How to login as administrator in windows 7

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Hello guys, Today. I will be teaching you that what is the simple process of getting administrator rights for Windows 7

At times we notice that we already have admin rights for our account, but it is still asking for administrator rights

So today, I will be teaching you what is the simple process of getting

or Logging to administrator account, for that first of all, we have to click on "Windows key"

Guys, this is called Windows key, first we gona click on it

After that, we will get this space bar, in this space bar. We have to type a command called


"C" for Charlie, "M" for Mike, "D" for Delta

When we type this command this window will pop up and it will give us a program called cmd.exe

This is our command prompt, so we do NOT have to click it, I repeat, We do NOT have to click it

we have to do RIGHT CLICK and

then click on run as Administrator

Lots of people do this silly mistake, they click directly on the icon and then they do all mistake

and they are not able to login, so make sure that you click on

run as administrator

after that this black window of command Prompt will open

In this black window we have to type a command which says

net user


forward Slash

active colon yes, I repeat, It says, (sorry its Colon and NOT semi colon)

net user administrator /active:yes

(sorry its Colon and NOT semi colon)

After typing this command, we have to press enter

Then it will say the command completed successfully

Which means that I have typed my command with accuracy,

if you do not get this statement saying that it is completed successfully that means you have done some mistaking typing or you might have not used proper spaces

So after 'net' there is a space, after 'user' again it has a space,

after 'administrator' it has a space

after 'forward Slash' there is NO space, after 'active' there is no space, after "Colon" no space.

(sorry its Colon and NOT semi-colon)

(sorry its Colon and NOT semi-colon)

This is the way to type proper administrator command, and then we will have the result which says the command completed successfully

After that we have to close this window, then we have to restart or log off our system

After that you will see that a new icon of "Administrator" has appeared

You have to click on that "administrator " icon

Then you can do all your activities or your work which require administrator rights.

After completing your work with admin rights make sure that you have to turn off administrator rights

So we have to follow the same process with different command

So let me tell you what is the command in order to "turn off" administrator rights

for that we have to again click on Windows key. We have to type CMD,

Do NOT click it, I repeat, Do NOT click It, do "Right click"

and then click on, run as administrator, a black window will pop up

Then type command to turn off administrator right as :

net user administrator forward slash active colon no, (net user administrator /active:no), then we have to press enter. (sorry its Colon and NOT semi-colon)

It will say the command completed successfully.

That means you have typed everything properly, then we have to close this window, and we need to restart our computer

After restarting you will see that administrator icon is no more on the desktop, and it is safely turned off

so this was my entire process of telling and teaching you or educating you how to log in and log off into "administrator account"

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