting


So, when the family said goodbye to him at the airport at the end of his stay is was

a very emotional moment.

But, a couple of weeks later the couple could finally reveal all, which they did in a beautiful

recorded video which was played to Sebastian back in Colombia.

Watch this heartbreaking moment Sebastian hears the voices of his U.S family for the

first time

in weeks…